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    A Knight and Her Problems Author’s note: This story takes place in a medieval fantasy world. I wanted to try my hand at writing something like this for a while. This story is a bit more graphic in places and may contain some sexual acts not directly related to pee. However, rest assured that there are several pee scenes throughout this story. Because of length and the time it would take to write the entire story, I will release it in parts as I write them. Now without further ado, I shall begin the story Part 1 The tale begins with four knights camping out in a mountainous region for training purposes. The first knight and the main heroine of this story was named Elizabeth, though those closest to her called her Lizzy. She was an elven knight standing at roughly 5’10”, which was on the small side for a full-grown elf. While not as muscular as other female knights, she was still adept at hand to hand combat and an expert at using weapons like staffs and spears. The second knight was a female human by the name of Lisanna, but most people called her Lisa. She stood at roughly five feet tall and had a somewhat muscular frame. While not especially adept with weapons, she could easily hold her own against a man twice her size in hand to hand combat. The third knight was a male human who went by the name Hawk. He was Lisa’s younger twin brother and he towered over her at roughly six feet tall. While his birth name was not Hawk, he had earned the name on the battlefield for his precision with a bow and arrow. All three knights had been friends since childhood and since becoming knights had tried to build a guild of their own, with very little success. The fourth knight was a succubus who had joined their guild only recently bringing the grand total of guild members to four. Her name was Lilith, although Lisa called her Lily, much to her chagrin. She stood at approximately 5’5” and had the bustiest figure of the girls. Lilith was not necessarily adept with weapons, but showed great talent with close quarters combat and magic. She was known as the prankster of the group, often taking great pleasure in teasing Hawk. It was on this trip that she would be the one to have the most fun. It was around noon on the first day of the trip, and the group of knights had decided to set up camp for the day. They had been walking through the mountainous region in full armor since dawn and all of them were exhausted. As they sat down to rest, Lilith began to remove her armor. Much to everybody’s shock, she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. “Can’t you show any damn decency!” cried Hawk as he averted his gaze. “Oh, come on,” Lilith said playfully. “I just love the feeing of the cold steel caressing my bare skin. Besides you know you love seeing me naked. The ringing sound your armor makes each time you see me naked doesn’t lie.” she said as she pointed to the crotch of Hawk’s armor. Hawk’s face went beat red since he couldn’t deny that seeing her naked had an effect on him so instead he tried to drink nonchalantly out of his flask. Lilith noticed this and teased, “Awe, is the virgin knight embarrassed.” This caused Hawk to do a spit take for the record books. Just as he was getting ready to respond back with a witty retort, Lizzy got up and said, “Now stop it you two. We came here to have fun and to train.” She reached into her knapsack and pulled out some clothed and began making her way for the forest. “I’m going to go change. None of you better follow me.” And with that, she headed off into the forest. By this time, Lilith had put her clothes on and Hawk was just beginning to remove the top half of his armor. “How much you want to bet that the reason that she doesn’t want anyone to follow is because she has to pee?” teased Lilith. “I wouldn’t put it past her, after all she does have the weakest bladder out of all of us,” said Lisa. “We shouldn’t be talking about what a person does in private nor should we be making bets on it,” said Hawk, although he could imagine that both girls were probably right. