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  1. norfie654321

    Interest to UK fans

    Hi all, This mainly concerns those in the UK as that's where I live. This coming week W/C 20th August I have time off from work and was thinking of going to the coast for a few days. Specifically Blackpool as I've not been in a long time. So I was wondering if any Pee Fans from the North of the Uk wanted to meet up either in a vanilla aspect or for some wet fun, say at the large indoor waterpark? Its an idea for now but if people are interested then we can concrete something in =] It'd be amazing to get something sorted and meet some like minded people for a change!! Thanks!!
  2. So i noticed recently the ability to change the 'theme' of the forum has disappeared? Is this something thats moved or has it gone for good? I REAAALLY dont like the garish yellow of the forum and i prefered the neutral colours we could choose from before. I cant be the only one surely?!
  3. norfie654321


    I dont think it was the exact same one, however yours is much better than the one that was on PH =] I love how Lilu sucks their cocks afterwards as a sign that shes really into it. She says she uses genuine men in her videos but most of the time it looks to be the same dude, either way she is incredibly hot!!
  4. norfie654321

    Arranging Meet-Ups

    Perhaps we should follow the kink community a bit here and start off with a 'Peefans UK Social' that can even be rolled out globally in different parts of the world. Often 'munches' are social events in well known pubs so people can have a drink and relax into getting to know one another. We do all share the same kink so it wouldnt really be any different to a kink munch. In our case however, it'd have to be a centralised location to the UK which is quite literally in the middle of the country (perhaps another big city a bit further North than Birmingham to make things easy). Depending on its success we could make it a monthly social, so that way we all get to know each other and can EVENTUALLY lead into a central play event together perhaps. There are plenty of clubs across the country that cater for pee play and theres even an event in London specifically designed for it, but ive never been as im at the other end of the country. Obviously theres nothing stopping each of you from the UK attending your own Cities/Counties kink events (sites like Fetlife are awesome to find out what's going on) but if people from here really do want to meet up then that's the only way i can see it viably happening in the short term. Feel free to leave thoughts and opinions on this idea!
  5. norfie654321

    Arranging Meet-Ups

    I wont be now. Other things have cropped up unexpectedly. Do tell us all how it goes though.
  6. norfie654321

    Arranging Meet-Ups

    Any chance you could check with the club/ event host what the male to female ratio is as a whole? I would hate to hear that it's a predominantly Male event with very little female attendance. Obviously couples will attend that place but not all females will want to openly play without prior interaction.
  7. norfie654321

    Arranging Meet-Ups

    I may be interested in coming along to this but it depends on the times and whether any ladies decide to attend. I'm not interested in guys pee.
  8. norfie654321

    What does this site need most?

    Can we not add a feature in the 'unread content' section/button that just summarises the fact someone added some photos to a thread/album instead of the site listing each and every photo as a new post?
  9. norfie654321

    Is there a way to delete your account?

    No i will stick with PM's for now.
  10. norfie654321

    What does this site need most?

    I still think it should be down to the users preference to when and how often they want to change their usernames though. Given that after all, they are the ones using the site (albeit on a free basis i admit). Other similar free sites and forums offer this ability as standard with a timer limit of 28 days before you can change the name again, can something along these lines not be implemented for this site? I realise it isnt something the PFF has introduced, but there are other sites i can name privately that stay well clear of public Google searches despite searching for specific usernames (i've tried searching for myself and at present this site is the only place my usernames show up freely). What is it those sites have that yours doesn't? I still think privacy and public security for all members be it paid or not, should be at the forefront of the Admins mind at all times. I do appreciate that it is down to users discretion with regard to usernames and usage of the website, but even so, for such a public forum as this security MUST be paramount for all. I will PM the Admin shortly.
  11. norfie654321

    What does this site need most?

    The site needs more security options and editable/definable settings for its users. I have made the point to the admins of the group already that this site is Googleable and every users activity including topics posted and commented on can be found by doing a search for it. It means that for users who have used similar/the same username on public domain websites, your activity will also be attributed to those sites and be found. Bear in mind this can be found by anyone ranging from the Police to employers...so where you think it might be innocent posting about how you want to pee in public in a certain location etc others may use this in evidence against you if it ever needed it. I admit it may be down to user error using the same name on varying sites, but we should not be forced to have the option to edit that information taken away from us. The same goes for deleting and deactivating your account for extended periods. Users need to have their own choice and freedom!
  12. norfie654321

    Is there a way to delete your account?

    Can i make the suggestion that changing usernames and deactivating/deleting accounts is something that users have individual control over instead of the admins? This site is heavily unsecure and everything is Googleable right down to individual usernames which means you can be associated with employers and other websites (including public domain such as a well known auction site and well known video hosting site) where users have opted to use the same username.
  13. norfie654321

    Hotel fun

    I'm going to be in a hotel for a while working away from home and each time I do this I get the naughty urge to pee the bed and play. Thing is I never do it because I get the overwhelming innate sense of guilt at knowing I would've done it. I also don't like the fact that the maids have to clean up after me. This time round though I really want to do it before I come home. What I wanted to ask you all in the forum is, is there anything I can do to make cleanup easier for either myself or the maids, and do you have any tips on doing it? (IE clear pee etc) Thanks all!
  14. norfie654321

    Candie Cane

    and is there nowhere else that its managed to slip online?
  15. norfie654321

    Candie Cane

    Is her Manyvids site the only place we can see her vids? She seems like she's done some quite hot stuff.