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  1. This is all so hot. Do we have any more parts to look forward to?
  2. As a kid in my old elementary school there was a bathroom that had two toilets and neither had a wall or door so they were just out in the open. Since then, and really recently, I've had dreams where I'm in bathroom with no doors and it's exhilarating having people watch me pee. Does anyone have any stories with bathrooms like that or know of any in real life?
  3. I just did the same thing in a rest stop around here and it was amazing! I'm so glad you had fun and I'd love to hear about more of your adventures :biggrin:
  4. I was ridiculously inspired by some of the people and stories here also today I decided to try and pee somewhere more public than just a toilet. My first attempt was thwarted by people in the restroom with me, but as I stopped in a local rest stop, I was blessed with silence around me. I initially was worried about making a mess, but when I left it just looked like a little water spill on the floor. I went into the rest stop searching for the drain in the floor and I was saddened to learn that it was outside of the stall doors, so the floor would have to do. I knew the restroom would be
  5. Curious as to what some of you all's favorite ways to pee in a bathroom, besides the toilet are. Also, what are some of your experiences with peeing in fitting rooms? I know it can be a sensitive topic, but it's also really arousing to think about. I'm headed to a mall on Sunday and would like to leave a mark in the bathrooms
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