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  1. What are everyone’s thoughts on mine?
  2. In a scene from the HBO series Oz, a character is shown naked peeing in a bucket. I'm not sure on season or episode though.
  3. @greedyneedygirl Here is the scene
  4. Hell yeah, this is awesome. I've been looking forward to this and I'm not disappointed
  5. I'm finally getting around to keeping up the story, sorry for the long gap. This is still only my third time writing a story. I'm open to all feedback, be as constructive as you need This story is about the girls deciding to go to a party and peeing wherever they can and having as much fun with pee as possible The girls had a fun time last week exploring and peeing in their new favourite hang out spot. They decided to go to another party this week and maybe find a new pissing spot. After about 20 minutes of walking from Kara's place to the house hosting the party, Courtney and K
  6. Contains wetting, pissing in urinals, peeing in public. Kara, Courtney and Lisa were walking around town after getting kicked out of a party after Kara was seen by the owner of the house squatting and peeing all over the floor. They didn’t mind, they can have fun with just the three of them. courtney was thinking and decided it was a good idea to suggest going across town and exploring the empty and abandoned shopping centre. The girls thought that would be a fun time. Lisa said “hold on, I gotta go for a piss, I’m just gonna go right here” and squats down on the sidewalk, l
  7. I’d dare someone to wet themselves and walk around in public during the day
  8. CONTAINS DESPERATION, USING THE TOILET, PUBLIC PEEING, USING A URINAL. PLEASE GO EASY ON THE REPLIES, THIS IS MY FIRST EVER STORY 21 Year old Cindy decided it would be a fun idea to take a bus from Sydney to Adelaide, a trip spanning 12 hours. She had a small feeling in her bladder just before she got on. The driver stated every couple of hours or so they would have bathroom breaks. 1st Stop the bus stops in a small town centre with a few small stores and some public toilets. She walks in and walks to the nearest stall. She lifts her midi skirt and pulls her panties down and r
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