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  1. When I played baseball there were definitely guys who peed in the surrounding woods areas during practice or games - I even witnessed it once or twice. Unfortunately I'm not really into guys at all, so it didn't and still doesn't do anything for me...
  2. probably this specific thing: https://thisvid.com/videos/girl-pees-on-guy-in-bathtub/ having a desperate girl relieve herself on me, or even in my mouth (not really into drinking pee, but I would have no problem doing it for someone who was truly desperate), especially at the prompting of another girl? unimaginably hot. Although I would prefer that they not be drunk, I think, so we could both enjoy the experience better. I guess this is probably cringy... oh well
  3. not personally, but I love the idea of "designated pee spots" where all genders relieve themselves... any other stories?
  4. I actually made up that example, didn't want to criticize any specific authors on here. Thanks for the thoughtful replies, everyone!
  5. When I read fictional stories, they don't really feel real and I don't find them that hot. Besides obvious fantasy stories, it seems like they always start like this (made up story, absolutely no offense intended to any of the authors on here or anyone who likes this kind of thing): anyway, I don't exactly know why it is, but this style of writing doesn't really do it for me. I guess it just feels overdone somehow. Anyone else agree and does anyone have any recommendations for hotter stories?
  6. I'm obviously a bit different from the OP as i'm not a fan of the male content personally... anyone know how to hide that? I tried hiding 'gay' content but it doesn't seem to work...
  7. Never. It's not that great though amirite 😔
  8. Mouth peeing or anything that looks "degrading" are a turn-off for me... most things are okay as long as everyone involved seems like they're enjoying it imo... I'm not into the really staged-looking videos but I wouldn't necessarily call it a turn-off
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