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    You know your a pee fan when someone pees on you and you don't mind LOL
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    PART TWO Ann went into work the next morning and thanked her boss for the gifts he'd bought her the day before, "no problem" he replied "you may need them one day". The day passed uneventfully, she typed a few e-mails, took a few calls and that was it, pretty much a normal day,The following morning she arrived at work to find her boss had not turned in, half an hour later, he rang up to say he had some problem at home, she may need to access his computer again and pass information on to him, she turned on his PC and logged in with the password he gave her, the screen came to life and there it was, the picture on the screen, the girl in the tight jeans, boots and top,they were exactly like the ones he'd bought her the day before. Curious, and knowing she would not be disturbed, she sat in her bosses chair and opened a file on the computer, it was the file she'd opened before, "photo's", she gazed at each picture, taking in every detail. the poses as the girl began to remove her clothes, until the last photo were she was naked, except for a tiny pair of black panties and the high heeled boots. She closed the file, and grabbed a coffee, she was about to return to her desk, when she began to wonder what else was in those files. She sat back down at his desk and opened the second file, it was just pictures of various bits of machinery, there was one more file and this contained more photo's of the same girl. These showed her in various poses including several where she was bound to a chair, there were also some where she was tied to a beam with her hands above her head, in one she was just about managing to touch the floor with her boots, in a sub folder she found some of her in an office in varying states of undress, the only thing common it them all was the black underwear and boots! The phone rang, it was her boss, she instinctively closed the file she'd been looking at, he asked if there were any problems and she replied that there wasn't, he asked her if she'd switched on his computer and if she'd managed to log in ok, she told him she had. He then asked her to e-mail a copy of a document to him and hung up. She found the document and sent it as he'd asked, it was at this point that she noticed several files containing videos,she clicked on one at random, it was protected by a password, she entered the one she had used to get into the computer, after pressing "enter" a box appeared on the screen, "invalid password access denied". She tried several more files each was the same, password protected, she was about to give up when the last file she clicked on opened, a video appeared on screen of an office, and sat behind a desk was the girl she'd seen in the photo's she was even wearing the same black top! After a few minutes of her typing, she stood up and walked across the office, she was wearing the jeans and boots, she took a drink from a coffee machine and sat back behind the desk, the video appeared to jump forward, according to a clock in the background, by nearly 20 minutes.The girl behind the desk appeared to be fidgeting in her chair,a few minutes later she stood up, stepped in front of the desk and began to pace up and down,eventually she leaned against the desk,she was crossing and uncrossing her legs, Ann watched transfixed at what was unfolding before her eyes! The woman in the video parted her legs slightly,let out a small sigh, then to Ann's amazement began to wet her jeans, slowly at first then a torrent began to pour out of her, soaking the legs of her jeans and trickling into her boots. Then she bent over her desk and a man appeared in the video, she couldn't see his face, but something told her it was her boss, he tapped one of her boots with his foot, spreading her legs further apart, then he picked up a riding crop off the desk and began to hit the girl across the bottom, not very hard,just enough to make her jump occasionally, the video faded out, and when it faded back in the girl was walking around the office wearing only her boots and the black underwear, then after several minutes of her doing office work, the video ended. She was just about to close the file down when she noticed a second file in the same folder, she couldn't resist and clicking on it it opened. In this video, the same girl was in the same office, except this time she was wearing only the boots and underwear, the video began with the office door opening and the girl walking in, she removed her coat to reveal she was wearing only the boots and black underwear, she made a coffee and sat behind her desk and began typing. A short while later she got up and came around to the front of her desk, she sat on the edge of the desk and the same man appeared who she'd seen in the last video. He turned the computer screen around and they both looked at something on the screen,he brought one hand round between her legs and slipped a couple of fingers into her panties,there was no reaction as he began to finger her, she began to breath deeply, the man removed his fingers and she got off the desk, straightened her panties and stood feet slightly apart in the middle of the office floor, then she began to piss in her panties, it trickled down her thighs before disappearing into her boots. she bent over the desk as she had done in the previous video, only this time, instead of spanking her with a crop, he undid his trousers and began to fuck her from behind, he drove into her hard and fast and pretty soon she began to pant as she came, he pulled out and after stroking himself a few times he pulled down the back of her panties, fired a massive load of cum across her shapely arse, then pulled her panties back up, she stood up and sat back behind her desk, carrying on with her work as though nothing had happened! A couple of days later he told Ann that they'd have to visit another client, she decided to wear the outfit he'd bought her on the last trip out, although he said nothing she got the opinion that he was pleased with her choice of outfit. It was much the same as the last trip, a short visit to the client followed by lunch and a visit to the shopping centre, this time they ended up passing a large lingerie shop, and ,to her surprise her boss suggested they go inside. he led her to a section full of silky black underwear, "I'll bet you'd look great in this" he said. Ann blushed,before she knew what had happened they were leaving the store with a bag of the silky black undies! The rest of the week and the week after passed pretty uneventfully, her boss was in work every day, and, apart from the one occasion when he'd asked her if the underwear fitted nicely there was nothing out of the ordinary, until Friday arrived that was.She arrived in work and her boss was in before her,he seemed a bit out of sorts today,but didn't say anything to her, she had just returned from lunch and as she sat down at her desk he came over and handed her a coffee, "leave the work for a minute Ann, I need to speak to you" . He sat on the corner of her desk and was silent for a couple of minutes, as if searching for the right words, then, "I'm very sorry to say this Ann, but we're going to have to let you go at the end of next week" she was just about to ask why, when he spoke again, "there's nothing wrong with your work, it's just that I have lets say a more modern approach than your previous boss, I like my office staff to be shall we say, more interactive" he paused for a moment, "you could say more versatile,it's all about multitasking these days, I'm sorry but that's just how things are these days" . Ann nodded, suddenly the penny dropped, "anyway take an early finish, It's Friday and I'm sure you don't feel much like working now". Monday came round soon enough, Ann woke up had a shower, then got ready for work, she put on some of the new black underwear, the black top, the skintight jeans and the boots,after a large cup of coffee, she set off for work.She entered the office, hung up her coat and got a very large coffee from the machine, her boss glanced up at her, said good morning and carried on looking at his computer, Ann sat behind her desk and began to work, drinking her coffee as she did so, twenty minutes later she was squirming in her seat, her boss looked over at her "everything allright"? he asked, she said nothing, got up and came around to the front of her desk, she leaned her back against it then after a couple of minutes began to cross and uncross her legs, her boss look at her with a slightly puzzled expression.she got up from the desk and took a couple of steps towards his desk,parted her legs slightly, then as the stream of piss trickled down her legs into her boots, she reached for the button on her jeans with one hand and unfastened it."is this what you meant by being more interactive "? she said, lowering her tight jeans and bending over the edge of his desk" THE END
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    I think it's so hot when guys just whip out their dick and piss wherever they want to. I'd love a guy who just dropped his fly and pissed all over our home for me to clean up.