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Meanwhile, Lizzy had found a spot to change out of her armor. She placed her clothes on a tree stump while she began removing her armor. While not naked underneath her armor like Lilith was, she did not want anyone to see that she was only wearing underwear underneath. While this normally would not have been a big deal to other female knights, for elven knights it was a matter of pride as it was looked down upon for a female knight to be seen in such a state of undress by a member of the opposite sex that was neither family or their lover. As she removed her armor, she placed it on the stump where the clothes were. Suddenly she felt a strong urge to pee. Looking around to make sure that nobody was around to see her, she quickly pulled down her panties and squatted down. She watched as a jet of piss arched out from beneath her and slammed into the dirt and grass in front of her, creating a foamy puddle. She estimated that her stream must have been about three feet long and her face became flushed as she realized how loud it was. However, she was thankful that no one was around to hear her. At least that was what she thought. About twenty feet in front of her the bushes started rustling. Lizzy stopped her stream and grabbed the dagger she had taken with her for protection. Before she had time to react, something darted out of the bushes and went straight for her. All she could do was scream. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Back at the camp Hawk and the other two girls were still conversing. “Oh, come off it virgin,” said Lilith. “Everyone pees, even the high and mighty Elizabeth.” She noticed that Hawk was blushing. “Or could it be that you don’t want us to know that the thought of her peeing turns you on.” “Shut up!” screamed an irritated Hawk. “It’s not like that at all.” “Awe, it looks like I made the virgin upset,” teased Lilith. “You know honestly I think you should just fuck her already.” Hawk’s face couldn’t become any redder as he gave Lilith the death stare. “Lily is actually right for once,” said Lisa. “You’ve had a crush on Lizzy since we were kids. Why don’t you just tell her that you want to be more than guildmates.” “I would if I could, but it’s not that simple,” replied Hawk as his gaze shifted from Lilith to his boots. “She’s an elf and I’m a human. Her family would never accept a lowly human like me as their daughter’s husband. Plus, her family has already chosen another elf to be her fiancé.” “Well, does she like the guy?” asked Lisa. “As far as I know she doesn’t, but it is tradition for a female elf’s parents to decide who she is going to marry,” said Hawk. “That’s a load of horseshit!” screamed an angry Lilith. “Women have the right just as much as men to decide who they’re going to marry and if I had to bet, Lizzy probably feels the same way.” “Even so, it doesn’t matter,” said a depressed Hawk. “To elves, tradition is practically binding. It’s better for everyone involved if I don’t try to violate that tradition.” Suddenly Lisa grabbed her brother by the collar of his shirt and pulled him close to her face. “Listen here you virgin piece of shit. Stop being such a goddamn coward. All you need to do is unsheathe your holy sword and storm her sacred palace.” “What the hell are you talking about?” asked an extremely confused Hawk. “She’s telling you to be a man and make a woman out of Lizzy,” replied Lilith. Before Hawk could say anything more, he heard a scream coming from the direction that Lizzy had walked off to. Grabbing a dagger from his open knapsack, he ran in the direction of the scream while yelling at the other two girls to stay where they were. He only hoped he could make it in time. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. As Hawk neared the spot where Lizzy was he saw her sitting on the ground in a state of shock. As he continued running he saw the source of her shock was a giant green snake that had climbed a tree a few feet away from her and looked like it was getting ready to attack her again. Thinking quickly, he hurled his dagger at the snake, pinning it to the tree and ultimately killing it. As Hawk ran towards Lizzy, he slipped on the puddle of piss and fell forward. Hawk blacked out for a second. As he came to, he realized that he had landed face first into something soft and slightly hairy that also had the faint aroma of urine. Hawk lifted his head up only to realize that he had landed face first into Lizzy’s bare pussy. He quickly jumped back and bowed his head furiously as he apologized. As Lizzy stood up with her hands covering her pussy, Hawk suddenly noticed that there was a trickle of blood running from Lizzy’s inner thigh down her right leg. “Did you get bitten?” asked a worried Hawk. Lizzy, still in shock nodded her head. Hawk grabbed her hand and led her to the tree stump. “Let me take a look at it.” Lizzy opened her legs while still doing the best to cover her pussy. Unfortunately, Hawk could not see the wound with her hands in the way. “I can’t see anything with your hands in the way,” said Hawk. Lizzy removed her hands, allowing Hawk to see a pair of fang marks high up on the inside of her right thigh. “Try to stay still while I suck the poison out.” “Okay,” said a blushing Lizzy. Hawk then proceeded to stick his head between her thighs and