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  1. So excited to see new content from you @Paulypeeps! This is excellent
  2. I’m nonbinary I lean towards feminine presentation because of anxiety and I know that’s how people are going to assume I identify living in a conservative area, I wish I was brave enough to dress to reflect how I feel like you do op. Peenicks is absolutely right there are plenty of other people in the world who are arroused or attracted to strangers, as long as you don’t do anything to violate their privacy or purposely place others in situations for your pleasure, you aren’t doing anything wrong.
  3. It’s been a moment since my last story because I had to wait until I had something worthy of sharing. I don’t want to make the same posts that are already on here so much. Don’t get me wrong, they’re great, but there’s a point while you’re masturbating where unfortunately one more story about sneaking into the backyard at night isn’t going to push you over the edge. Hopefully this will. I’ve made a few steps since my last posting. My boyfriend has started trying some things with me. I haven’t explained to him the holding and naughty peeing parts that turn me on the most because those feel
  4. Oh my partner did gift me a Dipsea account but they don’t even do watersports let alone stories focusing on pissing 😔
  5. Does anyone have a website to stream free piss audiobooks? I’m really into audiobooks right now and would love to find some piss ones but unfortunately I don’t have the money to buy any right now. I know audiobooks dot com gives you 3 books free when you sign up but I’ve already used those and the piss ones they have are so short thanks!
  6. I was home alone yesterday and decided to treat myself by pissing in the backyard. I hadn’t peed in the last 6 hours and I was beginning to get desperate. I was scared one of my neighbors seeing me, even though it was pretty unlikely, so I delayed even longer by switching the lights in my house off so they wouldn’t shine on me. It was around 10pm and it’s winter so it was pretty dark and the last thing I wanted was for someone to catch me unexpectedly. Once the lights were off I snuck onto the back porch. I had forgotten about the earlier rain and couldn’t use my first spot because the ra
  7. My favorite videos by Wildpee on pornhub Desperate Piss in the Garden Center with People around Secretly Peeing in Hardware Store Peeing in Hardware Store, almost got Caught Peeing in Garden Centre, Watering the Plants Pissing in an Elevator Pissing in an Elevator, when Suddenly the Door Opens generally I go for videos of women but these are so risky and it’s so fucking hot. includes vandalism and sneaky or secret peeing.
  8. I’m trying to find a specific fanfic. I think it was Teen Wolf and I think it was on ao3 but I could be wrong on both of those counts. Anyway the main thing I remember is that the characters were dancing at a club and the one in front had a hole in the back of his pants under his ass so the one standing in the back could put his dick between the other’s legs. He did this and then started pissing so it looked like the one in front had wet himself. It was really hot but it’s been so long since I saw it. Maybe I should be posting this on omo because of the wetting thing? Anyway if anyone knows an
  9. this is how I orgasmed the 1st time ever
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