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  1. Practice in the shower with different ways of holding your lips open, it’s funny how a holding them open a little or not plus up makes a difference. It can get messy but once you know how to hold it a certain way then you’ll be sweet
  2. I have one, don’t use it much but it’s great! I do prefer to stand and not use one (only if I have a skirt or loose pants on) it’s heaps better than the generic one that I have used
  3. You’ll have to get that tape measure out next time!
  4. Wow I really have to up my game to keep up with everyone 😉
  5. Can’t wait to here about you trying a big power piss!!
  6. Yeah I suppose you are right, we have shorter plumbing. I’ll keep you in the loop
  7. I’ll definitely measure next time I get the chance, looks like we have a few to try beat from here 😉 I made another erome account for any pics or videos I chose to share, is that what everybody uses? If there is a better one let me know
  8. One of the things I like is to try and piss far, I haven’t measured mine yet but I plan to. Would you say guys have an advantage?
  9. Well I had around 6 videos saved and was going to share but they have all been removed! bummer!! I’m usually into watching girls but there was this one video of a guy I came across who was masturbating in front of a mirror over a sink and he squirted cum and pee at the same time and he shuddered, I thought that was hot! I’m going to have to go look for more vids now and if I find one I love I’ll share
  10. Hi Zuzu 😊 Shower practice is a good start if you don’t want to make a mess, and part those lips if you want a straight strong stream and you’ll be able to aim as well! Its great you get to share this with your husband, and Welcome, everyone here is great 😊
  11. Wow I can’t believe it’s in the same category as child exploitation material! it definitely needs an overhaul but yeah I wouldn’t want to stand up in parliament and say anything either!
  12. I usually always have a bottle of water with me so I’d drink what’s left and go in the bottle
  13. Hi from a fellow Aussie 😊 I didn’t even know that law existed here!
  14. Hopefully you are still here 😊 it’s great to see another Aussie from Sydney!
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