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    43 year old male, been into wetting for a long time, getting more involved as I can.

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    Wetting my underwear and sometimes shorts or pants.
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    One night, I was by myself and was able to walk around my house and some of the neighborhood leaking with every step!

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  1. Not to be a dick, but there is a barista where I get my coffee, I'd be totally ok if she put a little pee in my coffee! But I understand your point. I try to avoid doing it in public pools, but private nes where I know it's ok, I pee away.
  2. As I stated in another thread, any pics I share will be from when I wet myself. No nudes posted here, just my pee soaked pants, long johns, underwear, or whatever I end up wetting in. So, here are a couple. And no, I don't understand why they are sideways lol.
  3. OK, now that I'm not about to piss myself (cuz I just did) I can tell you that if you are wearing base layers like you would for hunting or snowmobiling, when you piss yourself it takes it up a notch. I think I just found my new favorite thing to wet in! I could feel the hot piss running from my balls all the way to my ankles and it didn't get cold as quick as it usually does! I strongly suggest this. I bet it is very similar feeling as when a woman wets in yoga pants.
  4. So, from time to time, I am able to do a hold while I am at work. Well, today was one such day. So I started holding around 9 in the morning today and have not had a pee since, and where I live it is now 6pm. I am so desperate to go pee, if I start I probably won't stop. I am still wearing my jeans, under armor base layer, and my underwear. I am currently sitting on the couch typing this story as I try my hardest to not pee yet. I may end up having an "accident" in a little bit tho. I bet the hot pee running down the inside of my under armor pants will feel amazing!
  5. Great story @PissBaby I know of some woods near where I live, that I'd love to have some pee fun in the middle of. I have actually gone for runs and walks there and leaked while there. Never a full on piss tho.
  6. I have to second what @Brutus said. As a guy who enjoys women wetting their pants, weather it is a public accident, private accident, in public on purpose, or in private on purpose. I will watch the same videos over and over because I really enjoy it. So, I'd say keep doing what you do and people will keep enjoying it.
  7. If I share mine, my cock would still be in my underwear and possibly my jeans too. If there is any interest in those, I'll share when I can. Possibly tomorrow. The person getting me willing to share more knows who she is.
  8. No one. Except people here and on Tumblr. I've been secretive about it this long. Not sure I want to share. Kinda scared to, really.
  9. I have recorded a few times. Typically I share either privately through messages or with the Kik app.
  10. Sometimes I hold as long as possible, or until by bladder gives up and I wet myself. Other times, like this morning, I fill the bladder until I'm feeling some pressure and then instead of peeing in the toilet, I pee my pants. I love the feeling either way.
  11. Lovely! Oh to have been hidden in that room to see 2 naughty pees! Thanks for sharing.
  12. When I can, I leak in my underwear the same way. Days off for me consist of leaking all day long!
  13. Yeah, she wasn't the only one I'd pee the pool with. Another girl up the road had an above ground pool and her and I would pee in it all the time. She'd make no bones about what we did either. She look at me and say, I'm peeing. I'd do the same to her. We'd both swim over to the other to feel the warmth!
  14. That is super creepy. As much as I enjoy seeing a woman wee, I wouldn't stare or walk in her direction if I realized someone was nearby peeing. Unless I know her, and she knows I enjoy it, and she is ok with me seeing her pee, and there are no others around that might get weirded out. But a total stranger, hell no, I'm giving her the privacy she deserves. What a creeper. :mad:
  15. I genuinely felt bad for her that she did that. She ended up getting picked on a lot for that. However, I was one of the few that didn't. I know that I enjoyed witnessing it back then. One of the first memories of being interested in pee.
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