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  1. Hey well done bacardi I once had a piss in a coed locker room and some one was in the stall next to me
  2. Me I would rather pee in public because I don't want to walk around with wet pants all day
  3. I have had a similar experience when i was at work and nearly wet myself because I have been holding it all day and not had any break to go relive myself
  4. I like to pee in a cup if i am really desperate for a wee
  5. I have squatted in a public park next to the public toilet because they were closed and i was desperate for a wee
  6. I once saw another young woman pee in between a fence and a bin shed in a mcdonalds drive thru she literally got out of her car holding her self and walked over to the bin shed looking desperate as she was walk she was undoing her jeans and just as she rounded the corner she pulled her pants down so i when round to see if she was ok and saw her squatting down and peeing on the ground and i said dont mind me I was just about to do the same so I just pulled my pants down and peed next to her as well and then we went back to our cars and went thru the drive thur as normal
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