began sucking out the poison. Part way through the procedure he heard his sister yell, “Just what the hell do you think you’re doing. I know what I said back at the camp but this is certainly not the place for that sort of thing.” Hawk turned around to see both his sister and Lilith staring at him “Wow,” said Lilith. “I guess you got balls after all. Good job mister virgin.” “It’s not what you think!” cried Hawk. “Lizzy got bitten by a snake and I’m trying to suck the poison out.” Lilith looked over at the dead snake pinned to the tree. “Just so you know, if that’s the snake that bit her, there is no need to suck on the wound. While it does secrete a toxin, it’s perfectly harmless.” However, what Lilith didn’t tell them was that the toxin did have some side effects that were sure to be amusing. Hawk turned his head back towards Lizzy. “Isn’t that great? You’re going to be just…” but before he could finish his sentence a torrent of piss splashed all over his face, some of it landing in his mouth. Lizzy had reached her breaking point and could no longer hold back the stream she had pinched off before the snake had bit her. She pressed her hands against her crotch and closed her legs but the damage had been done. “I’m so sorry,” she cried as tears rolled down her face. “It’s alright,” said Hawk calmly as he took his shirt off and used the dry part to clean his face. “Accidents happen,” he said with a reassuring smile. “And I’m sure drinking her piss was a happy little accident for you,” teased Lilith. “Oh, shut up you damn demon!” screamed Hawk. “Let’s go get you cleaned up,” said Lisa to Lizzy as she walked her to the river where the group would be bathing the next few days. “We should probably get you cleaned up too,” said Lilith as she looked at Hawk and pinched her nose. “You absolutely reek.” All the while she thought to herself that this trip certainly was going to be interesting. Part two coming soon!!!
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    These are the best one till now, keeping them in stok First one is absolutely intimate, that is my personal talisman, and it's not a toy It was with me during times which most rude man would shit their pants about this is for YOU AND FINALLY, a pic of my pissy pussy!!!!!!!! Pic shot by a girl, obviously
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    My robe is S-E-R-I-O-U-S BUTt meanwhile say hi to my sassy ass&pussy
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    Here's the whole gallery, enjoy https://sexnod.com/show/12115279041/beautiful-naked-chicks-piper-fawn-lorena-morena-and-indiana-a-stretch-nude-outdoor
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    Our very naughty sexy little game. When we go shopping we buy a bag of grapes and some strawberries on top of our normal groceries. Once we get home we take them into the bathroom and my husband starts rubbing grapes and strawberries all over my vagina and ass. He then inserts some inside me. We then empty them into a colander and place them into the toilet. I then sit over them and pee all over them making sure to cover every last one. He then gets so turned on watching me he grabs me roughly and bends me over the sink. He fucks me hard and cums deep inside me. I then sit back over the colander and let his creampie drip out of me all over the grapes and berries. I then place them back into their containers. We then drive back to the shops and place them back on the shelf. We then rush to a public toilet and have hard hot sex while talking about a family buying the food and eating my pee and pussy juice coated in his cum.
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    Ok friends this is the new deal This is my pussy And this is my motherfucking boyfriend taking pics of me while down on ANOTHER pussy 'problems editing the pic to eliminate the other girl.... her face was much more visible than mine AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
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    A few more of the sexy Nell..(one isnt really her...)
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    Gerry Anderson's UFO ..... This is Wanda Ventham, what were they thinking when the designed her pants?
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    all pretty great music,each has a theme.
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    I like this......
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    When I was a very young man I tried to grow a beard. Didn't work out too well. It grew in such a way that I began to look like Sir Francis Drake, lol. Had to shave it off at that point. Beards on others? Guys I don't mind, but I generally prefer the ladies not to have them.
