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  1. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/paulina-rubio-urinating_n_3658210 Very old article. I don't know if it's just the translation, but her tweet seems to be very nonchalant.
  2. I stepped into the ultrasound clinic. They had told me to drink 4 cups of water 1 hour before my appointment to arrive with a full bladder. The receptionist at check-in directed me to the waiting area. The atmosphere was clinical yet strangely calming. Soon, a technician called my name. She guided me to a small, dimly lit room. "I'm Sydney. You'll need to change into this gown," she said, handing me a pale blue garment that felt soft yet paper-thin. After changing, I lay on the examination table, its paper cover crinkling beneath me. Sydney began preparing the ultrasound machine. She
  3. An hour seems reasonable. I've never been stuck in an elevator, and peeing in one is something I'd want to try but I could only dare if the elevator is stuck. But, I wouldn't do it if I had family with me, unless I was truly on the verge of an accident.
  4. I highly doubt that they require to show your student ID to do it.
  5. I've seen multiple claims that Harvard students peeing on the statue of John Harvard is a tradition. https://www.harvardmagazine.com/2015/08/how-clean-is-john-harvard https://www.thecrimson.com/article/2006/12/18/the-truth-about-john-harvard-p/ But i only have ever seen 1 such picture. As they say, "pics or it didn't happen", so I can't imagine students who do this would go without taking a picture. So, is it really a thing?
  6. I like seeing yellow streams and puddles, but I wouldn't want actresses to make it dehydrate themselves, so clear is fine too. Except when underwater, then it needs to be dark so I can see the contamination clearly.
  7. Peeing on the floor genuinely seems to be a thing in India, even supposed voyeur type videos feature it often.
  8. What do they expect to happen when you deny people access to a bathroom? People have physical limits. Anyways, here's an old article of a streamer live streaming her bathroom trip. I don't know why it's newsworthy. https://malaysia.news.yahoo.com/amphtml/afraid-losing-her-13-000-050634256.html
  9. It's a full bladder but also very concentrated. The only time the book actually mentions urine it was dark brown. And maybe a bit of hyperbolic description.
  10. Hopefully not too "extreme", because this is a fictional battle royale game, meaning it's already fighting to death. SPOILER Alert The Huger Games Chapter 17 >Katniss destroys The Careers' food supply.< (Use cursor to see text) I froze as the last Career disappeared into the trees, searching for who blew up their food supply; now it was time to take away their water. Stealthily I descended the rocky slope to the clear pond the tributes had been drinking from. I swept the surrounding area for traces of recent activity before inching forward. Once I reached the edge, I
  11. Even with ChatGPT and Claude I'm able to get them to indulge, but you have to do it were strategically. Here I slowly tricked Claude (via Quora's Poe) into teaching how to pee in a pool discretely, but if you asked it directly it says it's against it's usage guidelines. My technique is to start with a higher purpose like gender inclusivity, then gradually bring them towards my goal.
  12. Welcome to the future of workplace design with the Versatile Relief Area (VRA). This innovative device revolutionizes office spaces, providing workers with a dedicated and inclusive solution for attending to their needs without interrupting productivity. The VRA promotes productivity by eliminating the interruptions and restroom trips. Conveniently located within the office, it empowers workers to address their needs seamlessly, staying engaged in meetings and workflow. The VRA accommodates both standing and squatting postions, ensuring all employees feel supported and valued. Enviro
  13. I'm curious what the original context of the pose is. It definitely looks like she's about to pee.
  14. A Golden Opportunity: How 'Pee on Earth' is Making a Splash for the Environment and Social Norms Billions of liters of water are wasted everyday flushing urine. 'Pee on Earth Day' was an event aimed at promoting the idea of urine as a free, abundant and surprisingly clean source of nutrients and hydration for plants, recycling urine instead of flushing it down the drain. While the initiative has been happening on June 21st for years, social stigmas have hindered it's success, which is why organizers smashed many social norms this time. Urination was renamed to "fertilization"
  15. I really want to see the Pollee Naked in action. I agree exhibitionists would love it, because even popping a squat would be more discreet.
  16. Recently I found out that for years the first the of summer (June 21st) is Pee on Earth Day. I always thought peeing in clean water, only to flush it is so wasteful. Apparently some environmentalists agree and suggest nourishing a plant instead.
  17. I would love to see one in the wild being used. Though I can understand why it's the least popular, I imagine the Pollee Naked offers less privacy than popping a squat.
  18. Is the "Pollee Naked" even real? I would love to see it in use. The only picture of the Pollee Naked "in use" I've seen is this one, but she's positioned incorrectly as she's standing between the urinals. She's probably also facing the wrong way.
  19. The one Havelock posted wasn't even desperate given her pee barely lasted 6 seconds. My best guess is she was "topping off" her Tesla and bladder before a long drive.
  20. They also used a Bourdaloue, coined after a priest who's sermons were long, to relieve themselves during church without having to miss any part of the sermon. I'm not a churchgoer but I don't think many churches would allow that practice today.
  21. I hope any Tesla owners here keep their cameras on, never know what youll find.
  22. With the sun warming my shoulders, I found myself waiting in a long, snaking line for the Martian, the park's infamous floorless roller coaster. I was casually sipping on a large, icy cola, the condensation on the cup cooling my fingers. The summer dress I was wearing fluttered against my legs with each gust of wind, the blue and white pattern dancing in the sunlight. As I neared the front of the queue, an attendant, his sunburned face lined with a smile, called out. "Remember, no food or drinks on the Martian!" I looked down at my half-finished drink. "Ah, heck," I muttered
  23. Here's a story from the COVID era. https://www.blogto.com/city/2021/06/trinity-bellwoods-park-has-serious-public-urination-problem/ Originally it had a very daring picture of a woman. Due to outrage, after 3 days they replaced the picture with one of a row of portapotties. The original picture (without a pixelated but still blurry face) is still live on the park's Twitter feed.
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