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  1. Thank you so much. really appreciate it. I¨m not sure it will be a series. But a will definitely think about it. Thank you. I just had to try this kind of story when I got the idea.
  2. This story contains peeing from a female and a male. Some sex and naked peeing. And some wetting. I just wanted to write an idea I had last night. My first straight couple story. And see if it could be a story. It did. But is it any good? You tell me. My name is Jon. Me and Mia had been a couple a little more then a year. But this was the first summer that we lived together. We are lucky enough to have a nice house with our own pool. It's not big. But mostly it's just me and her in there. The neighbor couple are with us from time to time. Even when they are the pool is big e
  3. Great start. I like where I think its going.
  4. This was one of my favorite stories on the other site. I have read everything you done. They are all great. Love the Family Habit you just started. And now I can read this wonderful story again with some new things in it. Love that. The type of stories you write is my favorite kind. That´s why my story has this kind of wettings as well. Where the characters likes it and continue to do it. Looking forward to read what you comes up with.
  5. Story contains wetting from mothers and their grown up daughters. The girls started to prepare for dinner. They walked to the back of the house and Linda lit the grill. When she turned towards her new friends and their daughters she felt happiness. She knows it's not a dream. But it really felt like one. All the new friends and on top of that she have found something , the feeling it gives her and as a bonus it turns her on too. Even better is she can do it with everyone there around her without hesitation. What she didn't know was that her daughter and her friends took it one step
  6. Before I start. I just have to thank @Paulypeeps for the nomination in the Golden Stream Awards. I'm touched and never thought I would even be thought at for it. So what ever happens I have already won just to be mentioned with all the other great writers on this site. And be nominated by another great writer on top of that. Thank you. Next chapter. Containing more casual wetting from mothers and their daughters. Masturbation is also in it. Morning came and Elliot was the first of the mothers to wake up. She looked around on the other members of the club still sleeping. She thought
  7. The next chapter is here at last. And the wettings continue. So lets get it going. The mothers has arrived at Erika's. They decide to talk outside on the patio. They each took a glass of wine and started to talk about their jobs to start with. Just to start up with something easy. Erika hoped that either Carla or Elliot had a interesting job to ask some questions about. So she could start to know them better. Well Elliot worked at a sports center with a indoor pool. That's a good start. Some questions could be interesting to get the answers to. Carla worked in a office and was a document
  8. Glad you like it. I plan to tell what the mothers do. I have an idea that I try to make in good way. After a while its hard to putt it togehter. But it will come one day.
  9. Long long time ago I started this and can hardly belive it's still alive. But when I came up with more things to put in this storie. I just had to do it. So as usual my english is not that great in writing. So I hope it wont disturb your reading too much. And this storie contains Mothers and daughters wettings and masturbation. So if you don't like that. Now you know. And if you are new to the storie you are welcome to read it from the begining. But I think you will understand it anyway. Just the characters maybe will be a bit difficult to get in to. Well time to let the story continue. Enjoy
  10. Thank you so much. Glad you like it. I know how everything is going to end. I just haven't decided what way I want to take to get there yet. I still want it to sound like al this has happened in real life. So it was a slow start so I could make it sound believable.
  11. Long time after the last chapter. The story continues. As before this story contains wetting from mothers and grown up daughters as well as their friends. Masturbation is a part of it as well. Enjoy. A couple of days later. The girls texted Lisa and asked if she wanted to go for a walk with them. Within seconds they got a answer. "Of course I will. See you soon." A nice walk with the opportunity to talk undisturbed. If they where going to talk about peeing in anyway. Well to say when they do it is more accurate. They meet up outside the old shop that went out of business a few years ago
  12. It´s a really nice feeling to pee in the water. Just to let it go and no one knows. But you and probably others do know they are not alone to pee in the water. I used to have a couple of friends that peed in the water and we all told each other about it. It was great seeing them stand there and know what they did. I was lucky enough to hold my hand between one girls legs while she peed in the lake. I could easy feel it. Trough your swimwear is a great way to do it. We even did it on land. Still the sexiest memories I have is when the same girl how let me hold my hand between her legs. Peed on
  13. When Lisa's mother looked at her daughter's friends and they just smiled at her. She didn't know why. Did the smile because they found the situation funny? Or embarrassing? What she did know was that she felt a bit embarrassed to stand in her wet pants. She had just started to let it go when her daughter made her aware she had friends over. But it was enough to be easily noticed. She thought she could say that she thought she could make it and put the shopping in the cabinets. But then some just came out. Maybe she could say it happens from time to time when you get older. No they probably see
  14. I don't have a bath at home. But if I'm away and I can use one I will pee in it. It really is like many here says. Relaxing and feels nice. It's nice to know I'm not alone.
  15. The day the girls was going to be at Lisa's place was finally here. When Sara and Jenny arrived. Lisa meet them in the garden and gave them a hug each to welcome them. Even if it was worm. The girls were all wearing pants and a t-shirt. But both Sara and Jenny had skirts and bikinis with them as well. Just if it would be much hotter later on. Lisa's mother was away with a college for the day and wouldn't be home until late afternoon. So the girls had decided to meet as early as possible. - So girls. It's a nice day. So why don't we take some soda and sit outside in the deck chairs?
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