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    Got into pee through a combination of finding the scent of my own to be arousing and finding gifs of girls peeing. It's now my #1 fetish.

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    Casually doing it in or on places you normally wouldn't
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    Filled a cup with my pee, submerged my cock in it to make it all wet and pissy, and then jerked off like that.

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  1. I somehow never had to deal with lines, but boy did I have to deal with needing to pee during class. My high school had a 15/10 rule, so you weren't allowed to leave during the first 15 and last 10 minutes of class. This meant sometimes getting hit with the urge right after class started and then having to wait until the time limit was up. It was really bad during last period on Fridays because those were our short days, meaning the last period was also the shortest and therefore gave the least amount of time to go.
  2. Not into BDSM myself but the rest sounds fun to me. My two concerns are risk of disease (you'd probably have to require everyone get a screening for STDs and any other fluidborne illnesses) and possible risk of people slipping and falling on pee puddles on hard floors. But with the right precautions and procedures it could be a hell of a lot of fun for people like us.
  3. I actually ended up not doing much kinky peeing during college. For the first two years I didn't have a strong desire to pee in naughty places, the third year I only set foot on campus when visiting friends (I spent the year doing internships and living off campus), fourth year I started to come onto the idea of peeing somewhere on campus but never did. Basically I didn't think I could do it discretely enough to avoid getting in trouble and I didn't want any potential complications in finishing my degree. Had I done it, though, my first choice would've been the parking lot when it was cr
  4. Either clear plastic disposable cups or sports drink bottles. Easy to fit in, and being clear means I can admire my handiwork. Gatorade bottles are especially handy for peeing while driving. What I want to do though is get some washable plastic/acrylic with fancy designs (like a goblet or wine glass) and use those for peeing. The idea of doing something so naughty with an object that is at least visually more "high-class" really turns me on.
  5. Top of the driveway, right where someone would see if they drove by. Fortunately, my place is forested and remote enough that people rarely drive by and if they did, I'd hear them soon enough to find cover.
  6. I've ironically gotten a bit more since moving back in with my parents. My dad uses the backyard sometimes so I've taken it as a signal I can do so, I usually do it when I'm supervising the dogs but away from the kitchen window so mom doesn't see. Since we're in a pretty remote place I've also been able to get away with it on the driveway and by the shed. I haven't done a naughty pee indoors since getting here except tonight, where I had some fun in the bathtub because they're gone for a couple nights.
  7. Today in the backyard. Been doing it frequently, loving it.
  8. My parents taught me to use the toilet if I ever needed to pee while at a pool, and when it came up in things I watched as a child it was treated as a bad and unhygienic thing to pee in the pool, so it's a habit I haven't picked up. I don't generally go swimming these days (partly cause I can't actually swim, I just simply could not get a grasp on what my swimming teachers were trying to teach me as a kid so I just hang around in the shallower parts), and even if I did it more often I would probably feel bad about peeing in it since other people are gonna be in there. That said, I'd
  9. I recently bought Tena overnight pads (not full diapers) and was immediately pleased with them. As long as they're positioned right they hold a full release (I had it leak out the side the other day, probably wasn't on right) and not too conspicuous if I wear jeans. Only problem is disposal, since 5 out of 7 days of the week I have two roommates here all day and I don't want to deal with however a used pad smells while waiting for an opening to get rid of it. Thank goodness I've got to second interviews on a couple positions, if all goes well I can be out of here and in an apartment of my
  10. I just set my record today. Found a park with a very wooded trail, lots of cover for someone who potentially needed to go. I just so happened to, but I got a bit bold and did it off a wooden bridge over a dip in the ground with had a fairly shrouded view of the river. I was happy with my act right up until I headed back down the trail and saw there was a family headed that same way. They didn't see me do it so I played it cool, but I hope they didn't notice anything amiss at the spot. I tried to leave as little of a mark as possible but a log got splashed.
  11. Generally not, because for me it seems that not wearing underwear lets the package show more than I'd like, although that may just be a psychological thing and the difference isn't that big. I used to go no-underwear when I wore pajama pants more, but usually now I sleep in my underwear and put on gym shorts in the morning. I do own a pair of crotchless underwear and I wore them on a walk the other day, so I went kind of half-commando. It was nice, I'll probably do it again.
  12. I think I'm on the tale end of a super horny stretch right now, but I'm still a bit restless. Not much I can do about it right now besides masturbation.
  13. I'm pretty horny in general lately but all I can really do about it is old-school hand masturbation. I don't have a partner and my roommates are constantly around since they're working on their project at home (meanwhile I'm job-hunting from home), the latter of which rules out the use of toys (all of mine probably make more noise than normal masturbation) and pretty much all fetish activity because there's no way to bring in or discretely dispose of any sort of pee play products like floor pads or Tena pads. I'm also moving in a month and a half depending on whether I get a job and where, so
  14. I'm uncut, fortunately. My parents didn't see a need for it, unlike my dad's parents who did get him circumcised. I got unlucky and have phimosis, though, so in my childhood they told me I needed to work on stretching it and pulling it down. It hurt like hell, though, and my pain tolerance as a child was low, so given I didn't really understand why it was needed I just stopped trying (and apparently this isn't recommended anymore anyway). But as a teen, after discovering masturbation I started learning more about the human body through a combination of Wikipedia and a sex manual that
  15. I haven't done it in a while but I do love letting out a little spurt while masturbating on the bed. It's a nice bit of "natural lube" and lets me get a better whiff of its scent as I jack off.
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