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where is the naughtiest place you’ve peed out of shear desperation?


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5 minutes ago, Riley said:

I'm really not proud of this but here goes😬😬


I was at a house party and had drank back lot of fluids so I got into the line for the toilet feeling my bladder getting really full. The waistband on my skinny jeans was not helping things. The line wasn't moving because someone was throwing up and I felt a spurt leak into my panties as my need to pee rapidly increased. I knew I'd never make the line. I slipped into one of the guest bedrooms so I could hold myself for a second and when I went out saw that ten more people had gotten in line and my spot was gone. I felt another leak spurt into my panties and started to get really worried. I slipped back into the guest room and was doing a full pee pee dance feeling more sourts make it into my panties.
I saw they had like a sandcastle building bucket in their closet and then saw the line for the toilet as another long spurt escaped and realized I was either going to pee myself or use the bucket. I ran into the closet pulled down my jeans and panties and we'll peed xD the relief felt amazing and I was in heaven. My stream slowly tapered off and I realized what I'd just don't so I just left the party super embarrassed and went home.

So that's kind of it😬😬😬 please don't judge me😖😖😖

Hahahahah  it was an emergency and I am sure everyone has had a or many moments of just grabbing something to pee in. 

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I pee in the sand years ago. I was on a boat drinking beers and I need to pee bad. Other men and women needed to pee bad too. Capital stop boat and we went. I also pee on parking lot of a bar. Men's room filled.

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2 hours ago, spywareonya said:



Trying to slow down breath

"Dear Sophie… I am officially fingering"

This is the kind of story that brought me here years ago, much before actually registering

Ohhhh my lol.  You see Sophie, people think about you 😁😁

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33 minutes ago, Rainbow Showers said:

A train platform, early one Sunday afternoon. The opposite platform was empty but there were people on my side. I found a secluded spot. It wasn’t accidental, I had planned to do it.

Quite hot, honey!!!

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In the corner at the walls of a church in the middle of the night.

One night when returning from a disco (more a club, actually, the only one in my town which at that time dared to still play EBM music; its gone by now, btw). I realised the next subway would not arrive before 10 or so miunutes, and I really needed to pee.  I was wondering if I there was a public toilet nearby (there was, but it was closed), or if I could hold it until I got home. Since I had to switch trains at one point - and I had no idea how the situation witch public toilets was there - I decided to not take the risk and find a place nearby that allowed for a stealthy piss.

I found my best bet was the church nearby, as it had many dark corners where I could hide. So I went, stepped into the darkes corner I could find, unzipped... and really enjoyed the following relief. :pissing:

In hindsight, I could have just returned to the club and used the toilets there, but I really did not thought about it. This was way better, anyway. 😛


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29 minutes ago, EngineerRob20 said:


I have peed in a few places so naughty that I'm not comfortable putting them on here, but if that's something you're very into, shoot me a message and I'll diviluge. 

I would love a private message telling of the naughty stories if you'd like to share.

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It's not that naughty, but I pissed in a friend's front yard once. I was dropping him off at home after a lengthy drive, and I was absolutely bursting. I couldn't wait to go inside and use the toilet so as soon as we hit the driveway, I flew out of the car and ran to a tree in the front yard. I'm not sure how long I stood there peeing, but it felt like forever. Probably between 90 - 120 seconds at least.

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Reading some of the replies - somehow ‘sheer desperation’ seems to decrease the naughtiness a little - for those not into the fetish, wetting is something to be avoided at all costs and by definition peeing somewhere other than a toilet is a necessary act. 

The naughtiness then comes in when the peeing becomes a deliberate act, albeit still driven by (avoidable) desperation - perhaps driving home full, knowing I’ll have to pee in a lay-by or similar. 

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In a hotel hallway in Newcastle UK. It was the stag night of my friend and we flew to Newcastle to drink tons of beer and have fun. Later i lost the group and went back to the hotel alone. I went to the room and got undressed when I realized that I have to piss so bad! So in my delirium I opened the door of my room totally naked and stepped out. There was a little table with a blanket and a flower pot on it. I placed myself in front of it and pissed my whole bladder over this lovely table. I messed it up totally. There was a huge lake and the whole carpet was soaked! 

After that i just masturbated right there. I came within seconds. What a luck that nobody catched me! Im not proud of that but it just had to be! I left a good tip in my room.

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I've rarely been desperate to pee and in those situations I always ended up using a toilet/urinal, although I remember once I actually wanted to find a naughty place to pee while I had a full bladder, but I didn't find any private place, so I ended up just using my bath tub at home.

Otherwise my naughty urinations didn't come with much desperation. Naughtiest might be the one time I peed in an apartment's stairway to the lower floors where there was nobody- leaving lights turned off ready to bolt if someone were to catch me. Just letting it all rain down the stairs to the bottom floor.

Also another time in my apartment's hallway to the basements I noticed some boxes. They were laying there, empty. One of them had a hole at around my waistline... I think you can see where this is going. I actually needed to go, so I put it in and exploded. I reeeaaally enjoyed the pleasure of relieving myself inside that box, unable to see the mess I was making, hearing it splatter against the cardboard: I came back to do it again a bunch of times while those boxes were there. 😛

I stopped doing naughty pissings few years back, after almost getting caught and realizing it's not worth the risk to me at this point... 

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