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  1. Peeing on the beach

    Had me make a quite check to see if I was incontinent.
  2. Peeing on the beach

    At least! Just thinking about it gets a few dribbles coming out of my crotch.
  3. Peeing on the beach

    I really like making nice fountains, beach or no beach.
  4. Peeing on the beach

    I would have loved to have run across you girls at the beach. Had I caught you covering the sand, I certainly wouldn't have cared. Would you have minded had you caught me?
  5. I'm barely up to 50%. Guess I need to get indoors more. 1. Carpet/Rug - if the indoor/outdoor kind counts 6. Shower/Bath - used both many times, sometimes across the room from one to the other. 7. Bed - had a couple great dreams and didn't get up in time 8. Bathroom floor - apparently more times than girlfriends can count 10. Beer, wine, or champagne glass - I've filled a glass or two, and come close several dozen other times 11. Indoor wall - across the top of a urinal where the top was below fly level 14. Inside a car on the seat or the floor - when I overshot the cup 15. On somebody else - once by accident, the other times deliberately 17. Kettle or other innapropriate vessel - have used a pot or pan or two 19. On clothing - on my girlfriend's bikini bottoms while she was wearing them
  6. I've been known to cross streams. Of course, when we face one another, for some reason my aim tends to go high.
  7. Diuretics

    It must be my science background coming through, but I'm most likely to believe things through direct observation. When did you say those videos are coming?
  8. Diuretics

    So that explains these recent earthquakes?
  9. Post number 666

    A post most worthy of the number.
  10. Diuretics

    Who needs diuretics,? Drinking five liters of water over the day does it for me.
  11. A quick visit to the shower this morning.
  12. How many of us are there?

    I think the number is much higher. While I've never conducted a scientific study, an informal observation of my hiking partners gives me a rough idea. At least half of them have peed in front of me. Sure, some did so because they'd run out of options, but they could have asked me to close my eyes or look the other way. Of those, half or more seemed to enjoy it, making no effort that it didn't happen again. Most didn't mind watching me, either. At least a quarter would find ways to make the situation fun, like making sure we'd brought along extra water (beer if they were so inclined), so we'd have to stop at least a couple times, maybe peeing on one another's puddle or trying to aim for the same spot. Now, maybe that's not quite a fetish, so I'll cut that number by half. Still, half of a half of a half is just over 12 percent. And, If we want to be conservative, let's take half of that. I don't think six percent is anything to sneeze at.
  13. Just curious

    It must have been from the earliest of times. I didn't take it seriously until I was much older. What really got me started was, when in my early/mid-twenties, I went hiking with a young woman who had few inhibitions about when and where to pee. You could say she "wet" my interest.