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  1. That is hot. Do you do this spur of the moment, or let the need build for a while thinking about it?
  2. I didn't get into that with him. She was fairly little.
  3. I'd be interested in some kind of volume vs need ratio. Like the difference in volume between "I should probably take a leak because it's a convenient time" versus "It's going to happen one way or the other."
  4. I've done that. Pardons to UK/European members, but I think in oz. I was on a trip where I had lots of time in a hotel, so I took about a 30 oz gatorade bottle and a sharpie, and measured it off in 1 oz marks, then did some experiments. I found when I first get the urge to piss, it's about 2-3oz. It goes away for a while, then comes back around 5-6 oz. I got through that one, then when it first becomes urgent is around 9-10 oz. It gets even more urgent around 13-14 oz. I'm a little fuzzy on the next mark since it took quite a bit of beer for this experiment (and I wasn't writing it down),
  5. I don't like it at most times, unless I'm planning to have sex or masturbate. Then it feels great. I deliberately drink lots of liquids, and as I've said before, if I get too full, I let a little bit out so I still have to piss but I can handle it for a little while. But other than those two things, I don't like feeling full when I'm out of the house. It's much harder to time for sex. Except for first thing in the morning, unless you've already communicated, it's hard. It happened with my wife once, kind of by accident. I'd had several cups of coffee and was just thinking I needed to run
  6. Men, no. Women, yes, but for me, those are few and far between. I can hear my wife in the bathroom from time to time, and that's nice. We haven't really talked about it though. One night, she made a comment like "I don't understand why guys like to watch women pee", so I shut the bedroom door so the children couldn't hear and let her in on my thing. She seemed to understand, but it never came up again.
  7. Fortunately, I haven't had to deal with it much. I can normally regulate my intake so I don't have to get up until we're at altitude and the other people who don't plan ahead have run to the bathroom. The one exception was when my job sent me for training. The guy I was traveling with got nervous flying, so we had two beers before we boarded the plane. I didn't think I'd make it. As soon as the seatbelt light went off, I was the first one to the lavatory.
  8. Outside. He has lots of privacy, so he just pisses out the door into the yard.
  9. That's why I stop and let some out. I'll hang over the sink and piss a little bit. Sometimes a lot. Whatever it takes to get the pressure off. That usually brings back the erection. I had one night years ago when I guess I was drinking a little too much and was a little bit too into looking for new pictures. This site didn't exist then, so they took more work to find. I guess I lost track of the feeling in my bladder. Next thing I know, I'm squirting right under my desk.I couldn't stop. I grabbed a T-shirt and held myself tight while I ran to the bathroom. That was something else.
  10. A friend of mine told me when he's home, he'll just get up, open the door, and piss through it. Then I caught his daughter copying him. He got a laugh out of it.
  11. I enjoy it. It seems to add to the feeling and enjoyment. Plus, if I'm looking at pictures or videos of women peeing, I can "project" how bad I need relief onto them. Sometimes I cross a line where I have to piss so much it's not enjoyable. At that point, I let some of it out, which turns me on quite a bit. It depends on how much I'm drinking. Sometimes a brief squirt will do it, other times I have to let several streams out. But the point is to get back to the point where I still have to piss, but it's manageable. I find beer works best for this. It fills my bladder up really good, but i
  12. I have no shortage of female pee fantasies. I've had them my entire life. Some are short, others go on for a while as the girl gets more and more desperate until she finally has no choice but to pull down her pants and let it go.
  13. Better yet, when you get up in the morning, nobody is allowed to take their morning piss until everybody is up and out. Then they all piss together, maybe on the floor or outside. Maybe have a rule that you can piss anywhere BUT the toilet (sink, shower, bowls, bottles, grass, floor, whatever.)
  14. I can piss right before I get in the shower, and I'll have to piss at least twice. I try to time my showers for when I need to empty my bladder. I love it. Morning pisses are great. Today was amazing. I slept all night, and really had to go when I got up. It was one of those leaks that you can still feel several minutes later. I love those. But the best part was after I got done. I normally leave the bathroom light on to get dressed and grab my things so I can go down to my office. This morning my wife got up and rushed to the bathroom. She started closing the door, then gave up. I was ge
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