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    Among the Primates,especially the Apes,our own order,Humans have the biggest penis in relation to size.If ours were like a Gorilla,it would be no more than like your little finger,or a Chimp,maybe like your middle finger.There must have been a reason in our ancestry why this happened.Maybe as we became more upright,less powerfully built,but much more cerebral,and social,instead of using displays of power,or violence as in Gorillas and Chimps,maybe our penis size was an indicator of fitness.Perhaps there were displays by groups of males in which they would all try get erections and then the females would try attract the males with the biggest,a male couldnt fake his penis size in such a situation,it would be a test of "macho" if nothing else...in our current ways,we still find things,in pornography,like group sex,or bukkake(lots of men using 1 or 2 girls as cum rags) arousing.We generally like to see the guys with the biggest dicks getting it away.Maybe this is deep in our genetics.Because over the millennia,Human sexuality and morality changed radically from our ape like ancestors.In most Primates,only the biggest males get the females,the rest go to the wall.Also,as we developed the upright stance,the female body changed,moving the vagina much more forward,enabling face to face mating,which no other primate does.Another factor perhaps in the development of female sexuality,the need for comfort and affection from the male,instead of just basically doggy style faceless matings,leading to more settled male behaviours,and societies. But as we evolved,no longer did a male need to be more macho,females began to judge males on their looks,character,personality as opposed to their ability to brain the life out of their rivals,and mating became much more egalitarian.There is an Ape,the Bonobo,a kind of pygmy Chimp,from the jungle of W.Africa,which does have a very free sex society.In most groups,most members will have had sex with most of the other members,freely,even incest is quite common.Its thought they use sex as a group bonding exercise.Their penises are quite large in relation to body size too.Perhaps our ancestors also followed this scheme,leading to more peaceful and productive societies.We obviously have inherited our sexuality from our ancestors,maybe they too developed various fetishes.The true opposable thumb of OUR species,enabled us to grip our penis properly,enabling masturbation.Figures of naked females have been found in cave sites etc,its thought these were maybe used as a kind of portable pornography,to take with you on the hunts,many cave paintings have mysterious "V" or "W" shaped images,which some think may be representations of female genitalia,maybe the first pornography?This has always fascinated me,ive read a little about our primitive ancestry,i like to think we are just cleaner,and more comfortable versions of our long distant ancestors.If THEY hadnt ever got horny,WE wouldnt be here! Thank you for reading...please disagree with any points of your own..
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    Phillip had a rare chance of being away from home over a weekend and took advantage of going out into the city for a late-night walk to enjoy seeing the young ladies walking around in sexy and sometimes quite revealing outfits. He was also hoping that his secret craving to see ladies peeing in public might also be satisfied as it had on some previous occasions. It was always an unpredictable activity and relied very much on being in the right place at the right time. Some evenings would reveal an abundance of revellers who were willing to pee anywhere to relieve the pressure on their aching bladders while other evenings would be completely dry and provide no sightings whatsoever. Tonight was proving to be a slow night but there had been a couple of highlights. The first had been outside a nightclub around 11:00pm. There was a queue of people waiting to get in and Phillip was sitting on a bench nearby. Movement in the queue triggered his Peedar and he looked up to see a girl in her early twenties, blonde hair, small frame and perky breasts with short blue skirt and tight white top leave the queue and walk quickly towards the back of the queue. Just beyond the queue, she darted into a shop door way, hiked up her skirt and pushed her knickers down. Phillip got up from the bench and walked along the pavement on the opposite side of the road, observing a stream of pee splashing down between the girl’s legs. She was looking down at the pee stream and concentrating on keeping it away from her shoes, so she was oblivious to people walking by. Phillip crossed the road on a diagonal walking directly towards the girl, gaining a great view of her neatly trimmed pussy with a powerful stream erupting forth onto the floor of the shop doorway and running out onto the pavement. A couple of drunk blokes walked past and made a comment which Phillip didn’t hear. The girl raised a middle finger to them, but carried on peeing her flood. By this time, Phillip was on the same side of the road as the peeing girl. He walked right past the shop doorway, deliberately standing in her flow as he continued along the road. He crossed over again and leant against the wall from where he could see the girl finishing up, giving a little wiggle before pulling her knickers back into place and yanking her skirt back down over her bum. She left the scene of the crime to re-join her friends in the queue, leaving the evidence to snake its way down the slope of the shop doorway into the increasing pool on the pavement. The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful until people started to leave the clubs at around 3am. Some revellers headed into a kebab shop near one of the clubs. One girl wearing tight black leggings, which hugged her ample backside was getting agitated with the person serving. She was bouncing and holding her crotch, which caused Phillip’s Peedar to trigger again. From what he could make out from outside the shop, the girl was desperate to pee and the server was saying that they didn’t have any toilets. The girl eventually stormed out and turned left out of the door and headed down the street, with her legs clamped together, moving as best as she could, but being slowed by her bladder. Phillip walked quickly down the opposite side of the road and saw an alleyway, which he guessed would be her destination. He headed down the alley and slipped quietly behind a large bin from where he could see the alley and some other bins that were nearer to the alley entrance. He banked on the fact that she was desperate and would be more worried about finding quick relief than searching further back in the alley for a better hiding place. His presumptions were correct and almost as soon as he had taken up his hiding place the girl hobbled into the alley, moved past the first bin so that she was hidden from the street but in perfect view for Phillip. A security light came on, but it was too late for the girl to think about other options. She immediately yanked down her leggings as she took up a high squat, keeping her head above the level of the bin and looking over her right shoulder over the bin towards the road to keep an eye out for anyone coming into the alley. Her pee erupted from behind her as soon as her leggings were clear and caused a waterfall onto the road behind her, splashing up as it contacted the hard road surface and glistening in the harsh security light. Her shoes and ankles were getting a good soaking and Phillip reckoned her leggings must have taken a bit of damage before she even got started. She was seriously desperate and peed hard for about 40 seconds, creating a small lake on the tarmac. Eventually the stream pressure dropped to more of a trickle and finally a few spurts. The relieved girl stood upright and reached into her bag for a packet of tissues. She turned to face the street keeping the bin between her and the street for protection, her curvy backside now being shown directly to Phillip as he continued to enjoy the spectacle from his hidden vantage point. The girl, believing she was alone, took her time to extract a tissue, wipe her pussy and the insides of her legs and discard the tissue into her puddle. She repeated with another tissue, all the time leaving her leggings at her knees and furnishing Phillip with a view he would remember for a long time. Finished wiping, the girl eased up first a black thong and then her black