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I Need a Relationship Like This

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I think it be pretty hot to do this while you are sunbathing in the back yard or even while taking a relaxing bath just walk up and give a nice warm shower, think it be more enjoyable not fully clothed lol 

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3 minutes ago, MidoriLemonade85 said:

I love this one too. If I was married to a PeeFans man we would be doing this every day. I like her submissive nonchalance and her desire to pleasure her man’s cock. It’s nice. This is what makes us PeeFans, B. 99% of the world would think this is awful. I think it is beautiful, intimate and sexy. 
I think it would be lovely for my man to surprise me with his pee while I cook, hang washing or load the dishwasher. It is what dreams are made of. I love the idea of peeing on chairs while we eat. 💚💚💚

Or pee soaking laundry before washing 

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Yep. I knew a woman (submissive) who was looking for a relationship like that. A hybrid of CNC with watersports.

Where she wanted to be used as a toilet and pissed in, and on, on a 24/7 basis. Even if she was fast asleep, even if had the longest of craziest days and all she wanted was sleep, she would take my golden load in a way of my chosing.

Even outside, if i felt my bladder tingling, she would gratefully sink to her knees and either get a golden face soak or she would quench her thirst with my golden rain.

Whenever and wherever. Absolutely carte blanche.

Alas, it turned out she was married and in a polygamous dynamic. That pretty much killed the dream. 

But yeah, the woman in the video in the OP is wife material.

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4 hours ago, LovesToWet said:

I'd like that too. Not in a dom kinda way but just to have someone that enjoyed pee just like me. We could wet ourselves whenever and not feel embarrassed or ashamed for doing it or give each other showers etc. And to have someone suck me off whenever they want would be a dream too

Mmmmmmmmmmm, sounds amazing. Can I move in? 💚😉

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Just now, MidoriLemonade85 said:

But Micky, you’d make it taste better! 💕 and it would be a whole lot more fun.

Nope, hard no 😂 love everything else about it but for no rational reason I find peeing on any kind of food a turn off 🤷‍♂️😂

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