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    Obviously is not a full blown ritual, it could have never being recorded, is utterly against the Laws of Our Kind, and the ritual stuff could fill an actual room, just only the altar is enormous and filled with stuff from all around the world (mainly Congo, Africa, but also Southern Mexico, and India) that coudl NEVER being shown to ANYBODY for ANY reasons But it will be true and sincere nonetheless, utterly
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    Under the robe, being naked is mandatory gonna dine, then upload them
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    Tonight I'll do something FOR the forum, not necessarily ON the forum Maybe I'll perform something magickal, I feel I need Would you like a pic of me in my ritual robe?
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    Then, I guess you need to put your energy somewhere else. Maybe here?
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    Watch, I already got showered by Alex just before taking an actual shower (I also took of couple of pics of my wet ass but I they were not that good and I deleted them) but it was BEFORE knowing the party has been canceled. Yes I'm angry, I put all my hopes and sexual hunger in this night
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    It sounds like you're pissed off. Would you rather be pissed on?
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    Must be the gentleman in me showing, but I usually wait for the third one.
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    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh Ozabot damn you Ok, back to posting These girls are marvellous, not only are they gorgeous, they look so close, and the photographer possesses such an AWSOME camera, photo quality is over the roof The setting, the playfulnes, it is ART in its most deep meaning Thank you, sincerely bookmarked
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    That is a bit more difficult, seriously speaking. I mean, peeing in a girl's mouth is not something that usually happens on the first date HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH a shirt with "I PEE FIRST DATE" ahahahahahahahah
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    My friend, if I manage to get some, Tomorrow I'll write something nasty for all of you!!! I swear I'll describe her every taste
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    I am so grateful for these words Waiting for tonight... shifting to cannibal mode wanna EAT pussy HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
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    Elvis Presley’s nothing but a hound dog
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    Oh damn you're hot ! And in this first pic, you look so pure... Thanks so much for the sharing, and more than that, the love the way you're doing it.
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    Black Sabbath Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
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    Awwww cum on!!! They are two different situations Sex is both about Love and a bit of BDSM either. Sometime the girl should be knowing and willing (I remeber a time in the past I jerked Alex on a girl's denim skirt, it was marvellous, it was day and she should have returned home with all those stains on her skirt in full view with her mom 'round the house!!!), sometimes it is good if she doesn't know, so thay you can taste how it feels to be nasty
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    It is my dream, as I already talked about that with @Grizzly Man in another thread. Living isolated in a forest, going to town only to partecipate in parties or concerts on friday night, with economical income only through helping people with psychological, sexual or occult matter. I am even quite cheap as a Witch in comparison to how powerful I am!!!!
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    I link throughout the whol day. Sometimes I stay at work till the very evening, sometimes I know the following morning I'll be free to enter work late, and I allow myself to remain logged until late night. That's not a particular time. Write, and I'll answer ASAP. That is the best feature a forum can offern, by the way
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    Its all about the fascination with other peoples bodies isnt it?Nothing more fascinating than the female parts of course?
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    90s flash back. Tiffani thiessen or some may know her as Kelly Kapowski from save by the bell. I would totally sneak into the girls bathroom at bayside high to listen to her pee! Lol
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    About 10 years ago,this beautiful woman,Nell McAndrew,was very high on my "must watch piss" list!Even now i wouldnt say no,if she was to offer...still waiting Nell!
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    I bet elven pee would be magical,if you allow an Elf to piss on you,it grants you fertility or something.But as with all magical things,theres a cost.Maybe it removes your potency,once you have fertilised a woman or something.
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    Susanna Streeter who i saw presenting the BBC business today.I instantly thought of her..
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    I love this. Would be even sexier for me if you pissed into your empty cup and left it there in the theater when the show was over. The cleaning crew would know of your deed, but no real mess for them to clean up.
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    I'm not as daring as others. I'd want to have pee fun, but not leave any suspicion at all. I'd definitely soak a few towels, either laying in bed with it between my legs or squatting over one on the floor. I would love to have a sneaky pee on the balcony. It would be great in broad daylight with lots of people around, as I'm wearing a dress and just let the pee trickle down my legs and no one notices. I would definitely also have a pee at on in the pool too.
