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What Song Are You Currently Listening To?


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2 hours ago, Scot_Lover said:

AI Generated visuals, sorry.

All natural)

Get AI's dirty hands off gems 😉


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With a hat tip to @Bacardi, I was listening to this one. We think it should be the PeeFans anthem. Hah. Not quite with this thread, but, I was listening to it.


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I have a long weekend now due to a bank Holiday, so it's time for weird Dutch party music 😎


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My favorite band, X-Japan have written some of the most beautiful ballads ever in my opinion. In the West they are little known, in Japan they are stars, they could be difficult because their songs have lyrics half in Japanese and half in English but if you love melodic metal pieces and ballads give them a listen



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4 hours ago, likesToLick said:

anyone here old enough to remember Iron Butterfly


I'll be 70 soon. How can I say "no" 😉

Thanks a lot!

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