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    Easy going married bi guy. I love everything to do with urine and am hoping to chat and discuss with people with same interest.

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    I love being peed on, love to soak in piss, drink it...sleep in it
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    Solo: Wetting my bathing suit on a crowded beach… and a few others…
    With partner: During a sexy night between swingers, being peed on my face during a 69…

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  1. You can probably say am addicted to masturbation. Not to the point of having a negative impact on my professional and personal life, but I do masturbate a lot. I masturbate several hours everyday. Cumming is not my objective, so each session can last several hours (and yes I am very productive at same time).
  2. This is a very interesting topic. I really have multiple kinks , but I'll stick my top 3: Cum: I am obsessed with cum, cum shots, cum on clothes, cum on hair, cum eating, cum on food, wearing cum... Panties: Love to smell them, cum in them, taste them... FemDom: Not much experience at that level, but am obsessed with the idea of being dominated and "humiliated" by a woman (or a group of women
  3. Wow! That is a nice thread... I love cum... to play with, to eat... yummy. Love the cum in panties shots, thanks!
  4. This is real hot! You have a beautiful pussy and =I love how you play with your little stream... very sexy
  5. I also miss the Tolet Room on Chatro. Still haven't found any replacement, but currently checking this site that I found in another thread on this forum: http://www.poolchat.org.uk There are people in the room, but it looks they will only chat to people with a female nick... Will see.
  6. Try this link instead: https://www.erome.com/a/2wcGiLHI
  7. Here is another one of me, but this time I am wetting my boxers on my room balcony in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. https://www.erome.com/a/2wcGiLHI/edit
  8. It happened during one of my first pee play experience with a partner. We were both taking a bath and she asked me if it was ok for her to pee on my head. Wow! That was the best feeling… The warm liquid on my scalp, running behind my ears, down my neck… It was amazing. Unfortunately, we never got to play again, and I never had anyone else to pee directly on my head. I had it on my face or body several times, but that’s it. Anyone else into enjoying that very special feeling?
  9. Here is a short one of what I like to do in public bathrooms (at work, shopping, in restaurants, etc). Wetting my cock and balls without wiping. The feeling of fresh piss on my skin after is simply amazing! https://www.erome.com/a/BYGHYuys Anyone else like doing that?
  10. Here my first video post. I hope you like it… I am on vacation, had a few drinks… wanted to feel warm piss on my skin… https://www.erome.com/a/tunGPQAW
  11. It was on a warm summer night during an outdoor concert in front about 300 people. At one part during the show, the singer invited a lady from the audience to join him on stage as it was her birthday. After a few jokes he had the girl to chug a glass of beer and then another. We could see the girl was a bit tipsy as she was laughing to the guy's joke really loudly. She had a very special way of laughing it. Special in a way that would get the entire audience to laugh with her. Then the singer cracks a very naughty joke and the girl started to laugh so hard it got her peeing in front everyone.
  12. The picture does not look as cool as it is in reality. This Urinal wall is in an actual Cigar Lounge in Montreal. It is a stainless wall with continuous waterfall on it... you just pee in the open on the wall. Initially, the ladies also had a special treat as they had their own special urinal on the form of a facial mask with a tube.
  13. I would pick something that does not dry easily and drinks lots of water to make sure I stay wet all day.
  14. The more I browse this forum the more I realize I am into everything to do with piss... It is highly sexual and addictive. The wetting has been more of a solo activity for me. My wife is not really into wetting herself or any clothes. I love to wet my pants or shorts and feel the warmth and wetness on my legs. I don't even mind staying wet for a long period if it is warm enough.
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