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    I'm a fun friendly gay female who loves drinking other girls urine in public

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    Drinking other girls pee in public
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    This girl Katrina taking off her shorts and panties and sitting on my face outside in public. And then in front of other people she started peeing down my throat and made me drinking her urine in front of them

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  1. Yes I have gotten to drink someone else pee. When I was in high school this new girl named Katrina talked me into letting her pee in my mouth, And when she did she was peeing down my throat while she told me to drink her urine which I was already trying to do...
  2. Oh God Katrina Stanley I love the taste of your warm salty, yellow urine in my throat when we are in public!!
  3. Then suddenly Katrina pushed her peehole into my mouth and she started peeing down my throat in one long stream of her urine...
  4. Then as I climbed into bed and laid on my back Katrina quickly took off her shorts and panties and got on the bed and crawled up to me. Then with a wicked smile she climbed over my head, spread her thighs and pushed her pussy into my mouth. I couldn't believe that this girl Katrina actually wanted to pee in my mouth and watch me really drink her urine...
  5. Sandi had a desperate overwhelming look on her face as she said, "No. I'm going to do something I really love. I'm going to drink that girl Katrina Stanley urine as people go by. I've been promising Katrina I'd do it for her in public and this will be really perfect! That's why Katrina has been drinking so much water this morning. So she can pee more and longer than she's ever had to!!". Sandi smiled and said "I really want to drink Katrina Stanley urine in public! "I promise, Katrina Stanley!!" Sandi purred at her. "I'll open my throat and you can pee right into my stomach!!" Have you been dr
  6. Does anyone know of any games (or sex games) that have the ability to play peeing scenes? I have been searching for some time but haven't seen one. Thanks
  7. Nicolo Paganini 24th caprice played by John Williams
  8. Well in highschool I had this fantasy about this girl Katrina and I offered her $900 if she wouldpee in my mouth inpublic
  9. My first pee experience was when I was in high school and I was at a party and this new girl at school named Katrina was there. And during the party that girl Katrina and me were play wrestling in the livingroom with around 25 people watching us. Well a few minutes later when Katrina ended up on top of me sitting on my chest I heard her tell me to open my mouth.. And when I did all of a sudden I felt her peeing down my wide open throat while I was just drinking as much of her urine as I possibly could right there in front of all these people. Needless to say while I was drinking her pee I fell

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