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    Probably a bit unusual on here in that I'm not that into peeing in unusual places or making a mess, just generally turned on by pee and the feel of peeing.

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    Favourite thing about pee is pee itself! The colour, the smell, the warmth, and how it is so personal to each of us.
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    Pee is near-sacred to me. Highly aroused by the degradation of watching my own pee being flushed down a toilet or urinal by someone other than myself (yeah, odd one that!)

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  1. I was brought up to see pee and peeing as a deeply personal and private thing, so anything involving public/communal peeing, the indignity of having my pee mixed with others' pee, seen by others or disposed of by others is kind of where my kinks lie. Love the feel and sensation of peeing, especially with a full bladder. I'm a tidy person on the whole, so toilets/urinals are where it's at for me (although I guess that's pretty vanilla to many on here).
  2. I find the smell of fresh urine incredibly arousing too. It's very personal to each of us, subtly different for everyone. I remember my best friend at high school often used to piss up against trees or into bushes whenever the need arose if we were out in the woods for a long time. Sometimes I would sniff the wet bark or admire the shiny droplets on the leaves when his back was turned and often masturbate later thinking about it. I badly wanted to be able to add my own urine to his but being a shy kid it would never come.
  3. I used this one the other day. Just look at the size of the cistern! The pee collects in a channel at the bottom, before flowing down the drain on the left. A pleasure to let it take mine.
  4. I don't have one, but I have been known to when there's one in a hotel room. I like to put the plug in and fill it up.
  5. On a similar theme if you like this sort of picture, I'm having the bathroom in my flat re-done at the moment. Don't particularly want to use the kitchen sink so until the new toilet's all connected up I've been storing it all up in a milk bottle and then pouring the lot down the public pisser every couple of days once it's full. Here's another couple of litres going down the drain. Kind of sad really, it's like me but in liquid form. And so pretty... I love my pee!
  6. There's something satisfying about seeing urine in toilets, so I thought I'd share a quick pic of my first wee of the day from my run this morning. This particular urinal isn't quite level, and it left this nice little puddle of mine proudly on display for the next person to see, still warm and awaiting it's fate.
  7. My girlfriend and I were coming home after a day out last Saturday. We got to the station a bit early and still had about twenty minutes until our train, both desperate for a wee as we'd been drinking. For some reason the Ladies was locked but the Gents open. I suggested to my girlfriend that she could come into the gents with me since she was desperate and there were no other men around, but she's shy and said she'd hold it. When I came back out a couple of minutes later after emptying my bladder into one of the two urinals and washing my hands, the platform had gotten busier with a
  8. That's really interesting! Thanks so much for sharing, it means more than you'd imagine. I posted this topic to try and find out if there might be anyone else out there who gets these feelings, but with the lack of replies I'd kind of assumed that it's probably just me and the rest of you will think I'm a bit crazy. 😆 I never got the panic attacks, and I could flush the toilet as soon as I was old enough to rationalise that it wouldn't harm me. With me it has always been triggered by someone (or something) other than myself flushing MY pee for me. Interesting how you describe "the violenc
  9. (Contains male & female peeing, desperation, wetting, peeing outdoors and in a toilet/urinal) They’d met on their gap year trekking in Nepal, and just hit it off straight away. Fraser sometimes had to pinch himself, unable to believe that he’d been so lucky in having Emily for a girlfriend. She was bubbly, pretty and just one of life’s genuinely kind souls. There was nothing they wouldn’t do for each other. What better way to recover from the excesses of Christmas and Hogmanay with Fraser’s parents in Stirling than a road trip in their native Scotland before heading back south. T
  10. Sharing a toilet with a really cute girl sat on top of my open legs, spraying my penis with her warm stream while we both pee into the water. Having a cute girl hold and aim my penis while I have a really long pee into a toilet or urinal, shaking it off and then pulling the flush on me before I have the chance to do it myself. Cuddling, both fully clothed but desperate, and just letting go and soaking each other in our warm piss. I've only done the first two.
  11. I also tend to use a vpn. Your ISP keeps a record of every website you visit if you go through their servers. Not that there should be any issues, but I always worry about inadvertently viewing something illegal or deeply embarrassing information about me falling into the wrong hands, not that you can ever be 100% safe. Best use a secondary email address for accounts too!
  12. I actually borrowed some of my words from a parenting advice site as I thought it described the feeling perfectly. It's a pretty weird fetish, and I've never seen anyone else mention it before which is why I brought it up. I have all the regular kinks too - letting my partner hold it, being pissed on, women pissing etc. but I've never understood drinking it or making a mess. The psychology interests me - guess we're all different.
  13. I found this site exploring a really unusual kink I have. Just curious to know whether anyone else on here can relate? When I was a kid I had a fear of flushing the toilet. Not just because of the noise, but I’d look at the amber water in the pan and realise that it was part of me. I feared that by pulling the chain I’d flush a part of myself down the toilet – that I’d lose something important forever. This is very common apparently, but most kids grow out of it. Not me. So now I’m aroused by having my pee flushed away by others. I always leave it in the pan for my girlfriend to
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