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  1. Your content is so hot, I'd love to visit you and participate. What's your point on pictures? Would you show us your puddles or rather not?
  2. I do wet myself whenever I ride my bike in the rain. It's just convenient.
  3. Welcome back! Looks like you enjoyed your holiday! Any more pee adventures recently? ..and another question: Do you ever get naughty with anyone of your family? I was wondering because all of you seem really open minded
  4. At an indoor concert the bathroom lines are insanely long, you have a few options on where you can pee: Dark corner in the back of the room At an outdoor wedding you’re pretty intoxicated and most people are peeing on trees or behind bushes, where do you pee: Go off to the trees or bushes Where would you piss if at a theme park or zoo and the bathrooms were filthy: None of the above: use the bathrooms anyways and make them more filthy Last but not least, you’re staying in a cabin in the woods with your best friends and you’ve been drin
  5. Im so glad youre back. Where else did you pee during your treatment? And do you have new stories with family and friends?
  6. Id love to visit @pop-a-squatfor a weekend or so and pee all over her place and her car 💦
  7. Does anyone know what's up with pop-a-squat? She wasn't online since 1 month. I really miss her storys
  8. Nice to see new pictures from you I'd love to wet your car with you
  9. Sound really cool. Why didn't you take you bra off, for fun? I get they would've enjoyed it
  10. Are there any pictures of the puddles or even of you peeing that evening? Would love to see it 💦
  11. Today i went to my local electronics store and parked at the top level near a nice hidden corner where i peed after my shop. Last night a set up some old towels and a bathroom rug next to my bed to use as my toilet for the night. had to do laundry anyways so i thought it would be fun to have a convinient toilet for the night
  12. Have you ever pissed somewhere naughty at a party? If so, tell me about it! I have pissed in a garden with my friends and near a tree in a public park How about in a public parking lot? Did anyone see? I pee there pretty often but i usually choose a parking spot where they cannot see me Do you piss in front of friends outside at parties or after a night out? Do they join in? Sometimes What about on public transport? A train or bus? Not yet but definetly want to Where is the most public place you’ve ever caught someone peeing? On a Sidewalk
  13. I dont have a garden shed nor a garage so the answer is no. But if i had my own house i would go everywhere around the house except the toilet
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