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  1. Hello and welcome.
  2. Hello and welcome. I have a little bit of a similar situation. Except I'm not interested in wetting, my interest is to see or hear somebody being desperate etc or then just to see somebody peeing generally. I have told to my wife that I have this kind of interest and I have asked her opinion about what she thinks that I have this kind of interest. She has said that it's ok as long as she doesn't have to do anything that she doesn't like and also that she doesn't have these kinds of interest herself. So, she knows about my interest, or at least she should know, but 99% of the time she acts like she would not know anything. 99% of time she doesn't mention it in any situation and she doesn't do anything to show that she knows it . But if I ask directly she says it's "ok" A couple of time she has said or done something (a positive thing) what made me think that she maybe made it because she knows that I could like it, but then on other hand, she also once first mentioned: "Ooh, I need to pee badly" and then she suddenly added with little bit upset voice:"Yuck, if you are thinking something dirty" So it's a little bit difficult to know how she really takes all this. Most of the time I try to keep my thoughts on my own and I'm trying to not bother her too much
  3. All of these was good, but I think this was my favorite. This is one of my favorite things, to hear all these different and unique ways when somebody tells that they need to pee. I have also some phrases to share in this thread, something that I have heard myself, but one of them is so unique that it's quite difficult for me to write because English is not my mother language and I need to translate it first. So, is there anybody who could write a (good) English as a mother language and would want to either help me to translate it to English or then tell me that it can't translate? Also, a bonus question: I have also seen and heard one video where TV chat host was desperate (she was talking the same language as I) and she described a couple of different ways how badly she had to pee. Should I also add these for this thread, or should this thread left only for phrases that everyone have personally heard with own ears from "normal people"?
  4. I'm not a person who go to talk for unknown persons without good reason, but if I would say something it would be just "Hello". (Yes, that's quite boring).
  5. I'm also available. It's difficult to know beforehand if we have anything to talk about, but we can try if you want. I have noticed that sometimes it's easier to find something to talk about and sometimes it's more difficult. I have Skype, if it's important.
  6. I can imagine your feelings. I have been in the same situation, many years ago (except nothing to do with my lungs). As said, that happened a long time ago, I (luckily) almost was forgot it already. I was living with my mother, sister and brother. And doctor wanted to know something about my kidneys and ordered me to collect urine for 24 hours and store that in fridge, so I know your awkwardness. I got that jug from hospital and it was semi-transparent. Not 100% clear, but easily to see what was inside. And my family of course knew it also. I took a couple sheets of thick paper and roll of a tape and I made some kind of "paper cover" around that jug, it helped a little.
  7. That's nice to hear if you really mean that. I was worried that this text would be too long, or repeat some parts of the text too many times, or is just too complicate to understand etc.
  8. In the last 24 hours, I have had such awesome luck that I can barely believe it. At the same time, I have had such bad luck that I could bang my head against a wall. (These things actually happened almost two weeks ago between Saturday and Sunday and I started writing this Sunday evening, but, with writing and editing, it will be some other day when I'm posting this.) I'm a big fan of seeing real "voyeur" situations, where a woman needs to visit the bushes, outdoors. I don't have any exact statics, but I would say that usually, I see this kind of situation (women peeing in public) with my own eyes, about 0-1 times a year. It's quite rare and if I see something even close to that one time in summer, it's a huge highlight of my summer and I remember it for many years. (Men are more common to see, they do it more openly, usually, I see that happening 1-5 times a year.) I don't usually visit festivals or bars, so that is one reason why I don't usually see this kind of thing. But, my home is in a quite good place for it. I live close to city center, about 5-7 minutes away, walking. This means that, especially on weekends, when I'm looking out of my window, there is a good chance to see "somebody” who is walking on a road and is going to or from a bar. Although, my home is far enough away from the center that my area is quite quiet and isolated. There are some trees and bushes around, plus a small parking area, almost under my window. So, when that earlier mentioned "somebody" is walking to or from a bar along the road under my window and he/she reaches this quiet area with trees and bushes, there is a small chance that he/she might feel like the circumstances are safe enough to visit the bushes or take a little break between the cars, almost literally just under my window and balcony. I live on the 6th floor, so it's high enough to see what happens down on the road very well, but still so close to the ground that I don't need binoculars to see the road. 