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Listening to women peeing when I was a kid

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On 10/21/2022 at 2:19 PM, Crazypdog081 said:

Growing up we didn't have a regular door on our upstairs bathroom, we had a sliding vinyl curtain and you could hear everything. I listened to many Women Guests piss their brains out over the years from my bedroom next door.  My Fav was the Neighbor Lady, her bladder was like Niagara Falls. Besides our toilet she peed behind our dog house one time because she was at our pool and didn't want to go in our bathroom in a wet bathing suit, she didn't know I was standing near the dog house and could see her but she was unaware, you'd think with a one piece suit she'd just pull it to the side but nope, she dropped it below the knees and I saw her stream jet out with full booty exposed.

Wow. That must have been fun. I’ll bet you waited for ladies to come over. I know I could not wait for Thursday nights. 

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I always love listening to women pee as a kid. There are different sounds women make pee hitting the toilet. Some women pee louder then others speed hitting toilet water made a different sounds. 

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On 5/10/2023 at 8:52 PM, peeingone said:

I developed this fetish at young age because in my younger days on many occasions I got lucky enough to hear girls pee. And I got so fascinated by the variety of pee sounds and streams girls would have when they would pee. And I didn't know that girls anatomy was different from a guy's anatomy when I was very young. So this made my fascination even stronger and when I finally learned that their anatomy is different from guys anatomy it only aroused my interest even more so. On some occasions I could hear the variety of hissing and gushing sounds girls would make while pissing when the door was closed if I was close to the closed bathroom door. But other times I would go closer to the closed bathroom doors to hear the hissing and gushing sounds if not too many people were there. Majority of the times when I heard girls pee then it was usually in situations when I was at my home or at someone else's home. But sometimes it was also if I was close to school bathrooms sometimes inside my classes I would have unisex one seater bathrooms. And on some occasions a female teacher would use the toilet and I could hear the pee sounds despite the bathroom door being closed and I would be so aroused by it. And even now as a grown up I really like hearing and of course also watching girls pee. Not only do girls make very hot variety of hissing and gushing sounds when they pee but they also make other kinds of really interesting sounds while pissing like whistling sounds and a jet like stream sound and sometimes they even get an awesome reecho sound while pissing as well as other very nice and interesting sounds during pissing. And they also can get multiple sounds while peeing like a hissing sound with a whistling sound too. I often wonder how girls feel about their pee sounds being so hot and interesting especially when compared to us guys pee sounds. 

Interesting to read your story… we can clearly imagine the evolution of your fetish by the years. I am always fascinated by how the human brain has the ability to mold childhood experiences into the kinkiest fetishes. Which will never cease to invade us daily for the rest of our lives. This continual quest of « that » very first time...

Love this Community. 🙏🥃

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