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    Shy trans guy with a massive piss kink. I tend to be a bit of a clown and love to joke around.

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  1. Before we start, I want to clarify that I'm a trans man/FtM. I have not had any surgery below the belt, so my genitals are more similar to a typical cisgender woman's compared to a typical cisgender man’s. Hormones do change things which is why I didn't describe it as being the same, but generally if you imagine a man with a pussy, you'll have the basic visual you'll need for this story. I use the term cock for my clitoris which has been enlarged by testosterone, as it looks and acts much like a miniature penis. If you've ever seen a trans guy’s junk, you know what I mean! (Note: I use the wor
  2. Yeah I don't know what that title is either. Hi! Just call me LemonDelightful, or Lemon if you're lazy. Long time lurker who finally got the confidence to start posting! Piss has been my biggest kink for as long as I can remember, so I was thrilled to find a community like this who enjoys naughty pissing as much as I do. I'm a FtM trans man who has been on testosterone and had top surgery (surgery to make my chest masculine) but I haven't had any surgery down below, and don't plan to any time soon. I haven't seen any other trans male users on this forum, at least not active ones, so
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