🙂 For that reason, I always take a look out of my window when I walk near it. Just in case I see something interesting happening outside. I also often visit my balcony just to look around if I don't have anything better to do. For me, it's very rare to see this kind of thing happening. Those who would like to see something similar, but haven’t seen it, know what I mean. In the last ten years, I have only seen something a few times. But recently, I have been unbelievably lucky, seeing women peeing outdoors 2-3 times in a period of 24 hours. Or, kind of seen. Every time, there was some little reason why I didn't really see much, and I could almost bang my head to a wall because of that unluckiness. I’m sure of two of these times, the third is possible. The first was on Saturday evening. I looked out of the window, by chance, as I usually do many times a day and I saw two people walking on the road. I didn't see them very well because that part of the road was behind trees and all I saw was some movement between trees. I didn't even see if they were men or women, but it looked like they were walking toward my home. For some reason I moved to the balcony; I'm not sure why. I mean, of course, I don't always run to the balcony when somebody passes my home. But sometimes if I don't have anything better to do and I see something happening outdoors, I may go to the balcony and look around if I wish to see something interesting. The mentioned road doesn’t have continuous traffic. Usually, there are not many persons per hour walking and cycling. So, I went to the balcony and looked toward where I had seen some people walking on the road, but I only saw one woman standing there. The other person seemed to have disappeared somewhere, if there even was another person at all. At first, I thought that maybe I was saw wrong in the first place and there was only one person, walking. I noticed that the woman seemed to be waiting for something, or somebody, and I felt like I might know why that other person had gone "somewhere". I tried, intently, to look around the bushes and trees near where the woman was standing on the road, but I didn't see anything there, the vegetation was too thick. A little later, another woman appeared at the road from somewhere else and they continued walking together. I didn't see what that other woman did, while off the road, but I think I have a quite good guess. Of course, she could be there for picking flowers or collecting rocks for some hobby project; who knows. Both women were maybe about 35-45 years old, but I'm not very good for guessing peoples ages. There is one special thing about that situation. Almost immediately after that little break, they left the main road which passes under my window and they turned to the "courtyard" of these apartment buildings where I live. There are maybe four or five apartment buildings in this area close to each other. They turned away from the main road just under my window, into the courtyard, which gives me a good reason to believe that, possibly, at least one of them lives somewhere in these same buildings where I live. I can only guess and assume things, but if she was doing in the bushes what I think she was doing, and if one of the women lives in these neighbor buildings, this means that the woman would only need to wait less than 5 minutes to get to her own, or to her friend’s, home.  The second experience happened the next night, between Saturday and Sunday, in the middle of the night. I was on the balcony, but everything was quiet, I didn't see anybody. I went back inside maybe for 5 minutes. When I walked back to the balcony door, I heard some girls talking outside. I went to the balcony and after a few seconds, I looked around to see where that talking was coming from. The first thing I noticed was that there was a group of three girls on the side of the road. When I looked closer, I noticed that one of the girls was standing at the road, but the other two were squatting at a grassy area beside the road. The girls were probably around 18-22 years old, but as I said, I'm not very good with this age-thing. They were hiding between a big car and some trees, but from my point of view the car was behind them and the trees were quite far from them, so I had a straight view of them from my balcony. The only limitation was that this happened in the middle of the night. In this time of summer, it is very light in my country, so I clearly saw them squatting there, but because of the dusk I didn't see any "details" other than that. Just a few seconds after I arrived on the balcony, both girls stood up and lifted their pants up. After that, they continued their journey. This incident, in particular, makes me complain about my bad luck. If I would have come to the balcony two minutes earlier, I would have seen the whole situation from the very beginning, from when they arrived, to the end when they left. But, I only saw the last few seconds and it was almost over before I even realized what was happening down there. The last of these stories happened the next day, Sunday afternoon. I was walking to the grocery shop, which is very close to my home. This third story is more difficult to explain, but I’ll try. I was walking on one quiet road which leads to the shop, which passes below a small grassy hill. There is another road going above the hill, so that small grassy area is between these two roads. This "hill" has a very gentle slope; it's not steep and it's not very big in terms of surface area. That small grassy hill is a place where people usually like to sit and spend time on sunny days. It’s never a very populated area, there are not a dozen people sitting on the grass all the time or anything like that, but it's not an uncommon view to see two or three people sitting there on sunny days. I was walking on the road below the hill when I saw a couple on top of the hill. It was a man and a woman, maybe around 25-30 or something, but my guess may also be a little wrong. They were 35 meters/38 yards away from me, I checked