leggings. Finally she took out another tissue and used it to wipe her ankles and shoes before adding it to the puddle where it joined the other two tissues. She left the alley looking far more comfortable and had no idea that Phillip had just enjoyed her fantastic show. Emerging from his hideout, Phillip returned to the area near the kebab shop. He decided that at 3:30am, he was going to call it a night and head back to his hotel as the number of people around was declining and it had been a slow evening, so probably not much more to see, but he would just give it another 10 minutes in case one of the stragglers in the kebab shop needed a wee before heading home. Phillip was sat on a wall nearby when two girls came up to him looking a bit worse for wear. One girl was blonde with dishevelled hair and her short skirt was riding up so far that her skimpy knickers were on show and only just covering her pussy. The other was a dark haired girl with tight jeans and a low cut top that helped to display a pleasing amount of cleavage afforded by her D-cup breasts that seemed to be stuffed in a C-cup bra. “Do you know the way to the Premier Inn at Cross Street?” slurred the darker girl, which caused Phillip to raise his glance from her cleavage to her face and meet her deep green eyes. “Yes, miss.” he replied. “It is down that street to the roundabout, then turn right, go through the underpass below the ring road, right again down River Road and turn left onto Cross Street. The Premier Inn is at the far end.” “Oh, that sounds quite a long way!” retorted the blonde, who slumped herself onto the wall next to Phillip, leaning back and further exposing the pink triangle of her knickers and flashing a bit of bum cheek into the bargain. The brunette asked “Would you walk us back? I don’t think we are going to remember that and I really don’t fancy an underpass on our own.” Phillip considered his options; he could choose not to get involved, he could get them a taxi or he could agree to walk with them – even though it was the opposite direction to the way he was going. He decided that he had nothing else much to do, so he agreed to help – especially as he was worried that the blonde particularly would struggle to make it to the hotel on her own. “You both look a bit worse for wear – do you think you will make it?” “We are”, the brunette giggled. “It’s been a long night! We’ll make it, but it might take a while.” “OK, but you need to have a chance of shifting the alcohol, so let’s get some water and dilute your blood stream a bit. I am Phillip by the way”. “Chantelle” responded the blonde. “Pleased to meet you.” “And Fiona” added the brunette. “Thank you so much”. Phillip went into the kebab shop and purchased 5 bottles of water. He brought them back to the girls and insisted that they each drank one down completely before setting off, which they did. Phillip then got Fiona to put the other three bottles in her handbag for them to drink one each along the way. They set off slowly down the road, with Chantelle stumbling on her high heels. It wasn’t long before Chantelle removed her shoes and carried them in her hand. Fiona had boots on with her jeans and was fairing a bit better. The two girls adopted a position one each side of Phillip; Chantelle on the left. They both put their arms around Phillip for support and Phillip mirrored the stance, putting his arms around each of the girls. He wasn’t sure he had made the right choice in escorting them, but he was committed now. As they walked/stumbled/staggered along, progress was slow and they chatted about the evening that the girls had been enjoying. They were in town just for the weekend and had taken advantage of pubs and clubs, enjoying more than their fair share of alcohol. Phillip was enjoying being in the company of the two girls and allowed his hands to fall slightly and rest on the top of the girls’ bottoms. He hooked his right thumb into Fiona’s belt on her jeans and allowed his fingers to contact the denim tightly covering her pert derriere. His left hand faired even better with his thumb tucked into the waistband of Chantelle’s skirt, his fingers felt the smooth and flimsy material covering her rounded bottom. After 5 minutes, Phillip suggested that they all take some more water. Fiona agreed, but Chantelle resisted. “I already need a wee! I can’t take any more onboard!” Phillip calmly pointed out that “It is better to keep taking in the water to dilute the alcohol. If you need a wee then you can find somewhere to go. It is 4am and hardly anyone around and there are plenty of places to go in a city”. “I’m not sure about that, but I don’t think I’m going to make it anyway, so I might as well have some water”. “Good call. You are wearing a skirt, so you can be quite discrete if you need to pee”. Another five minutes and Chantelle was visibly struggling, pulling the front of her skirt up even more than it already was and holding her hand on her crotch through her knickers. “I really need a wee!” she exclaimed. This had not gone unobserved by Phillip, who was getting quite turned on by the discussion and the way she had started to walk and hold herself. Ever the gentleman, he offered “OK, you are not going to make it to the hotel, so you need to relieve yourself somewhere near here. There is no point in staying uncomfortable and prolonging it as you are not going to make it.” “Sod it, just find me somewhere to go! Now!!” Phillip steered the girls to a conveniently placed bench. “Here, sit on this bench and perch towards the front. You can pull your knickers down and pee straight onto the pavement. Nobody is around, you’ll be fine.” Chantelle sat on the bench and slumped back against the backrest. She eased down her knickers just past the bench slats. Phillip was expecting her to shuffle forward and pee off the front of the bench, but just then he heard a hissing and then a splattering as Chantelle released her bladder directly onto the bench. “Sorry, it just felt like I was sitting on the toilet, so seemed the easiest thing to do!” The splashing continued and a puddle grew underneath the bench. Phillip looked on, enjoying the sight of three separate streams falling from the bench slats. He moved round in front of her and as Chantelle’s skirt was still riding up, he could just see Chantelle’s pee emerging from her pussy and spreading over the bench slat before falling off the front and back of the slat, so causing the multiple streams beneath. Once she had finished, Chantelle remained there for a couple of minutes as the drips subsided. Then she stood up and lifted her skirt up round her waist, fully exposing herself in order to pull up her bright pink knickers, then returning the skirt into place. Fiona had remained fairly quiet during this and Phillip asked her if she was OK. “I’m fine, but I need a pee too and it isn’t as easy with jeans.” “That’s OK, if you need to go, then go, but we’ll find you somewhere a bit more secluded.” “Thanks – I really need to pee, but I am not exposing myself out here!” “We’ll be at the underpass in a minute. We could station Chantelle at one end and I’ll watch the other so you can go in the middle with no risk of being spotted. Will that work?” “I can’t think of a better plan, so it will have to do.” After another 3 minutes of walking, they reached the underpass. Fiona was starting to struggle now. As they descended the ramp into depths, Fiona said “Hurry up, I can’t hold it much longer” Chantelle took up station at the bottom of the first ramp and Phillip and Fiona continued through the underpass. Fiona stopped in the middle and Phillip continued to the far end – about a further 10m. Phillip checked the coast was clear and both Phillip and Chantelle gave Fiona the thumbs up. Without further hesitation, Fiona undid her belt and button and pulled her jeans to her knees, revealing black lacy underwear that she then proceeded to pull down. Fiona dropped to the floor in a low squat, back against the wall and feet apart. Almost immediately a jet worthy of a fire hose emitted between her legs and fell to the floor of the underpass about a foot in front of her. Phillip alternated between keeping a vague lookout and watching the spectacle in front of him. Fiona sighed in relief and continued peeing for ages, adding more and more to the significant puddle forming in front of her. As her stream waned, she looked much happier and with the final few drips she shook her bottom and stood up. Chantelle called out laughingly “You dirty bitch!” Fiona turned towards