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  1. 2-3 times a day. probably too much lol
  2. you definitely can be bisexual whilst still having a preference. i label myself as bi whist still having a preference to women rather than a 50/50 attraction with men too. it depends on the day which i feel attracted to more tbh
  3. been absolutely gassed the past day about australia qualifying to the next stage. the scenes all around the counttry have been amazing
  4. i know a lot of folks here are from the uk so im curious as to if anyones keeping up with it
  5. def gonna swing by here next time im around this way
  6. mostly i sleep naked but sometimes i have boxers on gotta let my bits breath a bit y'know
  7. public urinals on the streets of my city. they are quite old, some may even be over 100 years old but im not sure
  8. i would use cum most often but use load as the term for the actual cumshot. example: "im about to cum" and "i shot a big load" so cum more as the verb i guess
  9. something similar happened today when i was coming home. had to pee on the train and was gonna go somewhere discreet and pee but the bus arrived just as i was about to so i had to get on it and increased my need to pee even more. got off the bus and had to walk a short distance home but couldnt hold it and peed on a tree in the dark on the main road hoping a car wouldnt drive past and see me. Also had a desperate and long trough urinal pee which almost caused me to miss my train lol
  10. i try to use a urinal whenever possible but if its crowded then i'll use a stall especially if its a trough urinal which are quite common here. id say its about 80% urinal 20% stall
  11. wouldnt that be a fun time 😉
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