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    Tasmania, Australia
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    Like everyone else on here I am really turned on by peeing. As a straight male, particularly women peeing! I like watching, golden showers during sex and even in some cases drinking. Have never met in person anyone who shares same interest for some fun but would like to. Outside this I'm a big sports fan (which is a good conversation starter)!

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    Pee fun, watching pee, golden showers - but happy to explore anything pee related!
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    Peeing through a girls legs while we were using same toilet, drunk at a party as a young fella!

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  1. I've loved every photo in this section......I have seen several questions on this site about what your favourite thing about peeing is; this is mine. Unfortunately, it's still a dream for me, I haven't found a girl here in Australia to actually do it with. But one day...!
  2. I love these two girls - very beautiful!
  3. MattyPee

    Naked Women

    Really loving looking at all these photos! ...I really really love the amateur or "non-glamour model posing" pics. They're a real turn-on for me!
  4. So cute....because even though you can't see anything- the smile says it all! Gorgeous...
  5. So incredibly hot this thread! Needless to say - they can use my sink anytime!
  6. The first girl here is super hot - and talented!
  7. Don't know if it's just me, but I find close ups kinda cute - thanks for sharing these!
  8. Wow...what a stream from the second girl, as a guy so proud of her! Gorgeous...
  9. Love this photo....so cute in so many ways!!! 👍
  10. Make that 16, lol...Matt, new to the site, NSW-based. Thought I'd say hi 👋

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