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City pee with my husband

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3 hours ago, Sophie said:

Yes, I know it is littering and this is the only time I do it. I know that doesn't make it right and I am sorry.

At least tissue is biodegradable. There are worst things. Even peeing in a bottle realistically has a higher carbon foot print because it is almost certain that bottle will turn into microplastics in the ocean.

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4 hours ago, Sophie said:

Yes, I know it is littering and this is the only time I do it.

To me, putting the tissue back into your bra afterwards would be incredibly sexy,  but I understand my tastes are not for everyone.

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I have to say you have a huge talent for writing. Reading this (or any other story of yours) almost makes me feel like i was in your shoes.

Lovely story, i love the mindset behind it that made you have a little dose of public naughtiness and on top of it you could share it with your loved one in that moment. That must be a great feeling for sure, pretty awesome.

Thanks for sharing this! 

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I have said this before, @Sophie, but your ability to describe things and situations in a way that really does help us all to envisualise it is second to none.

A simple pee outside with the risk of being caught becomes such an awesomely sexy thing when typed by your fingertips.

Nice one.

A great easter sunday treat to read that and a great start to the day.

I also agree with others that what comes across loud and clear in your writings is the love between you and your man. It is a beautiful thing.

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You have such a great way of describing things @Sophie.  Beautiful scene setting and description of your situation and then the peeing as well as what happened immediately afterwards.   I loved the way you detailed what went through your mind and I could picture you squatted in that corner and love the detail of your pee snaking down and meeting Mark's shoes.    It reminds me of a few cases where I have caught girls peeing in that sort of position with pee running down a slope to the pavement - very enjoyable sightings they were too!   It sounds like you really enjoyed yourself and I hope you get to repeat the experience soon.

I know you are never going to share photos of yourself on here, but I do agree with @Starks2010 that if you are willing to consider sharing any pictures of the location or the puddle, then that would be amazing (no pressure to do so of course! - just letting you know that it would be appreciated).

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On 4/2/2021 at 12:15 AM, Sophie said:

I went for a walk with my husband on Wednesday. It was the first bit of nice weather we had here this year and I wanted to make the most of it, and what's a better way than peeing outside? I had finished work so I got changed into a loose flowy dress that reached my knees and a white thong underneath. I also put on some heels, Mark really enjoys the sound they make when I walk and I was more than happy to indulge him! I left the house feeling rather full and I made it my personal mission to relieve myself somewhere other than the toilet, and I definitely wasn't allowed to return home with a full bladder.

The walk was really nice, we held hands and walked at a nice leisurely pace just taking our time and enjoying each others company. We was walking through the city and my attention soon turned to finding somewhere to pee, I was feeling more desperate by the minute. The problem is, it was a little over 5pm on a nice Wednesday, it wasn't exactly quiet! We had been walking for 30-45 minutes when I spotted the perfect place, it was a corner between two buildings on a fairly quiet road, there was always the chance someone would walk down it but it wasn't a main route. I thought about it as we walked closer, trying to pluck up the courage to do it. What if I was caught? What if it was by the parents of one of my pupils. What if it was my pupil?! As we got closer I thought to myself "Sod it, you only live once" and slowed down. "Babe, can we stop for a minute? I'm dying for a wee."

Mark turned to face me as I walked into the corner, quickly looking around to make sure I wasn't about to be seen. "No peeking!" I said jokingly, sticking out my tongue as I gathered my dress and pulled down my underwear, lowering myself into a deep squat. Mark turned around (after definitely peeking!) and I started peeing a couple of seconds later with a faint patter, a trickle immediately snaking downhill towards him. I always like it when it does that, being able to see the various rivulets as it slowly moves away from me. I've had a wee outside many times before, this wasn't my first rodeo, but it felt so different. Although I was hiding in a corner, I was still fairly exposed and it was very possible someone could walk down the street at any second. If I was caught there was absolutely no hiding what I was doing, and I liked that! It gave me a tingle, a thrill. It made a regular wee into something much more naughty. It didn't take long at all for my puddle to reach Mark's shoes and I knew he would be able to see it. He wasn't watching me but I felt so sexy, knowing that he could not only hear I was peeing, but he could see it too. Knowing his wife was squatting behind him, pretty much semi naked in a public place.

After what felt like an eternity my stream started to die down, and I pulled out the pack of Kleenex I kept in my bra (they are so handy for holding stuff!) as it slowed to drips. I took a tissue and unfolded it before reaching between my legs to wipe, half stood up, wiping from front to back and then dropping it into my puddle. Yes, I know it is littering and this is the only time I do it. I know that doesn't make it right and I am sorry. I pulled up my underwear, guiding the back of my thong into place and lowered my dress before taking a step forward, trying to avoid my puddle. I'm sure if anyone saw it they would easily be able to work out what happened, a fairly large puddle with little streams running from it, some splatter and a tissue sat right in the middle. I put my arm around Mark and kissed his cheek. "That's better" before taking his hand and continuing with our walk, feeling very happy, very naughty, and very relieved.

I got can’t you be my wife 😋

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