that later from Google maps. They came together somewhere from the upper road to the grassy area and my first natural thought was that they are looking for some picnic place on the grass, but then I noticed that it looked like the woman was "going ahead", kind of "sneaking" carefully, without wanting to attract attention. The man seemed a little bit "left behind", like he didn't seem to follow the woman. I got very excited. Could it really be possible that she had a need to find someplace “private”? The man stepped on the grass but stayed close to the road while the woman continued further. I almost couldn't believe my eyes and my luck when I saw how the woman headed to the bushes and stopped in front of them (I had 100% clear view of both of them). I was sure that I already knew what would happen next. At this point, it was already kind of easy to see her intention from her behavior. Something about her body language, maybe the pose of her hands, or some subliminal instinct, told me that she was preparing to lower her pants soon. These bushes covered her completely from anybody walking on the upper road because these bushes were just between the upper road and the grass field. She came from the upper road with the intent to hide "behind" them, but when looking from my direction, this hill was totally open and I saw her clearly. This is a quite long explanation, this text, but the whole situation, from when I noticed them the first time, to the moment when she was standing behind the bushes, that lasted only a few seconds. During these few seconds, I was walking ahead on that lower road, of course. At this point, my bad luck started again. The first thing to happen, was of course that I couldn't stop walking to get a better look at the woman because the man was standing there nearby and was looking around. I don't know if he had noticed me already or not, but I saw him clearly, so he would see me as well if he would look to my direction. So, I had to continue walking. With the man there, I didn't even consider stopping for a look. I still had a view of the woman while I was walking, though. Then more "bad luck" happened. When I first time noticed this couple, I had a clear view of them over the grass field from the road where I was walking. But when walking further down the lower road, there is a long, horizontal, concrete /stone structure, about little bit taller than I am, that starts. It's not actually a fence, but it's easier to explain if I describe it as a fence. So, I call it a fence in this text even if that’s not really it. So, I was walking on that lower road when I noticed that couple and they were at top of the small hill. They were a little bit higher than I was, above me. The woman walked alone to the cover of the bushes (they were quite tall bushes, almost like small trees) while the man stayed further behind. I saw both of them 100% from head to foot. I was walking all the time and exactly at the same moment when the woman was ready to lower her pants and squat down, I reached that concrete "fence". That fence blocked my view, so I saw only half of the woman anymore. I still saw her upper body and her hands over the fence when she started lowering her pants, but I didn't see her legs anymore. Then she simply squatted down and I lost her completely from my view. If I would have stopped walking to take a few steps backward, I would have seen her completely again, but, obviously, I didn't have a choice other than continuing my walk. I know that this sounds like some comedy movie: At the same moment when there is something explicit happening, some object just conveniently blocks the view, but I swear that this really happened. I don't know if I should cry or laugh. I can't believe how bad my luck was. Seeing something like this is very rare for me; it’s only happened a few times in my whole life that I have seen something even remotely similar to this situation. When something like that finally happens just in front of my eyes, I'm just at a slightly wrong place to actually see anything. All three of these things really happened in less than 24 hours while usually, I don't witness this many incidents, even in a whole summer.  (special thanks to @macson of omorashi.org for proofreading/editing this post)
  9. It's nice to read that. I have exactly similar thoughts. In last weekend I saw straight from my balcony how 2 girls were peeing at a side of a road. But I saw only a few last seconds until they stood up and left because I came to my balcony too late. I would so much want to see the whole "scenario" from the beginning when they arrived at the place until they left. If I just would come 2 minutes earlier to my balcony... you can maybe understand my little frustration... And on the next day, I saw one couple, man and woman, from a distance when I was walking on a road. And I saw how that woman was looking for a place to pee. Unfortunately, I didn't saw her peeing, but it was very interesting to see her behavior a few seconds before that. There was something special about her behavior or body language what told me that she was preparing to lower her pants and squatting down soon. I'm not sure if it was a pose of her hands or something else, but that was interesting to notice even if I didn't saw the end of it. I don't usually see this kind of things very often, hardly once a summer, and now I saw 2 times in the same weekend, so I actually wrote "story" about it where I explain better about what I saw. One other person is "proofreading" my "story" (it's happened 100% real) and when it's ready, I can post it to somewhere here on Genuine pee stories and sightings. (I actually saw even 3rth "sighting" at same weekend, but I'm not 100% sure if that woman in a bush was doing that what I think or if she was doing something else.)
