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  1. Ok you have me totally captured with where youre going with this
  2. hotwetslut


    Her avatar is from Mythbusters
  3. you really are a great writer, and i am loving every new addition, will be a sad day when you wrap it up
  4. Absolutely, welcome here. What fantasy are you thinking about
  5. I have no words to respond to this. well done haha
  6. its a name I came up with a few years ago with another pee loving friend of mine and honestly if broken down it amounts to this..... Hot part is bc pee is hot, wet part is well bc pee is wet lol, and slut is just because I love pee in general and less of the slut in the way it is usually meant in regards to being easy. More of the loving side of the word. I can see how you say that and if someone avoids me because of it I'm not going to be heartbroken as I don't need extra negativity in my life. I have enough inside my own head as is.
  7. Any time you save having to clean a mess, is a golden time (sorry, couldnt help myself there) Are you going to start keeping a paper box with you from now on then?
  8. You aren't kidding, you really had to go. Did you enjoy using the box?
  9. This really is a wonderful series indeed
  10. This is a wonderful series and you are a great writer too
  11. As a photographer myself you totally captured me with the spot on details that normally are done wrong or glossed over. Absolutely spot on and captured me very well (photography pun intended). Great story as always. So well done 😍
  12. Apologies if I came off rude or begging or anything, was not intended as such. I gotcha. Love it all the same
  13. 1, I was saying it in a jokingly way as a compliment like holy cow this is good and needs more 2. in this case its been 3 months haha
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