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    The perfect scenario in my eyes would go like this..... One of my girlfriends and I would be going on a girl's getaway weekend. We decide to stay somewhat close to home. We pick a nearby city..One that's very busy, fun and only two hours away. Since we are so close to home, I suggest we just get a cab so we can enjoy a few drinks on the way. Of course... I already have a plan in mind. I bring along a bottle of tequila, margarita mix and two large cups. For our first cocktail, I prepared the both of us a very stiff one. Soon we were sipping our drinks and chatting away. Our conversation started off with each of us sharing different memories of our younger years. As our stories poured out, so did our drinks. Before we knew it, the both of us were feeling quite tipsy and had to pee. As our urge to pee grew, both of us started to feel aroused. Soon our innocent stories began to get ornery. As we reminisced about all of our stories and experiences, the drinks kept flowing. Don't worry.... I know what I am doing. The best part is about to happen.... I know that we have about an 35 minutes left in our drive. Now's the time to turn it up. Little does she know, I have my husband already up at the hotel. He has no clue what's about to happen. He thinks I am coming alone. The two of them are going to be quite surprised. See... its his Birthday weekend, and I have wanted to fill one of his fantasies for a long time now. So a couple of weeks ago, I thought what would be a more perfect time than his Birthday?!! With only 30 minutes left in our drive, I made us another drink, this one especially stiff. I decided it was now time to make my next move, since we were both laughing, giggling, bouncing around and talking about how much we had to pee. Luckily... I knew exactly how full she was, and exactly what sensations she was feeling. Believe you, me... I am going to take full advantage of this situation!! With the very next words that came out of her mouth... I begin to giggle uncontrollably. As I was giggling, I started to bounce and wiggle all around. Then without notice... I grabbed my crotch. I sat there, clenching my pussy tightly, rocking back and forth in my seat. My friend sat there staring at me with great curiosity. I could tell she was very much interested in the situation and she was also extremely turned on by watching me in my desperation. As soon as I caught my breath, I looked over at her and blurted out the words... Wow! I am extremely turned on and horny right now, are you? She sat there silently just staring at me, as if she was in shock... disbelief, confused or in shame of the way she was feeling. At that very moment, I really wanted to talk to her, hold and caress her while explaining to her my fetish. I wanted her to know how much she was turning me on....I wanted her to know how much my husband would be turned on. But above all, I wanted to make her feel comfortable with the situation. After finding out about my husband's fantasy, she actually said "wow!! We should surprise the shit out of him sometime!" I thought to myself... Well that's going to happen sooner than you think. Unfortunately, we were pulling into the hotel parking lot. I suddenly realized that I've ran out of time. In a smidge of a panic, that she would immediately run to the public restroom in the lobby. I loaded her up with our luggage. I let her know that I already checked us in online and I only needed to pick up a key card. Then I convinced her that it would be more of a pain in the ass to set down the luggage and pee in the lobby restrooms. "Don't worry... I know we can hold it and make it to our room I said." Giggling under my breath a little, I secretly sent a quick text message to my husband. It was short and sweet... It read... Be prepared babe, I'm on my way up and I have a big surprise for you... It's one of your fantasies!!! I'm sure he was wondering WTF!! Just as I sent it, her and I were stepping into the elevator. Both of us bouncing and wiggling all around, just trying to hold on. As the elevator doors open, we both start to run towards our room. Just as I start to swipe the room key, my husband opens the door. The expression on my girlfriends face was priceless. She glanced over at me, with a look of somewhat nervous, confused and a bit of excitement. After a brief pause, she softly murmurs out... Wow.. you actually already planned his fantasy night out... Didn't you? I giggled a little as I confessed up. I also explained that I know her wild side and I also know that she is better at spontaneous than planned. And, if I would have told her sooner, she would of gotten nervous or chickened out. She agreed and said " you definitely know me way too much" Shyly, my husband begin to approach, slowly he leaned