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    Probably a bit unusual on here in that I'm not that into peeing in unusual places or making a mess, just generally turned on by pee and the feel of peeing. Although I am up for trying anything 😉

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    Favourite thing about pee is pee itself! Pee is near sacred to me. Love the colour, the smell, the warmth, and how it is so personal to each of us.
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    Literally every time I use a urinal. Find the idea of communal pissing and literally sharing a toilet with random strangers incredibly hot. 🔥

    Highly aroused by the degradation of having my own urine, which is personal and precious to me, mixed with others' and flushed down the same loo.

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  1. When I first started going out with my wife, she was quite curious I think. I'll never forget the first time we stayed a night at a hotel together, the next morning I woke up absolutely bursting. I thought she was still asleep so I left the bathroom door ajar while I had my morning pee, but she followed me in and the next thing I knew she was standing behind me both of us naked, gently cuddling me and looking over my shoulder like she'd never seen a man pee before while I finished off my business. Before I'd even finished shaking she'd already pulled the chain, grabbed my arm and half chewed m
  2. If it's a bowl urinal I'll kind of hover over it and pee over as much of the surface as I can, first in a circular motion around the rim and then into the middle as the flow reduces. I like to think of it a bit like leaving a little bit of myself behind, like my own unique mark or scent. With troughs I sometimes like to stand back a little, pull my foreskin right back and "paint" as much of the urinal as I can, left to right and right to left. My favourites are the steel troughs, as you can often see the marks left by others, so I can direct my stream into the exact same spot where the last pe
  3. I know it's boring but I was looking for 'The Toilet' option, so could only truthfully choose 'Bath or Shower'. I like to piss in bidets too, and in all cases usually with a bit of help. 😁 As for the rest, images I didn't need on my next hotel stay... depending on who did the pissing of course. 😜
  4. Feel like I haven't posted in ages, and feeling a bit horny tonight so thought some of you might like to see a few different streams into public urinals. In the bowl urinals you can often make out the yellow water in the trap from the last person if it hasn't flushed recently, as in the first pic. Enjoyed adding mine to the mix. 2nd and 3rd uncut as I normally pee, 4th pulled back and a bit more hydrated. Finally, a few minutes later and it's on its way to wee wee heaven 😢🚽
  5. A couple of days ago, into a large urinal. I'd been saving my pee for hours and given the whole trough a good hosing down. The smell of my fresh pee on top of the pee already in there made me incredibly horny.
  6. Completely get it. I'm not into other men either but there is still something massively arousing about the way we all piss into the same toilet and that's somehow completely normal. Sharing that experience with women would be beyond my wildest fantasies.
  7. Well done! You don't change overnight but any improvement is worth celebrating. I wanted it so badly that I slowly desensitised myself over about five years by just drinking loads of water and forcing myself to use public urinals every time I was out - so effectively tackling my shyness head on, and making communal peeing part of my normal daily routine rather than just a dirty fantasy. Took a while and a lot of pain but I'll never forget the first time I succeeded, it gave me such a massive confidence boost. Eventually you realise nobody cares, yet even now it still feels wrong somewhere
  8. I suffered for years with not being able to go anywhere in public, like at all. Not even in toilet cubicles unless they had full height walls and were relatively sound proof. It's quite life-limiting, when you think about it. Guess I fantasised *a lot* about being able to just whip it out and go anywhere without caring who saw. Still have my shy moments of course, but now I can (well, urinals or outdoors where it's not busy) it feels so good every time. Not sure I'd have managed more than a dribble in Bacardi's busy corn maze though - that's an achievement. 😀
  9. I was brought up to see pee and peeing as a deeply personal and private thing, so anything involving public/communal peeing, the indignity of having my pee mixed with others' pee, seen by others or disposed of by others is kind of where my kinks lie. Love the feel and sensation of peeing, especially with a full bladder. I'm a tidy person on the whole, so toilets/urinals are where it's at for me (although I guess that's pretty vanilla to many on here).
  10. I find the smell of fresh urine incredibly arousing too. It's very personal to each of us, subtly different for everyone. I remember my best friend at high school often used to piss up against trees or into bushes whenever the need arose if we were out in the woods for a long time. Sometimes I would sniff the wet bark or admire the shiny droplets on the leaves when his back was turned and often masturbate later thinking about it. I badly wanted to be able to add my own urine to his but being a shy kid it would never come.
  11. I used this one the other day. Just look at the size of the cistern! The pee collects in a channel at the bottom, before flowing down the drain on the left. A pleasure to let it take mine.
  12. I don't have one, but I have been known to when there's one in a hotel room. I like to put the plug in and fill it up.
  13. On a similar theme if you like this sort of picture, I'm having the bathroom in my flat re-done at the moment. Don't particularly want to use the kitchen sink so until the new toilet's all connected up I've been storing it all up in a milk bottle and then pouring the lot down the public pisser every couple of days once it's full. Here's another couple of litres going down the drain. Kind of sad really, it's like me but in liquid form. And so pretty... I love my pee!
  14. There's something satisfying about seeing urine in toilets, so I thought I'd share a quick pic of my first wee of the day from my run this morning. This particular urinal isn't quite level, and it left this nice little puddle of mine proudly on display for the next person to see, still warm and awaiting it's fate.
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