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    Encouraged a delightful lady to pee all over my body, even in my hair, so I was completely covered in her scent, then allowed her to pee the last few squirts into my mouth while I sucked her pussy in bed. I loved every moment.
  1. Sexual harrassment

    I'm not familiar with your British politicians, but don't make the mistake of thinking that anyone who disagrees with you is from "the left". Here in Australia the religious reich right of the liberal party (equivalent to your Tories) has been trying its best to suppress peoples marriage and contraception rights for years. Before that, the extreme Catholic right wing of the Labor party tried to censor the Internet. Pretty much every freedom that ordinary people enjoy in Australia today was given to us by the left.
  2. Sexual harrassment

    I am old enough to remember the time when a friendly pat on the bottom was just considered to be flirting, and both men and women would do it without a second thought. Now it appears that it is defined to be sexual assault. Is that an improvement? Many people seem to think so. I have my doubts, but I will of course comply with the law and modern customs. In Sweden, the lives of sex workers are now made miserable by a cruel set of laws known as the "nordic model". I condemn this unequivocally. I think FW is mistaken about this coming from the left of politics. the "left" still embraces the sexual freedoms of the summer of love and the hippy movement. The left still supports women's rights to contraception and abortion. The whole "all sex is bad" and "inviting someone to lunch is harassment" movement in my opinion originates with the religious right and the so-called "conservative" side of politics. Sadly it has found an ally in the more extreme fringes of the feminist movement . Women have every right to be safe and feel safe wherever they go in society. They have a right to be safe regardless of their choice of work, lifestyle or mode of dress. If every man was like me, a woman could walk naked down Collins Street on a Saturday night and still be treated with respect and politeness. Sadly that is not true of all men. If the only way to achieve this level of safety and respect is to have "no touching" and "no flirting" laws that are draconian and over the top, then I suppose that is the price we must pay.
  3. Is pee content production a viable business?

    Just a small counterpoint to this. In some cases, unlicensed distribution can be to your advantage. I have subscribed to many sites over the past 20 years. For a lot of those sites, my introduction to them was by seeing samples of their content that had been distributed illegally. If I had not seen those "pirate" images or clips, I would not have known of the producer in the first place, so unlicensed copying actually led to them receiving money from me that they would not otherwise have had. Some people will never pay for anything. They are not your customers, and will never be, so you lose nothing by their viewing of your material. Others are willing to pay for better quality, or a better experience, and unlicensed material can bring their money to your bank account. I would say it would be a good marketing strategy to release lots of short clips and previews, in standard definition, with your site address clearly watermarked, and an information panel saying the full length high def version is available to subscribers. If you can ensure that these are widely distributed in the "pirate" market they could bring in that one person in a hundred who will subscribe. Those enthusiasts are your bread and butter. With enough of them you need not worry about the inevitable freeloaders. Of course I have never tried to run a porn site, so I could just be blowing smoke. Food for thought anyway I guess.
  4. new and thought I would say hello to everyone

    Hi Pantylover and welcome. You might enjoy this thread: dirty pant fetish cheers, L2L.
  5. Stopping by to say hi. 

    1. likesToLick


      Hi drinkmein. Nice to hear from you. I like your posts about wanting to pee while a man licks your pussy. That's really sexy.

    2. drinkmein


      Thank you. That's the bigger part of my interest in pre 

  6. Sophie visits Steve

    Truly a delightful fantasy Sophie. Thank you for sharing it with us all.
  7. This is a strange one. A porn movie maker has built a truck with sides completely made of one-way glass. Inside it is fitted out as a bedroom. From the inside it looks like you are completely exposed to everyone nearby, but the people outside can't see anything while the couple undress and have sex. There's no peeing, just sex, but it sure looks like fun. Enjoy
  8. 111.jpg

    Thanks Steve. Great idea for a club. Wish we could hold a club meeting at my place and invite this lady to soak the sofas while we watch.
  9. 110.jpg

    This is one of the first naughty peeing pictures I ever saw online, way back in the 1990s. I really loved the idea that a girl would just lay back on a sofa, open her legs and piss, letting her urine soak into the fabric of the sofa cushions. It was one of the hottest things I had ever seen, and it still gets me going today.
  10. Very public pissing

    Wouldn't it be nice if there was a holiday resort you could visit where all the ladies were encouraged to do this.
  11. Very public pissing

    Beautiful and very daring
  12. Very public pissing

    I'd like to eat her dripping wet pussy right there while those other girls watch.
  13. I joined WGP in 2014 and remember the original layout that you have shown above. I think the most recent layout is the one i prefer.
  14. How peeSearch looked when I first joined in 2003. Clicky