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  1. Mine is fairly simple. When I have to take a leak, it feels good to be stimulated. I’d love to meet a woman who feels the same way. We’d hang out together, naked or at least pants off drinking and talking. We’d update each other on where our bladders are at. Maybe play some games like who can hold it the longest or who can hold the most. Stimulate each other when we reach a level of fullness, and then piss in front of each other. Maybe have a rule that you can’t piss in a toilet, so other things like sinks, cups, bowls, bottles are used instead. Maybe full bladder sex. I always thought it
  2. I took SCUBA lessons when I was stationed at Guam in ‘94. My instructor told us “There are two kinds of divers. Those who piss in their wet suits, and those who lie about it.”
  3. I think of it as kind of like an orgasm. The feeling builds and builds, and it must be let out or it will come out by itself outside of your control.
  4. I like the fairly short ones, like less than 5 minutes, where the girl talks about how bad she has to pee, then removes all visual obstacles and lets it go. I don’t care if she’s sitting, standing, squatting, or whatever, I just like the tease of knowing she has to go, then she actually goes enough to believe it.
  5. If my bladder is too full, I typically have to let a little bit out before I can orgasm. I’ve learned how to let a stream or so go so I still have to piss, but I can control it. But once I cum, I’m done and I have to let the rest out.
  6. My chances lately are few and far between. I used to enjoy when my wife worked weekends to start Saturday with coffee, then switch to beer. I’d get my bladder nice and full, then let out just enough to maintain control. Then I’d spend a few hours on here reading other posts and looking at pictures and watching videos. I could “project” how much I needed relief unto the pictures and videos of the girls pissing I saw. Sometimes I kept a bottle next to me in case I held too long and just about lost control. I enjoyed it. I haven’t been able to do it in a while.
  7. Partly what others have said. I like when the girl states she has to pee, but the output actually matches her claim. It’s kind of annoying when the video shows a girl claiming she has to pee, but then dribbles a little bit. Plus, going on too long for too little payoff is annoying. For me, the “Nerdy Fairy” videos are about perfect. They’re usually less than 5 minutes long. She clearly has a full bladder and needs to let it out. She teases her desperation, dances for a little bit, then streams it. The camera doesn’t bounce back and forth. I’m not fond of when the video shows the girl star
  8. I have a few “pee diary” videos I’ve saved over the years. Sorry, I don’t have original links. I used to have a good video download extension on Brave but it doesn’t work anymore. Personally, I like the more desperate, full bladder leaks, but I have a few videos where the woman supposedly filmed her normal leaks throughout the day. Many of them I got from the Pee Videos section of this site, so you might be able to go through the archives and find them. I can’t provide.
  9. By all means, continue sharing. Stupid question: was her shower head session before, or after she relieved herself?
  10. For me, one thing that seems to vary is if I need to leave the house or not. I always drink coffee in the morning. I limit myself to 3 cups. But if I have to run errands or go somewhere, if I drink a 3rd cup, I have to piss all the time. If I stay home, it doesn’t seem to affect me. It’s weird.
  11. I haven’t done any massive or deliberate pissing in a hotel room. I’ve had a few times when I misjudged how bad I needed to piss and squired on the floor before I got a rag or a bottle under my dick. I had one time I was in a hotel room and drinking beer. I brought a condon with me to ejaculate into. I’d been filling up my bladder while looking for pictures of women pissing. I finished and ejaculated. I figured at the time that I could wait until my erection subsided, so I turned on the TV. This was in the dark ages before I could bring a Roku Express with me. I found a show I wanted to w
  12. I doubt psychologists have done a complete study of this field. I doubt a wide enough sample is available. I don’t think I’d be willing to talk to one unless under conditions of complete anonymity. I can’t relate to BDSM, humiliation, guys (except for myself), or even under most conditions, “watersports’. For me, it’s about the fantasy of a filled bladder that needs relief, then it is achieved. I prefer for that fantasy to be about a women. When I have the rare opportunity, I will let my own bladder fill, then project it onto images or videos of women. To me, it’s similar to an orgasm. It
  13. I didn’t experience that early on. In the mid to late 90’s when I finally had access to a computer and privacy at the same time, I did a search for “girls pissing”. Though I had a few fond memories as a child of being outside with girls who needed relief and weren’t old enough to be shy, there were few pictures available. But then, I’ve never been interested in watching other men bang women. I just want to see the girls on their own, preferably in dire need of relief.
  14. I normally hate those kind of dreams. For me, it usually involves having to take a piss really bad and not being able to. Either there’s no bathroom or there are tons of people around and I keep getting interrupted. I usually wake up in the exact same state I’d been dreaming; having to take a massive leak. I’ve had a handful of times where I pissed in the bed. I don’t enjoy that at all. Sometimes in the dream I’m able to piss a little bit but keep being interrupted, and I freak out when I wake up but normally, the bed is dry. I don’t enjoy those dreams. I’ve had a few dreams in my li
  15. I’m normally not looking for an excuse to go more. I find sometimes when I cut back on salt, I have to relieve myself far more often and usually at inconvenient times. When I’m deliberately trying to fill my bladder up, beer works best. Anything will fill you, but I guess beer dulls some nerves so it feels good longer. If I try to fill up with water or anything else, eventually it stops feeling good and I just want to piss it out.
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