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  1. Thinking about it, for me, anything that comes up makes me need to piss just to be safe. Even if I went 5 minutes ago, if I need to leave the house, I wring myself out to be safe. Or at work, if I get called into a meeting, I tell them “let me hit the head”.
  2. It gets me quite a bit. A week or two ago at work, I was filling up my water bottle. The water fountain is between the men’s and women’s bathrooms. A woman that works on the other side of the cubicle wall came barreling past saying something like “I REALLY have to go!” I had to sit down at my desk for a while…
  3. I don’t remember the game itself making me have to go, but it seemed like every time I played hide and seek with girls, at least one of them would get desperate. One time I was hiding in the shower less than 30 seconds into the start of the game, and a girl came running in screaming about how bad she had to pee and threw me out. I never understood if girls just can’t plan ahead or if it just hit them suddenly. If I had to go before playing, I would go first, then play.
  4. The best I’ve ever done deliberately was a little more than 32oz. I filled a Gatorade bottle and was not done. I was standing over the tube, so I let the last bit out. I forgot what that equals in metric; maybe 800ml. I’ve held for up to 9 hours against my will, but had to be dehydrated to do it.
  5. Best I’ve done is kept a bottle near me. When I filled up, I pissed into it. I could get a few bladder’s full, but then dumped it and rinsed it for reuse. That way, I only had to get up for another beer but not to piss.
  6. I think Nerdy Fairy gets it perfect, for me at least. The videos aren’t very long (less than 5 minutes). She talks for a while about how bad she needs to relieve herself, pulls her pants down, plays with herself, and gets the stream almost perfectly. And the stream matches her desperation.
  7. That’s a thought I’ve had. It is like an orgasm. A filling bladder builds and builds, and will release itself if not dealt with. That’s probably why I associate the two.
  8. The American Puritan aspect is highly influential. Someday, I hope to understand it.
  9. I usually go first thing after I wake up, unless I got up within an hour or to to piss. When I was alone, sometimes I’d try to not piss and have a couple cups of coffe and water first to see how long I could go. My wife used to work every other weekend, so I could get up, not piss, drink coffee/water/ beer, and see how long I could make it. But It’s been years since I’ve been able to do that.
  10. No idea, but I’ve seen posts on here over the years from all of them. In English.
  11. I don’t mind a start of the video where you see the woman walking or appearing otherwise desperate to go. But when she starts going, I like for the camera to remain focused on the piss leaving her vagina. I hate when it goes back to her face or off to the side or down to the puddle. Bonus points for her talking about how bad she needs to go, but the output needs to equal the claim.
  12. When I was young, there were a few girls who had to go about the same time as me. They were different, and we were not afraid to relieve ourselves together. Then it became forbidden, but I’d already seen girls relieving themselves and wanted to again. Then, I noted that playing with myself when I had to piss felt good. So I began to fantasize about girls I knew letting me play with them when they needed to go feeling good. It hasn’t happened, and I know fantasies only work in our heads when everybody else has to obey our rules. But privately, it can be powerful. I have not had a chance to expe
  13. Whatever works for you. In the rare moments I get, I set myself up with a full bladder and go to town with pictures of women relieving themselves or videos.
  14. Very tricky subject. When I was on my honeymoon with my ex-wife, we were at the central facility of the resort. We were about to leave, and she had to relieve herself. She invited me into the ladies room. I should have gone with her, but it was a public place and I didn’t want to be walked in on. I confessed to her a week or so later. She seemed open to it, but then wasn’t. I reacted a little badly. A few times over the years, she did let me watch her, but it was rare and not quite what I wanted. I wanted to enjoy knowing she had to go for a little while, not just while we’re in the shower and
  15. I don’t dream about it much. I fantasize about it a lot though.
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