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  1. Men: on walls , carpets, pavement, lifts. Points for desperate moaning. Double points for an uncut member. If peeing in a container I like seeing a bit of colour , not too clear Women: desperate full pees in public spaces , carpets, wearing skirts and undies optional . If wearing undies pull them aside .
  2. Please share as many as you like! I always enjoy reading about the bold male pissers you tell us about
  3. Saw this on Zillow gone wild today Zillow
  4. This guy has many excellent desperate, strong piss vids https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph601718c1c976a
  5. Since there is an option given, indoors all the way! Something naughty is always best.
  6. The dribble before you pull it out, just lovely
  7. Here is one you may enjoy 😉 https://thisvid.com/videos/dog-boy-couch-piss/
  8. Light yellow to clear. However a strong dark yellow stream staining a white wall is also fun.
  9. There is far too little hands free naughty peeing. Not sure if that makes sense but when it happens, it is extremely hot.
  10. Numbers are increasing but far too slowly 🙃
  11. I love hearing the sound of pee against fabric or carpet and to see the puddle grow. Couple that with the groans of relief and it is all electric!!
  12. I would say more naughty peeing on the male side. There are a few stellar ones but not many newer vids. For the women the field is a bit better but we could always have more 🙂
  13. Filming someone else without their knowledge or consent is illegal. Filming yourself is perfectly fine.
  14. British seems to have the best quality and consistency. Also the accents and locations are more appealing to me. The US ones are hit or miss and just a bit too regular. When you are talking about women, the UK and US are the curviest of all the main countries that make a decent amt of content. You get nicer fuller shapes and better streams. Germany seems to do alright there aswell. Amature men, UK has a strong showing and again they do some great naughty content. What is this good french content?
  15. No pee is a wasted video for me. Almost as bad as toilet peeing lol
  16. Agreed! It makes it hotter to see everything but nothing too drawn out. I can also appreciate a naughty video where you just see them pissing but no face. It adds to the naughtiness
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