her to reply, “You can talk!” and in turning, gave Phillip a lovely view of her pert backside. They both turned to walk towards Phillip and join him to walk up the ramp out of the underpass. “That is soooo much better.” Said Fiona. “Don’t you need to go as well?” “Well, I haven’t drunk as much as you and I peed just before I met you, but I could still do with a leak, but I didn’t want to embarrass you.” “What! After what you’ve just see us do? You’re joking right?” They had now got to the top of the ramp and were walking alongside the ramp but at the higher road level. Chantelle piped in “Well you’ve seen our show – how about you pee off here through the railings to the underpass ramp below?” Phillip consented and turned towards the railings. He was indeed needing to pee now, although not desperate. He unzipped his fly and pulled out his penis, pointing it between two of the railings and unleashed a downpour on the waiting concrete about 5 metres below. Chantelle giggled as she saw it and then asked, “Can I hold it?” Phillip was a bit taken aback, but quickly recovered and agreed. Chantelle came up behind him and reached around him with her right hand, taking hold of Phillip’s dick, which was still in full flow. She waved it around a little and laughed as she saw the stream’s movement amplify where it hit the concrete below. Fiona looked on, enjoying the sight. Soon, Phillip had finished and Chantelle gave it a little shake before letting go for Phillip to put his dick back in his trousers. Phillip then encouraged everyone to drink more water, which they had no problem doing now that their bladders were all close to empty. The three of them continued their slow walk, with arms around each other’s waists and hands straying regularly onto each other’s backsides. Fiona commented that she hadn’t peed outside in ages but that it had been quite liberating. She also mentioned that she felt a bit damp below and that maybe she should have had some tissue. Chantelle said that her knickers had got quite wet, but she was keeping the front of her skirt up to allow them to dry. That got everyone laughing. Another 15 minutes had passed by the time they got to Cross Street and the hotel was visible at the end of the road. The water was going through them and Fiona said “First stop when I get there is going to be the toilet – I need to piss again”. “Too right! I’m busting again too.” Replied Chantelle. “You could always go outside again if you are desperate,” stated Phillip, “No point in being uncomfortable and it is still at least 5 minutes’ walk, plus you have to get up to your rooms”. “Anyone would think you wanted to watch us pee again” laughed Chantelle. “Well, I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the view” “Ah, so that’s the way it is, is it?” With that, Chantelle stopped on the pavement, turned to face Phillip, hitched her skirt up, spread her legs and started peeing straight through her pink knickers. They turned noticeably darker and the flood fell to the floor between her feet. Phillip looked on, slightly gobsmacked, but seriously enjoying the view as the knickers got wetter and adopted the shape of Chantelle’s lady parts where the wet fabric turned clingy. “They were wet anyway”, commented Chantelle, “so no big deal, but you can close your mouth now” she laughed. Phillip read this brazen show as a bit of an invitation and reached forward, placing his hand in her stream and then raising it up to the source, where he cupped Chantelle and felt her pee forcing through the fabric and warming his hand. Chantelle didn’t move away, so he continued and caressed her as she peed. As the pee slowed, the last bits dripped through his hand, but the knickers were seriously soaked. Phillip continued to stroke Chantelle through her knickers and then raised his fingers to his mouth and tasted her wetness. Sweet and light, the sign of someone who had drunk a lot of volume and with a slight hint of larger. They continued on their way, Chantelle still keeping her skirt raised to “dry” her knickers – not that they had any chance of drying now. Fiona declined to pee outside again, saying that she could hold it until the hotel. On arrival at the hotel, the girls asked Phillip to see them up to their room. They all got into the lift and Fiona pressed the button for the 10th floor. The lift whirred into action with a jolt and Fiona clamped her legs together, obviously a little more desperate than she admitted earlier. On the 10th floor, the doors slipped open and the three almost tumbled out into the corridor. Fiona led them to Room 828 and fished in her bag for the room key card. She extracted it and placed it in the reader. The red light remained lit. “Shit!” she exclaimed as she bobbed down, crossing her legs. She tried again but received the same display of red barring her entry and access to the toilet which was now just a couple of metres away, but so inaccessible. “Oh, crap, I know what I’ve done! I had the card next to my phone and it’s wiped my card!” “We’ll have to go back to reception” said Phillip helpfully “they will reconfigure the card.” “You’re joking! I’m not going to last that long.” “I don’t see that you have a lot of choice, I’m sorry.” “There is one option,” put in Chantelle, “remember Lanzarote?” “Lanzarote? What’s that got to do with……? Oh I see. I can’t do that!” Phillip was puzzled and asked for an explanation. Chantelle quickly filled him in. “We were on holiday in Lanzarote and we managed to lock ourselves out of our room. We’d had rather too many to drink and left our keys down by the pool. We had gone back to the room to get some supplies, but we couldn’t get in. We both needed to pee and being somewhat drunk we looked to improvise. We were only wearing bikinis and robes. Fiona saw a large artificial plant pot at the end of the corridor and went and perched on the pot, peeing through her bikini into the pot. I went in a corner near the ice machine and peed through my bikini onto the carpet – Well it was a bit wet from the ice spillages anyway.” “But how’s that going the help here?” asked Fiona. “I can’t see any ice machines or pot plants and I’m not even wearing a bikini.” “Well it’s nearly 5am now, there is nobody about, so all you need is to find a discrete spot and be quick. Just don’t do it right in front of the room door as that might be a bit obvious!” “OK, needs must. But where? And it needs to be quick! I’m getting very desperate.” “How about the stairwell? Not many people use the stairs up to the 10th floor – they all use the lifts and even if someone discovers the puddle before it dries, nobody is going to know it was you.” “OK. You win. It is either going to be the stairwell or I pee my pants here, so stairwell will have to do.” Phillip couldn’t believe what he was hearing or that he might possibly be about to witness. Of course, he volunteered to come as a lookout. They went into the stairwell, which was carpeted. Chantelle stood just inside the door on the 10th floor, Fiona went down to the half landing between 10th and 9th floor and Phillip went down further to guard the 9th floor door and the approach from below. Fiona positioned herself in the corner of the landing and pulled down her jeans and thong and dropped into a low squat the same as she had done in the underpass. She looked around one more time and having received the thumbs up from both Phillip and Chantelle, she released a torrent into the carpet in front of her. Her pee puddled on top of the carpet, spreading over a good sized area before starting to soak into the fibres. Fiona wasn’t joking, she really did need to pee again and her entire bladder contents dispensed onto the carpet with a hiss that echoed round the stairwell and a splashing into the carpet. As soon as she finished, she yanked up her jeans and fled the scene back to the 10th floor. Phillip climbed the stairs and passed the puddle. Chantelle and Fiona had now left the stairwell, so Phillip couldn’t resist putting his hand in the puddle and taking a taste. It was not quite as sweet as Chantelle’s, but just as tasty. He suspected that she may have been drinking a different type of beer. Back outside the room, Fiona was saying that they now needed to go down to reception. But Chantelle reached into her back and produced a card “I forgot – we both had a key!” “You *****! You mean I could have used the toilet after all!” “Yes, but you can’t tell me you didn’t enjoy that……”
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    a picture like this turns you on.
