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    Kinky when wet. Pretty straight mostly but you never know 😉🎱
    Could be up for anything that doesn't hurt.

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    Watching girls pee, watching them get wet, peeing on kinky things outdoors.
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    Seeing a mother and 20's something daughter peeing together in the woods.

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  1. https://www.tumblr.com/awetlife/706089008959275008/joint-pissing-while-viewing-a-new-apartment?source=share
  2. For making large volumes of pee green tea works for me. It also provides a diuretic function which keeps your GI tract lubricated. You'll never have constipation if you have a couple of mugs of black tea every day. For coffee prefer a French press of this brand, frm San Francisco via Amazon: For beer: Any Canadian lager or Heineken.
  3. Just adore giving a woman an orgasm this way. Usually followed by mine inside her pulsing vagina as she continues to climax after the initial wet surge. Wet is the best.
  4. Get a kick out of hosing down litter of used condoms, wrappers, wipes, sometimes panties discarded by lovers on back trails that we hike on. Sides of trees and bushes too to break the fall and slow the backsplash.
  5. Yes frequently as it's hot to feel the heat of the contained pee on the sensitive head. If jacking solo someimes will do that to contain the cum for the same reasons and it's less messy that way too, https://thumbs2.redgifs.com/GiddyBlaringArmyant-mobile.mp4#t=0
  6. Sometimes the anticipation is as hot and stimulating as the actual event, the forethought and planning, going over it again and again in your mind's eye, becoming aroused at the thought of going through with it, your brain adding tiny erotic details as how that first spurt sounded when it penetrated the filmy fabric of the panty, flowed past the flapping lips gurgling on it's way down leg across an open vagina which adds it's own fluid. The scents of both those events spurring your senses, Any sensuous moanings from either yourself or a spectator . All add up to the final thunderous cl
  7. Submitted for your approval: A horror movie script where all the old, latent dried out farts trapped in the seating from thousands of asses over the years, are rejuvenated by the torrent of fresh piss and come roaring back to life from all those seats at once causing the pissers to flee the theater and then someone lights a match setting of the final conflagration as the movie ends.
  8. So was they circumsized? Dimensions? Did you get hard because you were sexually attracted to their cock or just on general principals? If they came on to you, what would you do? Very interested here.
  9. Is sex better for you with a condom?
  10. Cunt works for me. It's to-the-point and visceral. No nonsense. "I'm gonna fuck your cunt, baby" gets the message across right now.
  11. Extremely hot video. Thanks so much for sharing with us.
  12. Thi's my prob. If I wait, still inside, for a short period after I've cum then it's soft enough to pass the pee but still hard enough to stroke in and out which feels wonderful while your letting your urine flow. The pussy also relaxes during this time too. Also in reply to vaginal safety issue it's possible to pee inside a condom while deep inside the vagina, then carefully withdraw without spilling it although it's hard to do. The condom will contain all the pee. Or just use two if you're worried. nd- contains pic of penis in condom -
  13. Damn I love all that too. Cumming on her ass, nipples, or clit is super hot for me as is filling her slit while standing up as she holds the lips apart and the panties then take part of the load. t
  14. Dated a nurse who would nol let me pee in her vagina, but anal was just fine with her and let me say how freakin' hot that was! It was so tight though my pee would be choked off until we both relaxed a bit and I got the head in deep enough so it wasn't pinched off.
  15. Seeing a woman pee does that to me instantly. Gives fond memories for future wanks too. With my steady girlfriend who's wet positive we like start off in the toilet and usually end up on the bed, but not always as she;s a very oral person.
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