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  1. I can’t speak for others, but for me anticipation is the best part. Let him know you have to take a leak. If you don’t go right away, narrate the building up to involuntary relief.
  2. How long have you been holding? How much did you drink? Answer that and go ahead. Give us a report of how much and how good it felt.
  3. I’ve said several times that the problem with fantasies is they work great in our own heads where everybody wants to please us and will cooperate. They fail apart in reality where people have their own interpretation and free will. That said, I get turned on by pressure in my own bladder and would love to spend time with a female who feels the same. I have no idea how it would go because I’ve never experienced it. I imagine it would involve us both drinking and filling our bladders and talking about how much we need relief. We could play who can hold it the longest or who can hold the most. M
  4. I’ve never pissed in a car, but I came close once. I left work back in the days when I drank coffee all day long. It was snowing, and traffic was bad. I got seriously desperate. I thought about pulling out the Rubbermaid container I took for lunch to piss in. Somehow I was able to take a shortcut through a parking lot to get through traffic and make it home. I pissed forever. But I enjoy seeing stories of those (especially women) who have pissed in their cars.
  5. I don’t see much of it, but I don’t seek “porn” far outside of this site. I know what I’m into and what doesn’t interest me, and this site is a “safe space” for what I need.
  6. Not my thing. I do it at night when I sleep naked, but never thought about it otherwise. But we all have our unique take on the pissing fetish.
  7. The problem with fantasies is they work great in your own mind where everyone else wants to please you and follows your direction exactly. They tend to fall apart when real people with their own biases get involved. That said, my thing (which I have never had the chance to try with anyone else) is that to be stimulated with some pressure in my bladder is freaking hot. It feels better than anything else to me. I love it. But I’ve accepted I’m not likely to meet a woman who is interested in it. That makes it hard to define my fantasy exactly because I’m sure it would change if I did. B
  8. It’s been years, but when my children were little and my ex wife took them and left me at home, I would use their diapers for myself. Obviously they didn’t fit me, but I would ejaculate into them then relieve myself. It was great.
  9. I kind of enjoy the anticipation, so some voiceover about how much you have to go followed by a payoff is cool.
  10. In the late 90's, I broke my arm at work and was taken to the hospital. After going through the ER I finally got put in a room. Within a few hours, I seriously needed to take a leak. I was in a two person room. A nurse came in and I asked where the bathroom was. She said I wasn't allowed to get up and brought me a urinal, then left the curtain opened (seriously, are nurses specifically trained to never close a curtain?) I put the hospital urinal in place, but could not go laying down for some reason even though I was at my limit. I finally got up, went around the bed, closed the freaking curta
  11. In the shower, I've pushed my dick down on my leg or up onto my abdomen a few times and let go. I don't think to do it much.
  12. I don't have a lot of freedom since I live with my wife and children. But I've never been interested in pissing in places I'll have to clean up afterward or worry about a smell. I go in the shower every time. Sometimes I'll even time my showers for having a full bladder, which is awesome. I'll go in the sink occasionally. I also keep a Gatorade bottle under my bathroom sink and every now and again I'll go in that to measure. I find it funny how much more I can hold when I'm drinking alcohol. If I'm just drinking water and coffee, desperation is about 10-14 oz. When I'm drinking, I can fill th
  13. I don't like holding out in public. When I'm alone it can be exciting. I don't usually have a plan. I just look at how long I'll be alone for and start filling up. Then I come to this site or go into my picture and video collection. Or I'll revisit some fantasies or experiences from the past and let them run in my head while I do my thing.
  14. Depends. I like it to be real, so a woman who needs relief is fine with me as long as she is real.
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