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    I used to work nights in city centres, you saw all sorts of things, people having sex, people fighting, you name it they did it, some women would be discrete, others would just go ahead and do it wherever they stood. Some would squat, and lower their panties, some would not bother and pee thru their panties, the ones wearing trousers would usually drop them and squat, occasionally if they were really drunk, they'd just pee in their trousers, they seem to lose all inhibitions when they've had a few beers. I remember one girl, I had only been dating her for a few weeks, one night we were walking back from the pub and she'd had a fair bit to drink, I stopped to take a leak as we walked along a dark path between a couple of buildings. I was just finishing off and I heard a hissing sound, I turned around and she was stood in a puddle." oh, I needed that" she said, I looked at her and she laughed, "well you were having a piss, and I needed one too, so I did it in my pants"
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    You know you a pee fan when ? You talk to people about peeing online. You love watching videos of women peeing and like hearing the sounds. You like reading stories about pee online. You love to hear people record pee online. Taking a pee video and post it online. You try to hear people peeing when you are in public.
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    Seeing this post gave me an idea, I decided to piss into my wife's panties, then after drinking loads of water I needed to go do the deed, it was then that I spotted her horseriding boots and decided I wanted to piss in these too, then I had and idea, put her boots into her panties and piss on the lot. Double the fun as you might say. 20170801_132242.mp4
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    Ariel Winter - Bikini - Instagram 7/31/17
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    Thank you thank you thank you . GREAT SHOT
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    PART FOUR At home that evening her boss began to ponder over the days events, it would appear judging by today's happenings that Ann was more than happy to become a more integral part of the company, a real team player, at that point however he didn't realise just how much of a team player, or how valuable a member of the team she was to become. One thing was certain however, he could feel a shopping trip coming on, she'd definitely need more clothes if today was anything to go by. The following day Ann arrived for work bright and early, she was wearing a white blouse, and tight white leggings, along with the usual black high heeled boots, as she took of her coat it was obvious that for some reason she was wearing black underwear too! Right on the dot of eleven thirty, there was a knock on the office door, and in walked Mr Brown, he immediately came over to Ann's desk and shook her hand, he could not help but notice the black bra beneath her white blouse and let out a short gasp! "I'm Mr Brown, Harry to my friends, please call me Harry" he said, gazing at her blouse. Ann smiled at him,"pleased to meet you Harry, I'm Ann". There was a noise from the other side of the office, Harry turned around to see her boss stood by his desk. "ahh yes, John, how are you? I almost forgot about you for a moment" John shook his hand, "now Harry, those parts are ready, shall we get them loaded into your car"? Harry watched as Ann stepped from behind her desk and walked over to the coffee machine, he gave a startled cough as she bent over slightly to get some cups. The white leggings tightened across her shapely arse, giving a clear view of the black panties beneath. A slight cough from john brought him back to reality, John repeated what he'd said about loading the parts. "Oh to hell with the parts, it's been a long drive, what I'd really like is some lunch", then turning back to Ann, "I'm sure you could do with something my dear" Ann nodded. "Good then lunch it is, we'll deal with business later" Steve headed out of the door, Ann stopped to allow Harry to go next. "no, after you my dear" he smiled, she headed down the stairs, Harry close behind her, and just for a second she felt his hand brush across the seat of her tight leggings, she said nothing. Out in the car park she noticed an expensive looking Jaguar saloon car, Harry opened the front passenger door, "jump in love, make yourself comfy". He walked around to the drivers side, leaving Steve to get in the back. Ann had barely got herself seated when Harry reached across her and took hold of the seatbelt, "allow me, these can be a bit tricky at times", his hand brushed across her chest as he attached the belt. After a rather expensive meal, they were sat in the lounge of the old country pub, there were three leather armchairs in front of a log fire, they sat around drinking, Harry kept buying the drinks, although only drinking soft drinks himself, he was more than generous with the large brandies he kept buying for Ann and her boss! He was telling Steve about a new machine they were developing and how it would mean a large order for his firm, however they'd obviously have to have several more meetings to finalise things, Steve nodded in agreement. Ann excused herself to use the ladies room, as she disappeared through the door, Harry smiled at Steve. "you've got a little cracker there, wish I had a secretary like that, mind you I don't think I'd get much work done" he chuckled. Steve just nodded. Ann returned from the toilet and sat back down, it was quite warm by the fire and after a while Harry gave a sniff. "can anyone smell anything? Sort of a damp, almost pissy smell" Ann blushed, "I''m sorry it must be my boots" she replied. Harry looked down at the shiny black boots with the thin heel," very nice they are too, but why the smell"? Ann blushed even redder, "well you see, when you rang up yesterday I was just about to visit the loo, and well, with you keeping me talking, well, I'm afraid I had an accident" Harrys eyes lit up on hearing this, " Oh I see, but how did having an accident in your pants mean your boots got wet" Obviously, she realised, he wanted all the details, She glanced across at Steve, he just smiled. "Well" said Ann, taking a deep breath,it happened like this, " I had stood up and was trying to hold it when it began to leak out, it ran down my legs and into my boots" "Oh I see" said Harry, "and what were you wearing at the time"? Ann blushed again, he obviously wanted all the details, " well if you really want to know, a pair of tight blue jeans" she replied. "and underneath"? asked Harry "a pair of black bikini panties" answered Ann, then probably because of all the brandy added, "very tight silky ones actually" Steve spluttered into his drink, Harry acted as if Steve wasn't there. "so miss, rather than leave a client waiting on a phone you decided to piss yourself"? he asked Ann nodded, "that's about it yes" "well that's what I call a dedicated