in towards the two of us bouncing ladies. I reached out for his hands, pulling them close to our bodies. Gently I place one of hands on my friend Kelly's bulging belly and the other against my bulging belly. We just stand there, letting him enjoy the moment. It wasn't long before he started rubbing and pressing on our very full bladders. After a few minutes, he paused to make us a drink. As he was pouring up our drinks, we decided to surprise him and get naked. Now naked, we climbed up onto the bed. I couldn't fight off the urge I had to touch her. I softly placed my hand on her upper, inner thigh. Very slowly I started caressing her soft skin as I glided up her leg, until finally reaching her smooth pussy lips. I loved the softness, the smoothness, and the wetness of her. Rubbing her all over, finally she felt wet enough for me to slide my fingers inside her trembling pussy. I know exactly how horny and turned on she was feeling at this point. I've been there before. I know that she is definitely flipping between the emotions now. She's feeling desperate, nervous, shy and most of all, extremely horny. I know her pussy is needing... wanting begging for attention. Just then, my husband walks in with our drinks. I pause for a drink, fully knowing that little teaser only intensified her sensations. As she lays there in the bed, her desperation and horniness was very obvious now. Her body trembling as she tries to get a drink. Quickly she gets a drink, then lies back down. Positioning herself flat on her back, legs slightly spread. I straddled above her, watching her squirm and wiggle, occasionally closing her legs trying to hang on. All while grinding on a pillow. Her hips swaying back and forth. I know what she wants... I grab a hold of her knees and spread her legs wide open. Making sure to give my husband a full view, slowly start to run my tongue up her legs until finally reaching her wet pussy. Licking up and down her smooth pussy lips. Just teasing her, trying to push her to the point of bursting. Her body is trembling and shaking out of control... It's time. I go in for the goods... I push my tongue up against her clit, pressing down as tightly as I can. I start to wiggle and roll my tongue all over her vibrating clit. Just when I start to feel her hot liquids trickle out, I know she is about to explode, that's when I stop. Knowing that the bursting is my husband's favorite part of his biggest fantasy, I look over at him and motion for him to join us. Oh boy... This is going to throw him over the edge. His facial expression was priceless. His level of excitement couldn't be hidden. As he walked towards the bed, I set up our position. I layed down on my back on the edge of the table. I had Kelly stand in front of me. Once my husband was close, I moved her close to me. Reaching out to her, putting my hand on the back of her head, then pulled her face up to mine. I started kissing her, while our bare breasts rubbed together. After the kiss, I whispered in her ear.... Please bend over and eat my pussy. As she gets in place and starts licking my pussy lips, and sucking on my clit, I lift up her head, and ask her "how would you like to have a nice stiff cock sliding into that wet pussy?" Her face lit up...She was extremely excited. This was just what she was wanting and needing. Without any hesitation, my husband moved up behind her. Forcefully grabbed a hold of her hips, slowly pulled her trembling body up against him. Slowly he slid his cock inside her wet pussy. Immediately she started to moan...The deeper he sank his manhood into her, the louder her moaning became. I sat there watching their every move, their every expression. Watching my husband with his cock fully thrusted inside her, I watched as her whole body begin to shake and quiver. Suddenly i seen her back begin to arch upwards, a sure sign that it wasn't going to be long. It was only a matter of minutes, maybe even seconds before she was going to lose control. Just then, she looked over at me, looking quite nervous, anxious and a bit embarrassed. Then uncontrollably she lets out a large sigh, followed by a long moan. Her body stiffins up, as she gives her every last efforts to hang on. Realizing that she wasn't going to be able to hold on, her expression quickly turned into panic. My husband and I noticeing her despair, we instantly caress her body with comforting strokes. Giving her reassureance and the courage to let herself go. Explaining to her that the both of us were extremely turned on by this exact situation. And as a matter of fact, this is one of our biggest fantasies. After a few minutes, we finally convinced her that it was more than ok. Still a bit nervous, she agreed to just give it a try. I had my husband lay down on his back. I reached out for her hands, and gently led