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What are your pee-related turn offs.

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41 minutes ago, Hamster245 said:

Pee on carpets or furniture.

Faked peeing, and as others mentioned girls flashing etc, it's very unnatural and spoils the moment. 

Pee in mouth or pee drinking. 




That last one is really interesting. A lot of mainstream piss porn (especially in non-exclusively pee fetish porn) tends to be drinking of pee, although I agree with your point. I am always curious as to why it is so widespread

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8 hours ago, pguy2981 said:

I actually love it when girls fart when they pee. I think its perfectly natural, and it makes me laugh even though I go flaccid lol.

To add:

  • Extremely yellow pee. Please drink some water bc I can smell the video
  • Peeing in someones mouth.
  • Not very much into couple pissings but there are a select few vids out there that I do get off to.
  • Peeing on someones hair
  • Peeing in cups or bowls. I agree with @Bacardi on this one bc I don't like the idea of collecting my pee in something I'll likely use
  • Pissing on animals. Thats pretty niche but i don't like animal abuse
  • Biggest turn off has to be pissing in food. To me that is disgusting bc not only is it a waste of food, it's also disrespectful to the people whos hands are calloused from collecting the ingredients to make that dish, AND a disrespect to the person that made it, including yourself.

I'm curious. Why does it make you go flaccid?

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13 minutes ago, LoveLadiesPeeing said:

I'm curious. Why does it make you go flaccid?

Because I find farting more funny than sexy. Sure it's sexy but I'll be laughing about it for a solid ten seconds. I have a very childish sense of humor

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On 10/4/2022 at 10:12 PM, PeeGurl74 said:

I don't like farting noises on videos. 

I don't like the double steam from a man's penis (looks like a defect). I like a perfect pissing penis. 

Biggest turnoff, is trying to go outside thinking it's just pee, but suddenly feel something else so I abruptly stop my stream and go to the toilet. (I hate that).

I agree with all of these. 


However, reverb fart noise memes will never not make me laugh.

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Mouth peeing or anything that looks "degrading" are a turn-off for me... most things are okay as long as everyone involved seems like they're enjoying it imo... I'm not into the really staged-looking videos but I wouldn't necessarily call it a turn-off

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