employee, however I can't help but feel responsible, those boots don't look cheap, and it can't have done them any good" He continued, then suddenly remembering Steve he turned to him, "I don't suppose you'd mind if I borrowed this young lady for an hour or so would you"? Steve shook his head, "no not at all" "Good then lets go" he said to Ann, "I think we've some shopping to do and I know just the place" then he turned to Steve, "I say old chap, I don't suppose you'd mind getting a taxi back and we'll see you shortly" Steve just nodded, "not at all Harry, not at all" The car roared off into the distance, pretty soon they arrived at a very smart store and Harry led Ann inside, they headed over to the footwear section and began to look at the boots, Harry picked out some black over knee one's with a 4inch heel. "how about these then"? he asked Ann however had spotted an identical pair in red. "I'd rather have those" she replied, Harry picked them up and handed them to her. "here try them" She pulled off her black boots and pulled on the red ones, they were a good bit longer and came midway up her thighs, Harry gazed at them. "yes, but what about the black ones"? he asked "oh they'll be fine" she replied, then leaning towards him she whispered, "besides I'm probably not the first girl to wee in her boots" Harry felt his cock twitch, and as she bent down to remove the boots her hand brushed across the front of his trousers, she could tell he was turned on. "here let me do that" Harry said. Ann sat in a chair as very slowly he pulled the long red boots from her legs, he was obviously enjoying the moment, then just as slowly he slipped the damp black boots back onto her feet. "Matching undies" ? asked Harry. "if you like" replied Ann, "but to be honest I prefer bikini's, there somehow softer, sexier". They soon found a very sexy red one and then, just as she thought they were ready to leave, Harry took her arm, "have a look over here" he said leading her towards a rack of shiny black catsuits. "don't they look sexy, just the thing for a modern busy secretary" he laughed Ann didn't take much persuading ,and , by the time they left the store she was the proud owner not only of some very sexy long red boots, but also a red bikini and a figure hugging black pvc catsuit. On the way back to the factory they chatted about the job, the big order Harry wanted to place with Steve's company and how although he'd dealt with them for many years he had his doubts about if they could meet the demands of the new sizeable order, Ann squirmed in her seat! Harry noticed her squirming, "oh sorry, I never thought, I bet you're bursting aren't you"? Ann nodded, "it's getting that way I'm afraid" Harry reached across with one hand and trailed a finger up the gap between her thighs, "so I see, we'd better stop, can't have you wee'ing in those black boots again, whatever would Steve think" About a quarter of a mile up the road he swing the car into a secluded layby, it was hidden behind a hedge,beneath a canopy of trees. "Here we go miss" Harry said as the car pulled to a stop. Ann reached into the back and grabbed one of the long red boots, she placed it on the floor of the car in front of her, then began to lower the tight white leggings. She slid forward on her seat and pressed the open top of the boot tightly against the crotch of her black bikini panties. "Yes, if any boots are going to get wet, they'd better be one's you bought" she replied, and began to piss into the boot, after what seemed an eternity she handed it to Harry, "empty that will you"? He took the boot from her and could feel the warmth through the soft leather, the hot piss had made it feel softer, he held it for a moment before opening his door and tipping the contents onto the road, when he turned back around Ann had pulled her leggings back up and was pulling on her black boots. she took the still steaming boot from him and placed it in the back of the car. "thank,s, I needed that", then parting her legs as wide as the space would allow, she looked down at her damp crotch, "it's not that obvious is it, only wetting my pants seems to be a hazard of the job" she giggled. Harry gazed at the small damp patch between her thighs, "no it's not that obvious, and besides, I can think of worse things to look at" He started the engine and they roared off, very soon they arrived back at the factory, as they entered the office, the first thing Steve noticed was the damp patch on Ann's crotch, she eagerly showed him the new things Harry had bought for her, before pouring everyone a coffee, Harry sat in one of the chairs and spoke to Steve, "I'm sorry we were a little longer than expected, however I had some concerns about your ability to meet this new contract, and wanted to see what Ann thought, however she was able to convince me that you'll be able to manage it" Steve's mind wandered back to the damp patch he'd seen on Ann's crotch as she'd entered the office earlier! "yes Harry, I'm sure she'd do all she could to secure the order" he replied. Harry rose from the chair, and headed towards the door, "I'll be in touch in about a fortnight, we'll sit down together and finalise the deal", then as he was about to close the door, "if you'll take my advice you'll look after that young lady, she's a real asset to any business, I'd employ her no problem", he closed the door and a few moments later his car could be heard roaring out of the car park. End of Part Four.
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    You know you are a pee fan when.. Sephora provides a snapshot of herself (wink!)
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    You know you are a pee fan when you see girls doing stuff like this........ ......and instead of thinking, "Dirty cows! Ought to be arrested and fined".....you think, "Wow, sexy as fuck! I want them to do that in my living room/on my bed/all over me." Lol
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    Washing your car and hearing "You can wash mine next if you like" or "You missed a bit"
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    Brit: "I wish it wasn't so cold all the time" Brit after 3 days of sun: "This is exhausting"
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    Regretting doing the "looks like we've had our Summer!" jokes now that it appears to be true
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    I agree totally. Part of the attraction to men is that they are so bold and don't give a fuck what others think. I'm sorry that men seem to be loosing this confidence, wimpy guys are really a turnoff to me. I've always encouraged my boys to "be men" and piss where you want, "it's your right," "the world is your urinal, I say. Now that they are in their late teens, I notice many young ladies and even some of my lady friends are quite intrigued and complimentary when the boys take a leak openly. It's common to hear, "I wish my boys, (husband, boyfriend, ect.) had that much confidence, it's so cool that they don't give a fuck!
