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44 minutes ago, AlexWolf20 said:

Found on facebook


First of all, yes it is

Second, better hope that peice of paper is laminated cause that's where I'm aiming

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  • 2 weeks later...

Back in college I had a roommate who was like this, and the thing that stood out was leaving a caked up cat food dish in the sink. I once came home to it on the floor. I asked about it and he said that "it's gross," because the cat licks it's butt and stuff. Yet this very same roommate would never do the dishes and leave them in the sink that would end up being filled with fetid water filled with rotting food scraps, often for days waiting until myself or another roommate did the dishes. There's a huge disconnect.

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6 hours ago, Johnboy777 said:

GUYS, which urinal would you choose...The one on the Left, on the Right or maybe the Middle one...





Definitely the middle one is she is willing.  Why do I never find urinals like that in public toilets?

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