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    Im a man who loves the smell of my pee. I was a bedwetter as a child until my teens. Then around 18 I had an accident after 4 years of being dry. When I went to bed that night I forgot I wet the bed the night before. Well I was changing sheets and noticed I loved the smell so much and missed it. This began my love for pee. Since then love the last 28 yrs or so. I’ve wet my pants on purpose many times, my bed as well, let girls pee on me. Have had a few girls pee on my body face and mouth. I love the smell of my pee more than any others. I have for years now had what I call my peed ons ( my secret lover) I will pee on a pair of sweats and soak them. I will then usally lick them and smell them. The smell make me so horny. I often self pleasure ( Stroke my cock ) to them while having some great fantasies about pee, and sloppy second sex from a woman. I will pee on these sweats about 5 -10 times ( different days) to get the smell just perfect. I won’t wash them for somewhere to every 4-6 weeks. I keep them in a bucket with a lid on it. I take them out when I need to have that amazing smell. Yes I’m obsessed.

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    The Smell, watching others soak their pants, there bed and especially all over there partners.
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    My ex wife let me pee on her pussy with panties on then I got to sniff and lick them while she started to pee and I then went to town eating her out.

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  1. So you like the smell of others urine is what I gather from this,
  2. So for as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with the smell of my pee, I find it arousing, intoxicating, and just plain bliss for me. I was a child/teen bedwetter. Never had a dry night until age of 14. From about 10–roughly 16 years old . I slept in a bed without using diapers or protection. My sheets were washed weekly. I got so used to being wet and having the smell of pee in my bed or room. At that time I did not really know that I liked the smell. As I got older In my 20s when I would smell it whether it be a public bathroom or at a persons house it would actually get me somewhat
  3. I’m sure it’s easier for men than woman to pee for longer periods of time. The longest I have ever counted me peeing with a stopwatch was 1 minute 38 seconds. Now if I actually got my ph9ne out and tried this when I first wake up . I might be able to go longer. I will try sometime and keep you updated. Anyways love this great site I’ve found with all of you on it, I feel at home. God do I love everything about pee and pissing. If I was to go to bed with a pretty full bladder, it’s a guarantee I’m wetting the bed. I’m a heavy sleeper and will sleep right through it. I have had many accidents n
  4. I’m bisexual so watching men pee would be great. However giving them head after they done with some drops on tip would be great too.
  5. I’m good thank you. Going to bed soon work in morning. But I would love to chat with you soon.
  6. I do have this still sometimes . Not as much as I did when I was younger. Now if I wake up that horny I can usually scratch that itch with a nice fantasy and some self pleasure.
  7. Never heard this song. The lyrics really represent myself. I love living my truth!
  8. Hi it’s so good to find others who share my love for pee. I have loved pee for over 30 yrs. I’m a Bisexual male 46, love smell of pee, wetting myself- wetting on clothes, diapers and anything pee related.
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