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    Married bi female
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    pool tech & maintenance
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    I love music (mostly hard rock/heavy metal), nature, crochet & cooking. I also love beer & a nice vodka tonic! ;-D

    I tend to lurk more than stay active & may be gone for months, but I'll likely be back around.

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    Golden showers! I'm also into light bondage & spanking.
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    One night with my s/o after we'd been together for a year, we went out for a few beers & agreed to hold it the whole time. By the time we got back home, we were filled to the top & couldn't wait to get to get into the house, so we stood in the driveway gave each other golden showers! The risk of being seen made it even more titillating..

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  1. Anita Bidet

    Listening to people pee

    Oh, you know it.. A bi, female, pee-lover in a restroom is like a wolf in sheep's clothing! I'm fully aware of my unique position & have been/am SO grateful for such. The hardest part is not staring or commenting, when a friend who's pee-shy -yet comfortable with my presence- lets down her guard & pisses however pleases her most..so much schlicking fodder...
  2. Anita Bidet

    Listening to people pee

    I've rarely seen a female physically manipulate her flesh to dampen the sound of her pee. It's an infrequent occurrence in my experience, but it's so HOT to see a woman rubbing herself while I know that she needs to piss... Most times, they just constrict the flow, or sometimes float TP to muffle the sound. I've been in the same stall with, & had a trusting rapport enough with shy-pissers to get a soft gauge on how they prefer to pee. The shyest ones won't go in public if there's too many others, or turn on the water faucets before hard-locking the stall door & holding their feet on it. I can't help but wonder if that type is outwardly & aggressively suppressing "deviant" desires.. Where's the friggin' devil-horned emoji when ya want it?!?
  3. Anita Bidet

    Listening to people pee

    Damn right it is! F***ing movie theaters, y'all.. it's pretty much the only reason why I'll pay money to have my feet stick to dirty floors & to sneak snacks/liquor in to a public place, when I can see the movie at home soon enough -with pause function & choice edibles at my disposal. For audible voyeurism, movie theaters are the best imo.
  4. Anita Bidet

    I guess I should probably introduce myself

    Hello & welcome! It's great to have another enthusiast here. Oh honey, I've been right there & know what you're going through..it's a rough road & I thoroughly empathize... My sincerest hopes/ best wishes go out to you in your quest for someone like-minded. It's a difficult subject to broach; those that find someone who is fully accepting are truly fortunate, & here's to hoping you reach that goal! I look forward to any & all of your contributions, no matter the frequency. It's awesome to have another in our ranks.
  5. I've recently been in a figurative fisticuffs situation with my ISP: I can barely load a text page, when I've able to watch streaming videos for the last 6 months..no matter where the wifi antennae is placed, it barely wants to recognize the old & stable connection. My phone data is used up & I have no fucking clue when the shit's gonna go back to normal. I'm here,  I luvs y'all; just fighting with spastic technology ftm. :2_grimacing:

  6. Anita Bidet

    Win a custom story! - Last post wins

    I like eggnog! Gotta have it homemade though, the stuff in the carton is flat-out awful. A good three fingers of whiskey makes it much better, but damn - it's so rich I that can only have one. Although, I'd rather have that than than the awful kava tea I'm drinking right now..bleah. >:-C
  7. I've been here about a year & a half, but didn't visit regularly enough to be certain. That's what I was thinking, but it doesn't hurt to ask. There may be others lurking about, wondering the same thing, so I think that's it's good to have this discussion opened with such positive feedback! Y'all rock!
  8. Anita Bidet

    My absence

    Glad you're back! Killer shoes, by the way.
  9. Thank you for your reassurance & encouragement, Admin! Every site has its own culture & habits; I prefer to get a feel of it before I go running rampant. There are lots of past discussions I'd like to see continued, hopefully the trend will pick up. It's awesome to be a member of such an open & welcoming community, where we can all show a part of ourselves that's normally hidden from the world. I'm grateful to have others to share such a vibrant part of myself with.
  10. Anita Bidet

    Music with pee theme

    I remember that pic, it got my mind wandering into such naughty places..heeheehee! She's sexy as all get out. I recall reading an interview with Shirley Manson from years back, & her saying something along the lines of "If I want to pee in my lover's bellybutton, I'll do it". So hot.. Here are some results I found of searching "songs about pee": Pansy Division: Pee Shy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTu7pj8yHb8 Keller Williams live with SCI: Portapotty https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToBkYPx8Eto MC Frontalot: Yellow Laser https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UEk8AH_3Po Mike Watt: Piss Bottle Man https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DcA0p8Tvnk Frank Zappa: Why Does It Hurt When I Pee? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fiu6DFXeF9A
  11. Anita Bidet

    Nonchalant Pee Lovers Out There?

    Though the act is extremely sexual to me & I get off on most aspects of watersports, I feel where you're coming from. The arousal doesn't have to be acted upon right away, it all adds up to a greater thrill. Not every piss taken can be involved in a kinky context, but there's no reason not to enjoy it anyhow! I've never been bothered much by others taking a leak around me. I grew up sharing stalls with other girls to save time/claim space in restroom lines, or because we didn't want to break our conversation, then it moved on to just going outdoors if we didn't want to trek back inside. I've not had a casual relationship where we were at the point of peeing indoors anyplace other than the toilet, but I would have liked to. I love holding my s/o's cock while he pees just because I can, or watching/being watched while we're doing yard work. It's a way of reinforcing the connection we have & quite liberating to not be locked away alone on the toilet. When we met, he had an old couch that was going to be replaced, I had an upholstery shampooer & a steam cleaner..you can guess what often happened... Right now I can't be as free with pissing wherever I want indoors, but I make up for it in other ways. There's a few pee-toys that I prefer to use rather than the toilet. One of my fave ways of going is outside, sitting on the porch steps in a dress or skirt, & just letting it go.