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  1. TVGuy

    Pissing porn. Who pays for it?

    As someone who runs a wetting fetish pay site, I have heard lots of different reasons from my members as to why they joined. Ultimately, I think the reasons that people choose to pay for pee porn vary greatly. There doesn't seem to be any single, overarching reason for why people join. Some of the reasons people give for joining are: Convenience- There is a lot of free stuff out there, but a lot of it is is very poorly produced. It can be hard to find new stuff after a while. A membership site gives you a standard base quality level of the videos, plus a constant stream of new content. It is just easier than having to scour various sources on the internet. Safety- Many of the sites that have free content also have lots of ads, popups, popunders, or other annoying factors. Some of my users have cited concern about malware when visiting such sites, and feel safer on an ad-free pay site. Quality- For some users, production quality is important. The wetting fetish site I run, HD Wetting, puts a strong emphasis on production quality. For some, the razor sharp image, high-bit rate video stream, and excellent sound and lighting make the video more enjoyable. They are sick of dark, bouncy, cell phone videos with horrible audio where it is difficult to even see the pants wetting. Models- Some users are just fans of particular models. For whatever reason Alisha's looks or Sosha's personality really does it for them, and they want to see more videos from those models. Variety- It all depends on what you are looking for, but some of my members have expressed they joined for the variety of scenarios that is offered. We have public wetting, lesbian wetting, bondage pissing, and more. These users like that there is more than just one kind of video. Quantity- I would say this goes hand-in-hand with convenience. My site currently has 815 exclusive high definition videos on it it, more videos being added every week, and no viewing limits. For some users paying a single fee to access such a library of content is a very tempting proposition.
  2. Terribly sorry to jump in so late here on this conversation, but I thought I might be able to help out. Having been producing pee fetish content for 10 years now, I may have some perspective on this. To answer if it is a viable business or not- That all depends on how much money you need to bring in to consider it viable. Can you make money? Yes. Can you make enough money to cover your expenses? Possibly. Can you make enough to consider it a viable business? Eh... Competition is tough. Few people are willing to pay money for this kind of content, and those who are have lots of options to choose from. You really need to offer your members something special to get them to stick around, and you need to be able to communicate to potential members the value of your site over all their other choices. Even if you can do all that, there are countless challenges- You have to manage budgets, production logistics, technological challenges, piracy, legal and regulatory issues, and more. With that said, it is not impossible. If you have any specific questions, let me know.
  3. For those of you who don't know, I run the websites HD Wetting and HD Diapers. Lately, I published a new video on HD Wetting featuring Sosha peeing her jeans in public. Public wetting videos seem to be really popular, but I really struggle to find new ways to do them so they seem different. Otherwise, they get a bit repetitive. Despite different locations, and different ways of shooting, they always feel mostly the same- A girl walks around in public, gets desperate, starts to leak, and ultimately pees in her pants. Don't get me wrong, I think this is great. I'm just afraid if I keep doing these videos at some point people are going to get bored with them and loose interest. For those of you who are into public wetting videos, what do you like about them specifically? Do you think you will ever loose interest in them? What would you like to see? Here are some screen shots from the video I did with Sosha, enjoy!
  4. For those of you who don't know me, I run the website HD-Diapers.com. I participate in some other fetish forums, but just discovered this wonderful site and wanted to join. Outside of my initial introductory post, this is my very first time posting anything here. Recently, I did a diaper/goodnite themed shoot with Sosha Belle. For one of the photo sets, we had her wearing a boy scout uniform and a goodnite. I think the pictures turned out very well, and wanted to share just a few of them here. If sharing this kind of content is not allowed, or if this is too spam-ish, just let me know.
  5. TVGuy

    Just another introduction

    Hi everyone, You may recognize my screen name as I'm an active poster on some other pee fetish community sites. I've been around for a wile now (saying that really makes me feel old), but I just discovered this site. Way back in 2008 I started my own pee fetish video site, specializing in High Definition videos of girls wetting. I called the site HD Wetting. Back then, the center of the online pee fetish community was the Wetset BBS, I posted quite a bit there. A bit later I met a guy who called himself Wetman who ran a sort of blog, chronicling what was new in the online pee fetish world and reviewing various sites, including my own. Then life got kind of crazy for me. I won't go into the details here, but a lot of things happened, all piling on to each other, and I withdrew from the pee fetish community, even though I kept my sites online and managed to continue to produce content for them. Eventually, things started to come back together. Then, just the other day, I was going through some of my old stuff and memories started to come back to me. I wondered what ever happened to Wetman's old site, so a quick google search lead me here, where he seems to be a mod. Anyway, I am really excited to have discovered a new fetish forum. I'll admit, I haven't read all the rules yet, but I plan to. Assuming the rules don't prohibit it, I hope to be able to share some of the content I produce, including behind the scenes stuff that never makes it to my sites. Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions for me.