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    So i just want to say. That my first chapters are slow just because I wanted this to be realistic. Something that can happen anywhere. And with that enjoy this new chapter. If someone still remember this series XD When they were done with breakfast. The girls ran upstairs to get their mattresses. They took them outside and lent them against the house in the sun. Meanwhile Linda was inside washing-up. Jenny looked around and saw that no one could see them. Whit out warning she pressed Sara against the wall and started to make out with her. Sara got really surprised. But didn't stop her friend. She just closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment. The girl’s tongues danced in their mouths. Both moaned of pleasure. Just when Jenny could feel her friends hand seeks its way to her panties. They heard Linda was coming out again. Sara pushed Jenny away from her and before Linda came around the corner they stood just like normal. - So what are you girls talking about? Linda asked. - We were just talking about how funny it is that both wet our beds. None of us have done it since we were little kids. Her daughter replied. - Well to me you will always be my little kid. But I know what you mean. - Mom stop! - What else can I say? Especially now when you have started to wet yourself. - It´s not like I’m the only one. You have also done it a couple of times. - Yes but I always do it in bikini. Not in my everyday clothing or bed. - It was just our panties we wet. That’s not that so different from bikini panties. - The material is different. So it doesn’t feel the same does it? - No they stay wet a longer time. But the feeling is quiet nice. - You just make me believe that you are going to do it again. If the last time wasn't on purpose. Next time will. - No mom I will not start to wet myself in my everyday clothing. Even if it does feel good. Both Sara and Jenny started to laugh. They thought it was a funny joke. But Linda didn't laugh. But after a couple of seconds she smiled. She loved to see her daughter happy. And she started to see the funny side of everything that has happened recently. - I just have one question. What are you going to say to your mom Sara? Linda asked. - Oh no. I haven´t thought about it. She will be angry. - Don’t worry I will help you. Just borrow a pair of panties from Jenny and I wash yours. And hang them in the sun. They will be dry before you have to go home. - Thank you so much Linda. - No problem. Where did you put them? - Oh they are inside. I´m using my bikini panties. - Good then I will get in and start to wash them. - You are so kind. Thanks again it means a lot for me. I don´t have to say anything to my mum. - I don´t think you have to worry. Accidents do happen. Linda said with a smile. Linda went inside. Jenny and Sara smiled at each other. Jenny got closer to her friend and took her hand. Pulled her closer and said “Now where were we?” She lent in for a kiss but Sara stopped her. - Jenny stop. What are we doing? I know we did have a great time in the shower together. But I thought it was a onetime thing. - It could have been. But we were really close to doing it again earlier. And you didn't stop me then. - No I didn't. But now I had time to think about it. - And you don’t want to continue? - I´m not sure. What kind of friendship will we have after this? - Closer than others. Jenny said with a big smile. - I´m not sure if it’s a good idea. I´m a single girl making out with my best friend. It´s tempting though. - I have a solution. What about I stop to be your friend. - What? How’s that a solution? I don’t want to lose you. - Let me finish. What if I became your girlfriend instead? - So you want us to be a couple? I´m not sure if I want to explain for my parents that I´m having a girlfriend. - Oh come on. I will be there with you when you tell them. - Good. But I won´t do it just yet. If we are going to be a couple. Do you promise me do keep it a secret until I say it’s okay to tell anyone? - Sure. I´m not sure I want to tell my mom either. Not now when she just found out that I pee both in the shower and my bikini ha-ha. - Then I just have one more thing to say about this. Give your girlfriend a kiss. Sara said and got closer to her now lover. Jenny just smiled and started to kiss Sara. And soon her hand was once again searching its way in to Sara´s panties. This time she wasn't stopped. Her fingers finally touched Sara´s pussy. She stroked it slowly. And soon she felt her lovers hand on her pussy. And they continued do kiss all the time. Both felt this was the right choice. Sara started to pull her lovers pants down to make it easier to caress her. Jenny did the same to Sara. Now they both were standing in t-shirts and bikini panties. Both girls had their hand inside the panties. Without saying anything Sara started to pee. This was heaven. Too let her new lover masturbate her while she peed. She moaned and started to bring her hips back and forth. She wanted Jenny to speed up. It wasn't long before Jenny knew exactly what she had to do. Something Sara´s moans confirmed. Soon she orgasmed so hard her legs couldn’t hold her up. She falls down and took Jenny with her. While she was lying there and taking deep breaths. She felt Jenny sit on her stomach and leaning down to give her a kiss. Their lips touched and soon Sara felt something familiar. The nice feeling from pee flow down her stomach and down to the ground. Jenny was still caressing her. And too her big surprise, she came for a second time. This was a new experience for her. Never before had she managed to get two orgasms so close to each other. Jenny was still peeing when Sara turned to one side. So Jenny feels of her and now it was Sara who was on top. It didn’t take long before her hand was inside Jenny´s panties. Feeling her pee was great. And she really wanted Jenny to come too. As soon she kissed her. It happened. Jenny screamed when she came. Fortunately Sara put her other hand over her mouth. Sara got down from her and now they were both lying on the grass breathing heavily. As soon they could get up they ran to the hose too wash off the pee. - That was great. I have never had an orgasm like that before. - Neither have I. And the good thing is. Now when you are my girlfriend. It won´t be the last time we do this together. - And now let us enjoy the day and wheatear. Now Lena was done washing clothes. She went outside to find Jenny and Sara sitting in the garden chairs talking. I should not disturb them she thought. So she decided to walk to the side of the house where she planted some flowers. While Linda looked around to see how much they have grown. A pressure in her bladder said it was time for a pee. No one could see her so she decides to just let it out where she´s standing. Soon her bikini panties turned darker as her pee came out in a slow spurt. She felt the warmth go down her legs. It felt so good. So good it made her feel something she hasn’t felt in a long time. The need to have an orgasm. But she wanted to empty her bladder first. It started to form a puddle around her feet. She could soon splash her feet in the puddle. But unfortunately her stream came to an end. So she sat down and started to masturbate. It felt so good when she felt some warmth from her pee. She stroked faster and not long after that she came. Somehow she didn't scream. But she took deep breaths and just enjoyed the feeling she had in her body. She figured she didn't have to wash off. Both her daughter and her best friend wet themselves too. Linda went back and sat down with the girls. - Mum did you wet yourself again? Your bikini is darker in the crotch. - Yes I did. Why go inside to pee when you have a bikini on? Especially now when we all pee through it. - You are right. It´s so much easier. And it gives a freedom too. To just pee wherever you are is great. Summer is always good. But now it´s great. - I have to agree with you. Sara said. - Before I just peed in the shower and in the lake. Who thought peeing could be this fun. Jenny replied. - Girls I think we are comfortable with each other. Can I ask something that you two promise me to answer honestly? Both girls said yes without hesitation. Even if they were a bit nervous about what it would be. - Well I just want to know. I think I know the answer. But I want to hear it from you. Did you really have an accident when you wet your beds? - Honestly mom. No I did it on purpose. I just was curious about how it would feel. And when I did it. Sara wanted to try too. So I said sure. And now you know. - Great thanks girls for being honest. Just promise me that you won´t do it again. I don´t want you to ruining the beds. - Sure mom I promise. - I promise too. Sara said. - That’s great. At least wait until it’s time to change beds. Al three laughed. This was really a great day. And it isn't over yet. After half an hour of talking. They decided to have a barbecue evening. And they wanted it to be girls only. So they decided to invite Sara´s mother. Just so Linda had someone her age to talk with. They also decided it will al start in about an hour. Jenny and Linda had to go in to the city to buy everything they will need. And Sara was going home to tell her mother about it. The girls stood up and started to walk. When Linda stopped. - I just got an idea. Why don´t we take one last pee before we go? - But what will my mum say when she sees that my bikini is darker between my legs? - It´s very easy Sara. We are going do wash off first. Then use your towel to dry as much as possible. - Sounds good. I need to pee anyway. Al three of them stopped and looked at each other with a smile. Then one by one they started to pee. What a sight if anyone would have seen them. Three girls wetting themselves even do they should know better. If someone would have seen them. They would have seen streams going down all three girls legs. But they would never feel the warmth and relief they felt. That they felt relief wasn't hard to hear because all of them were going ahh. Linda stopped first followed by Sara and after ten seconds Jenny. They started laughing and washed off. Before they said goodbye for now.