her to him. I spread her legs, guided her up his body. Slowly positioning her in cowgirl style above his stiff, thick, throbbing cock. Holding onto her as she panted with great anticipation. Her whole body quivered with excitement. Just before I'm ready to guide her down onto him, I moisten my fingers in my already trickling pussy juices. Once they are nice and wet, I slide them up and down her smooth pussy lips and across her swollen clit for just a few minutes. intentionally teasing her, pushing her almost to her limit. When I know she is about to lose control, I press my body against hers. Place my hands on her hips and gently guide his cock inside her wet pussy. Very slowly , his cock slid deeper and deeper into her. She moaned and squealed louder and louder with every little bit more of cock she received. Grasping tightly onto his arms in somewhat of a nervous panic. Begging us to stop for a second, exclaiming how she was scared and a bit embarrassed that she was about to explode all over my husband. Again... We reassured her, and this time I even described to her how intense and amazing the orgasm she was about to have was going to be. After hearing about that, she started to lose control, at first... Losing little trickles, spurting small squirts of hot liquid running down my husband's shaft and balls. As he started to feel the warmth of her juices, he also began to moan with pleasure. Watching and hearing them moan with such great pleasure, totally threw me over my limit. I couldn't wait any longer. I straddled over him too. I crouched down on his lower adomen, facing her, pressed my nude body against hers. We engaged in a very wet seductive kiss. It was time.... I wrapped my arms around her, pulled her close pressing our bodies tightly together. Making sure that I am putting extreme pressure on our very full protruding bellys. I felt her body tremble and stiffin up, just as he was thrusting upwards, driving his cock deeper inside of that wet warm pussy, I squeezed onto her even more tightly and pushed her body downwards... Forcing her to take all of his manhood. More than she planned on, more than she was prepared for. With that last deep thrust, she let out a loud squeal. Her back arched, she grabbed ahold of me as tight as she could as she yelled out.." oh my God!! Oh God!! I'm going to cum so hard!! Oh my God... I've never cum this hard!!" She took a deep breath, started to exhale.. before she could get the whole breath out, she lost it.. her hot liquids pouring out, drenching myself and my husband. Feeling all her hot liquids pouring over me made me lose control also. Suddenly, her and I were both screaming and squealing out loud with immense pleasure. As both of our hot pussy juices ran down and all over my husbands body, covering him from his chest to his lower adomen. Soon after our liquids started flowing over his manhood, he lost his mind. He reached out, and clutched a hold of my hips. Grasping tightly, back arched.... He let out a loud moan of great pleasure and relief. That was our first time doing this, but we are thinking about doing it again soon.
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    ^ Founded the Egwalrus fan club. (Too soon to joke about it? )
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    Seeing this post gave me an idea, I decided to piss into my wife's panties, then after drinking loads of water I needed to go do the deed, it was then that I spotted her horseriding boots and decided I wanted to piss in these too, then I had and idea, put her boots into her panties and piss on the lot. Double the fun as you might say. 20170801_132242.mp4
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    The person above me knows the identity of , '' The Shadow " , though won't tell a soul what she now knows :cautious: :biggrin:
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    The person above me is a Borg Drone . Sent to infiltrate this site and assimilate all who dwell on here to then serve the collective . RESISTANCE IS FUTILE ! !
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    The person above me has learned to fly without wings . Wears a cape and hides his unknown identy in wearing a funny mask on his face
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    The person above me is in real life a professional ballet dancer
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    The person above me is a woman disguised with a man' s name to throw off unwanted advances by other male members and a few female members as well too :laugh:
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    Has 12 cats, all of which are called Benjamin. :cautious:
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    The person above me was raised in Outer Mongolia and had a pet Yak called Dave