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  1. likesToLick

    16/04/2018 - Video Gallery

    Personally I think the high quality is worth waiting for, but if Admin has a way to offer a second option with lower resolution for people with slow connections, that would be a nice feature to have.
  2. likesToLick

    Why don't the Like and Page controls work for me?

    I like this approach. Me too. I noticed that my phone was reporting all my movements to Google whenever I used the GPS. A permanent record of my movements was being kept. I have changed my google account settings to turn this off, but one never knows really. A lot of interesting implications, but I guess I'm getting off topic for the thread. Apologies to everyone for the derailment.
  3. likesToLick

    Why don't the Like and Page controls work for me?

    I don't quite see what you mean by the above. Google "phones home" every time you do a google search. If you blocked google search in your firewall, then you couldn't do any searches. Chrome "phones home" whenever you use it to access a web page. If you blocked its access through your firewall, you could not use it for web browsing. Even your browser config information is stored at google. If you are logged on to google (e.g. Gmail) while doing any of the above, then all of this data is logged against your name. If not, then it is logged against your IP address.
  4. likesToLick

    16/04/2018 - Video Gallery

    First let me say thank you to Spywareonya for posting this delightful video. Scot, I'm in Australia too, so I thought I would see how the speed compared here. Regarding the buffer time - I notice that the file size of the car video is over 60 Megabytes. It took me about 80 seconds to complete the buffering. That's consistent with my ADSL service that gets about 13 Megabits per second throughput at its best. To stream this movie in real time you would need a connection speed of at least 18 Megabits per second. The video format is full HD 1920x1080, and there is a high quality audio track too. Your 7 minute download time is equivalent to a connection speed of about 1.2 Megabits per second. Are you on Malcolm's Fraudband Network?
  5. likesToLick

    Why don't the Like and Page controls work for me?

    Site works OK for me with firefox 59.0.2 in windows 10. I did have some problems with Firefox when using it with an older version of Windows.
  6. likesToLick

    Favourite Quote, Poem or Saying

    You can hear the song on youtube here
  7. I'd rather be able to fly. Would you rather .. Be able to see through walls OR Understand any language from the first moment you hear it?
  8. likesToLick

    Favourite Quote, Poem or Saying

    From 35 years ago, at the height of the cold war, when most of us were expecting civilisation to be utterly destroyed in nuclear fire. Pink Floyd's Roger Waters caught the mood perfectly with these gentle words: In my rear view mirror the sun is going down Sinking behind bridges in the road And I think of all the good things That we have left undone And I suffer premonitions ... Confirm suspicions Of the holocaust to come. The rusty wire that holds the cork That keeps the anger in Gives way And suddenly it's day again. The sun is in the east Even though the day is done. Two suns in the sunset ? Hmm Could be, the human race is run.
  9. Given that the snail is super intelligent, I could probably find a way to talk to it. Once communication is established I would try to find out what the snail wants out of life, and how it hopes to achieve that by touching me. Perhaps we could negotiate an arrangement where the snail can get what it wants without killing me.
  10. Buy a really nice motor home and travel a lot? If the snail is so intelligent why does it want to kill me anyway?
  11. likesToLick

    dirty pant fetish

  12. likesToLick

    dirty pant fetish

  13. likesToLick

    dirty pant fetish

  14. likesToLick


    Love it. They look so casual about the fact that they are pissing in the kitchen.
  15. likesToLick

    What happened to clubs?

    I would like to know too. Some people put a lot of work into their clubs, and they have just disappeared. What happened?