  10. Quite much something like that. Different persons from different area use different words and I don't know what is "official" meaning to that word but personally to my ears kaymala ("käymälä") sounds more like an outhouse, latrine or something like that. But also can mean toilet generally, yes. Wiktionary.org says: "literal meaning "place to go". " Also, I think that this word may be more often used by older people who live in countryside and less used by an urban young person. But I'm not sure.
  11. If this will be the answer, I accept that, no problem. I didn't ask that to get know some private information about BeneathMyWillow. I asked that because that "Kaymala" (almost / kind of) means something in my native (Finnish) language, and just for fun, I'm interested to know if that word is actually coming from my mother language or is it a just funny coincidence. Edit: It also seems to mean something in Turkish language, so it may be a just funny coincidence.
  12. Can I ask, does that name "Kaymala" mean anything special, where that name comes? And can I ask, where you live, and is English your native language?
  13. Maybe you think it too complexly. I don't want involve any politics here. I'm not sure if I like this feature or not. Maybe 50% I don't necessarily like it and 50% it doesn't really matter. But because it was already disabled, I didn't enable it. If it would be enabled as default, I would probably leave it enabled.
  14. I left my visitor list disabled for a purpose. I don't usually want to "draw attention to me" if this is the right phrase. For that reason, I'm not sure if I like or not like that it's visible for everyone if I visit in someone profiles. And for that reason, I have left my own list disabled, so if someone wants to visit in my profile without leaving a mark there, I allow it. But I can enable my list if it makes people happy 🙂
  15. W1ll_B


    Hello. I'm new here, I think. Or at least I don't remember visiting on this site ever before. I'm a little shy person, and maybe for that reason also a little bit careful about what I'm writing. I also try to avoid rude language. I have been interested in this topic for a long time, most of my life, but it still feels little awkward to talk about this with others. I don't know if anyone wants to know these things, but anyway, just in case... Generally, my interests are mainly to see or hear someone (woman) doing something, not so much myself doing something. I also appreciate ordinary real life situations more than planned things made on purpose. And incidents happened at outdoor/nature are usually more interesting to me than incidents happened inside. The most exciting thing to me is to see (or hear) someone being desperate, or holding for a long time etc. I don't have any kind of humiliating or torture aspect here. To me desperate woman is just somehow very cute and causes some mix of erotic and sympathetic feelings or something. I don't know why... I'm also a big fan of seeing/hearing long and/or powerful peeing, large puddles, large bladder and this kind of things... I have also noticed to be interested something that is called... I have seen someones using the term "put it off" or "put off". A situation where someone mentions that she needs to pee and she has a chance to use a toilet, but for some reason, she chooses to wait for later time. I have few times experienced this kind of situation and they were quite exciting. And one bonus thing. I also like very much if I heard someone using some unusual or unique words or phrases when they mention that they need to pee. I think they are very cute things or something like that.

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