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Hearing the word pee

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26 minutes ago, Bacardi said:

I would say yes lol. Doesn't really matter the context but if I hear "pee" or "wee" it always puts me in a good mood.

One day I should call you and tell you that I really need to pee, and ask if you want to listen as I go.

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On 2/26/2024 at 7:21 PM, longbastard said:

Definitely. My ears perk right up.

I agree. I expect guys to say they need to pee (or other various forms of the word) directly to me, but if a woman says it instead of the more "veiled" terms such as "using the restroom," or toilet or loo, then my ears perk up.  She is directly describing what she is going to do, rather than visting a place or object. It shows a level of comfort in that activity.

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Yes siiiiir! Had a female friend just the other day that I had taken to dinner say the word, “pee”.  She said it twice at the restaurant. She first said she’s going to go see if she could PEE in that bathroom.  She’s not fond of public bathrooms. My other lady friend and I waited at the table for her to return.  A few minutes later she returned with tissue in her hand. I said to my other lady friend, “I guess she was able to go”.

Upon her return she I asked if she was successful and she said she was, and she’s too old to be holding her PEE. She was drinking water with lemon and we were at the restaurant for a few hours. 

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Oh yeah, of course! It turns me on so damn much! I only have to hear the word "pee, piss" from some girl or woman and I go crazy! Even if she just mentions this word, not intending to piss right at this moment, I immediately perk up and get excited, trying to imagine what her pissing looks like. But if, after mentioning this word, she really needs to piss and she goes to the toilet or somewhere outdoors, then I immediately become hard as a rock, my cum tanks swell, and my huge and thick mass of tailed seeds crave to burst out, I try to imagine her stream, I try to imagine how strong and potent is her piss now, what it smell, what it color, how much piss she releases, etc. In addition, if I have the opportunity to listen to her pissing, then I always use this opportunity and prick up my ears to try to hear the hiss or splash of her stream, for example, on the water in the toilet, and enjoy this sound. Also, every time someone of I known or even unfamiliar girls or women goes to piss and an imaginary picture of how they piss appears in front of my eyes, at this moment such desires come into my head, such as, for example, furiously lick her wet pissy pussy or I wish she would piss on me or peed in my mouth or pissed my clothes. In addition, as a lover of girls and women who do no wipe after pissing, I always, when a girl says that she needs to piss and she go, I dream that she does no wiping and returns with a wet pussy and wet panties. This is exactly what my fantasies are about at such moments!

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