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    Once walked past a group of girls squatting and peeing at a festival

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  1. i would use cum most often but use load as the term for the actual cumshot. example: "im about to cum" and "i shot a big load" so cum more as the verb i guess
  2. something similar happened today when i was coming home. had to pee on the train and was gonna go somewhere discreet and pee but the bus arrived just as i was about to so i had to get on it and increased my need to pee even more. got off the bus and had to walk a short distance home but couldnt hold it and peed on a tree in the dark on the main road hoping a car wouldnt drive past and see me. Also had a desperate and long trough urinal pee which almost caused me to miss my train lol
  3. i try to use a urinal whenever possible but if its crowded then i'll use a stall especially if its a trough urinal which are quite common here. id say its about 80% urinal 20% stall
  4. wouldnt that be a fun time 😉
  5. i love the sound inside the toilet as the pee hits the water
  6. swedish film called The Square. i really enjoyed it. 9/10
  7. mines about 6.5 inches when erect. im happy with it but i wish it didnt curve as much so it would be a tad longer but its fine.
  8. Male natural pattern semi recently trimmed probably about a month ago
  9. hows this dick in thigh highs?
  10. i'll add mine. curious to hear people's thoughts
  11. was out again last night and had to go. my most public piss ever at a bus stop with cars going by
  12. In total this piss lasted about almost a minute i'd say
  13. any way of getting clips in it?
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