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    I've had an interest in this my entire life. I love to watch and the more naughty the better.

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    Naughty peeing
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    Set up the main living area of my home with a plastic cover covering the floor furniture and part way up the walls and spent an entire afternoon with a partner drinking and peeing freely.

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  1. Welcome to the community!
  2. Hello! Welcome to the community. Always good to see another New Yorker on here.
  3. A discreet device for peeing when in a group or public situation. I can't find any real commercial products that offer this. I'm picturing something sort of combination of a funnel and tube that can be directed safely away from shoes and clothing. Probably a bit more ergonomically designed to be softer on sensitive regions and leak proof within certain limits of movement. It would also ideally keep your nether regions from being wet. Basis of need: When one is working on a roadway it's not always appropriate to have your bits hanging out while attending to nature (like when the lan
  4. I signed up but I think this site will remain my go to website.
  5. The ability to use dark mode is amazing. Thanks for the update and making this possible!
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