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5 hours ago, gldenwetgoose said:

For info @Admin - it seems like the homepage livechat window and dedicate livechat page are playing up a bit.

Google Chrome on laptop and also Safari on mobile, window is showing blank and also participant list blank too.

However the bottom corner Livechat pop up seems ok, showing with no issues (and another member commenting on the same).

Fixed. 🙂

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1 hour ago, Kupar said:

Live chat has disappeared from both the pop-up window and the pane on the main window, and the dedicated window (Chrome on desktop app).

Working fine on Chrome / Android.

Now working again - thanks

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On 9/23/2023 at 12:33 AM, Sophie said:

Chat has broken for me (00:32. 23/09)

The main chat at the bottom of the page, and the chat at https://peefans.com/chatbox/room/1-live-chat/ do not work, but the little live chat in the corner does.

Windows 11 laptop running Firefox, haven't tried other devices, sorry!


Screenshot (299).png

@Admin It has broken again.


Screenshot (319).png


EDIT - 23:12, it is functional again.

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@Admin - I don't know if this was a problem from the site side, or my mobile network:

Yesterday (5 Oct 2023) I tried opening the site on my mobile phone, and got a 'certificate unavailable' error - normally I can access the site fine.

- Vodafone UK contract, on 4G network.   Apple iPhone. Safari browser, incognito mode.   Search showed up the site, but clicking the link failed.

The certificate error gave the option to proceed to site anyway, but that just brought up a Vodafone.co.uk page to sign in and verify over 18.   (My contract knows I don't have an adult block in place).

I checked through the day a few times with the same result.

In the evening back on my home wifi the site opened fine.

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Also working fine for me,  but last entry in chat appears to be ten hours old.  Windows 10 and Firefox.


OK I just typed something into chat and it appeared in the window,  so it looks like it's working.

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  • 4 months later...

This morning (uk time) - site was unavailable with a 'Cloudflare' error screen.  Code 522, site took too long to respond.

Seems like it came back online around 7:30am UK and going from the gap in site content being posted, could have been unavailable for up to 3hrs.

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  • 2 months later...

This site is proving very difficult to use this evening. It keeps refusing to load and all I get is the spinning wheel of doom for a minute or two then it works again. This has happened several times in the last 15 minutes so am giving up for the rest of the evening. Am off to bed, life is too short especially as i need to be up in the morning.

Goodnight all.

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