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    I love manga & anime, hip-hop music, superheroes comicbooks and gorgeous girls acting gross.
    Asexual: I don't like sex and naked bodies don't arouse me.

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  1. Premise: I started posting fairly recently here, so I didn't have the chance to share much yet, but I'm on other forums like this one where I regularly post content. For me, I'd say that I feel like I need to give back. 🤔 I've found so much content thanks to people posting on these forums: sometimes clips that I was looking for, maybe after making a specific request myself; other times something new that someone posted that clicks with me. If I have the chance of letting other people find some good material for themselves- maybe the same people whose posts I appreciated so much!- the
  2. I always sit down in my house. I don't understand how do other men aim, my stream seems always unpredictable and I would miss 100% of the times. On the rare occasions in which I've used public toilets, it's been either urinal (it's amazing, with those I can let go without worrying about aiming) or stall standing up and making a mess on purpose. I remember when I was around 19 I was at a wedding and was bursting, so I told my table I needed to go wash my hands as an excuse (I'm too pee shy). Walking in, I see a beautiful waitress outside the men's bathroom... for some reason having s
  3. Nope. Just men noticeably older than me, beyond 30 years old, one of them possibly in his forties. Nothing exciting for me lol
  4. I've rarely been desperate to pee and in those situations I always ended up using a toilet/urinal, although I remember once I actually wanted to find a naughty place to pee while I had a full bladder, but I didn't find any private place, so I ended up just using my bath tub at home. Otherwise my naughty urinations didn't come with much desperation. Naughtiest might be the one time I peed in an apartment's stairway to the lower floors where there was nobody- leaving lights turned off ready to bolt if someone were to catch me. Just letting it all rain down the stairs to the bottom floor.
  5. If it is a girl that I consider attractive, I'd probably be turned on. If it is a man and I'm with some attractive woman that I know can hear him, I'd probably be turned on (especially if she comments on it). Otherwise, I could be embarrassed or indifferent, it depends. In my workplace (a small studio with 3 people) whenever someone goes to the toilet, the others can clearly hear. I always hold my pee until I come home from work... the first times I felt very embarrassed too, everytime the others used it. In a public bathroom or other situations, I would not feel embarrassed, I'd jus
  6. Thank you very much for your kind and encouraging words, I appreciate it! 😀 But still, I'm not in the mindset to go look for a soulmate so I'll just set by myself, since I'm good like this for now 😆 In the future, I'll keep your words in mind if I'll ever decide to go look for someone 😉
  7. Do you mean that maybe I can be into sex if I meet the "right person"? Well, some time ago I would've just told you "nah" but after my recent discovery of masturbation (I was convinced I'd never do it or enjoy it), I'm not too sure anymore 😅 however I think I'll never have a relationship for a number of reasons. I'm not really the "hot guy"... in fact I think I'm more on the "ugly" scale. You can argue that beauty it's subjective, but I don't even try to look my best. 🤷‍♂️ Even if I did, I'd have to find a woman that satisfies my standards and is willing to put up with my looks and
  8. I've been looking for a forum like this. I found this and then I realized I had an account created 3 years ago. Wait, what? I swear I forgot all about it... well, putting aside my bad memory, I'll tell you everything you need to know about me. I'm from Italy, I'm into girls doing nasty gross things that are usually called "unladylike" (although I hate that word) and pissing is one of my main turn-ons. I'm also into girls "dealing" (joking and laughing about it) with men doing gross things like that. So a girl giving me a golden shower would turn me on as well as a girl watching me urinate
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