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  1. Pretty much my entire life, I've been turned on by girls getting desperate and hoping to see them relieve themselves. As for myself, it depends. When I'm out of the house or around others I don't like it. When I'm alone and won't be bothered, I can turn myself on by holding it in for a while. But then again, part of the pissing fetish for me is I enjoy being stimulated when I need to take a leak.
  2. I know Alan Shepherd on the first Mercury flight was 6 hours behind schedule and had a bunch of coffee had to piss in his suit. It was a 15 minute flight, but the safety culture set him hours behind. I remember reading years ago about a passenger in a plane who had to take a leak and the flight attendant wouldn’t let him get up so he pissed in a barf bag.
  3. No. The kind of trips I do I plan rest stops, and we don’t make many trips. My wife and I have three boys between us. But when I was in the Navy in the 90’s, I did keep at least a roll of TP in my rack for myself. Our entire berthing of 90 got 8 rolls a day, and we ran out frequently. It was a great idea to have a personal reserve.
  4. For me it’s the sensation of how being stimulated when I have pressure in my bladder feels so good. But I also find it sexy and intimate when women need to relieve themselves and are willing to do it in front of you. That hasn’t happened since I was little except in Internet pictures and videos, but still… It’s hot for me.
  5. I had one moment last year when my wife criticized “guys who like to watch women pee”. I shut the bedroom door and gave her a complete discourse on where I stood with the subject. Unfortunately, my wife’s memory is not good and she can’t recall that exchange, which may be for the best. But I told her about my childhood experiences and how I equated bladder pressure with sexual pleasure. It really is like an orgasm in how it builds and has to be let out or it will let itself out. I explained how I thought it is sexy and intimate to relieve together. But I also said I won’t refuse, but I won’t a
  6. I’ve heard of something called “truck driver bladder” where you hold too long and lose elasticity of your bladder muscles.
  7. I can’t speak for others, but for me anticipation is the best part. Let him know you have to take a leak. If you don’t go right away, narrate the building up to involuntary relief.
  8. How long have you been holding? How much did you drink? Answer that and go ahead. Give us a report of how much and how good it felt.
  9. I’ve said several times that the problem with fantasies is they work great in our own heads where everybody wants to please us and will cooperate. They fail apart in reality where people have their own interpretation and free will. That said, I get turned on by pressure in my own bladder and would love to spend time with a female who feels the same. I have no idea how it would go because I’ve never experienced it. I imagine it would involve us both drinking and filling our bladders and talking about how much we need relief. We could play who can hold it the longest or who can hold the most. M
  10. I’ve never pissed in a car, but I came close once. I left work back in the days when I drank coffee all day long. It was snowing, and traffic was bad. I got seriously desperate. I thought about pulling out the Rubbermaid container I took for lunch to piss in. Somehow I was able to take a shortcut through a parking lot to get through traffic and make it home. I pissed forever. But I enjoy seeing stories of those (especially women) who have pissed in their cars.
  11. I don’t see much of it, but I don’t seek “porn” far outside of this site. I know what I’m into and what doesn’t interest me, and this site is a “safe space” for what I need.
  12. Not my thing. I do it at night when I sleep naked, but never thought about it otherwise. But we all have our unique take on the pissing fetish.
  13. The problem with fantasies is they work great in your own mind where everyone else wants to please you and follows your direction exactly. They tend to fall apart when real people with their own biases get involved. That said, my thing (which I have never had the chance to try with anyone else) is that to be stimulated with some pressure in my bladder is freaking hot. It feels better than anything else to me. I love it. But I’ve accepted I’m not likely to meet a woman who is interested in it. That makes it hard to define my fantasy exactly because I’m sure it would change if I did. B
  14. It’s been years, but when my children were little and my ex wife took them and left me at home, I would use their diapers for myself. Obviously they didn’t fit me, but I would ejaculate into them then relieve myself. It was great.
  15. I kind of enjoy the anticipation, so some voiceover about how much you have to go followed by a payoff is cool.
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