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    Noel By Leaky_One Gazing down between her legs at the polished floor beneath, Noel decided it was time to take a piss. Parting her pussy lips she instantly started to spray out a wide gushing stream of golden wee which barely a second later landed on the floor between her legs with a soft pattering sound. Spraying her piss out harder Noel relished the feeling of relief in her bladder as she emptied her golden pee out over the wooden floor. Between her thighs her shaved pussy was still spraying the floor with a golden fountain of running pee. A large piss puddle had now formed between her legs as was now merging around her white trainers. This didn’t bother Noel in the slightest who was still quite keen to continue her peeing session all over the flooring. The hiss of her peeing was louder now as her golden piss stream widened to it’s fullest. Practically blasting out her piss Noel enjoyed the sight of herself taking a pee all over the floor. Her spent piss puddle had grown even further, testament to the amount of pee she had inside that had needed relieving over the wooden floor. The golden gushing torrent of piss leaving Noel’s pussy was being to diminish as she started to run out of pee to do over the floor. Wanting to be as naughty as possible Noel quickly stopped her pee shower from leaving her pussy. Jumping up from her squatting pee pose she quickly turned and placed her legs down on the sofa bringing her uncovered pussy to brush against the soft fabric of the large end cushion. It was with a great thrill when Noel started to have another pee, this time squirting her golden piss out of her cunt and all over the cushion directly in front of her muff. A large damp stain began to flow over the cushion as it absorbed the warm stream being squirted across it by Noel’s vagina. She peed as hard as she could so within moments she found she had finished her wee. Moving her muff away from the cushion she marvelled at the large damp stain all over it where she had just peed. Later she came back to the sofa for another piss. This time she opened the zipper of the cushion and held the opening up to her muff before starting to do her piss into it’s inside.
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    Mary By Leaky_One Mary had squatted down by the side of a large grey rock. Not having worn any knickers she was able to start her pee straight away. Instantly a short golden arch of flowing urine started to squirt out of her uncovered pussy lips, in the process forming a constant flowing arch of hot pee down to the pebbled floor below. Mary gasped with the thrill she was getting from doing her pee over the ground in this public place. On the other side of the rock, the beach was full of people. Little did they know, but on the other side of this large stone, a pretty young girl was relieving herself all over the floor! Hot yellow pee was still leaving her pussy as she continued to use the beach for her toilet. The sound of her piss hitting the pebbles between her feet made a soft pattering sound and Mary began to worry in case anybody passing nearby could hear her peeing and came for a look. Maybe she would enjoy that, she wondered, still peeing out of her pussy lips. The thought of having a young boy come over and find her taking a piss on the beach seemed quite erotic. Spreading her legs wider apart Mary starter to pee harder watching as her yellow piss shower raining out of her vagina began to grow in size, moving further away from her pussy and closer to the rock by the second. In her mind she was imaging the boy standing there eagerly watching whilst Mary put on her piss show for him. Her golden pee was now spattering over all over the rock , the stream of piss leaving her fanny lips a strong torrent of twisting pee as she squirted out of her cunt. That would show him was she capable of, she thought whilst she urinated all over the stone. After several more seconds of soaking the stone with her wee, Mary’s golden shooting stream began to droop. Within moments she had finished her pee and her pussy lips had closed again. Standing up from the damp stain she had just made with her pissing, Mary pushed down her skirt to hide her fanny from sight again. Mary was back in her holiday apartment and bursting for another pee. Yanking down her bikini briefs from her bum crack, she eased them down her legs. Freeing her boobs from her bikini top, Mary then went to find somewhere naughty she could go and take a piss! A minute later she was in front of the bathroom sink. Running the water and washing her hands at the same time, she concentrated on the desperate urge in her bladder. However the butterflies in her stomach were stopping her from simply aiming her pussy into the sink and starting to wee. After about twenty seconds, the sound of running water did the trick and Mary could wait no longer. As the desperate rush of pee spread down her stomach on it’s way to her waiting pussy lips, Mary stood from the sink and quickly aimed her vagina over the sink’s rim. She was barely in time as just then, her pussy lips parted and a thick stream of clear pee began to shoot of her fanny and spray over the edge of the sink and into the bowl! Mary gasped again as she watched herself pee into the sink bowl. This was fantastic fun, she thought as she stood there doing her pee into the sink bowl. Inside the basin, Mary’s wee was busily splattering off the ceramic wall and making it’s way to the plughole with a soft gurgling sound. Wanting to be as naughty as possible, Mary concentrated on sending her pee stream all over the basin wall, watching as she peed all over the sink. Hot clear piss was still issuing out of her cunt and shooting into the sink bowl.
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    IT's a great thrill to have a lady hold it and aim and later take it into her mouth. Fantastic.
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