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    Whatever I can get away with.
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    I love wetting myself on purpose and then rubbing myself off in my soaked clothes... hence the name, really. And yes, those pictures are of me.

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    The moment it just won't stay inside any longer and your balls get warm.
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    On a gloriously hot day walking to the local pool. I was full to sloshing when I left home and made it to right outside before filling my trunks in one of the flower beds. I tried to keep it a small leak to take the edge off but my bladder wasn't having any of it and I emptied myself right there. I sat down on the wall outside until I'd dried off a bit, then went inside. I was so scared of a smell tipping off everyone to what I did - such a rush as I walked through to the changing rooms and a fast shower before my swim - but nobody batted an eye.

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  1. WetKecks

    Hello From Nz

    Welcome, fellow Kiwee! May your bladder always feel full and your clothes be dark enough to hide the wet spots.
  2. WetKecks

    Any pee meet up networking and dating sights?

    Wee could all pick a public location, a specified time, and an identifying symbol and see what happens?
  3. WetKecks

    What are you playing?

    Currently? Aside from testing out the experimental features in Minecraft. I've played the first graveyard level of Bayonetta (meaning I figured out halfway down that the falling clock WASN'T a cutscene), I'm halfway through the first level of The Witcher (the first one) but I had great difficulty with the keyboard controls and haven't yet got back to it now I've got a working keymapper for my controller, I'm around four hours into Kingdoms of Amalur, I've got a character in Vampire, the Masquerade: Bloodlines (again, keymapper), and finally, I haven't started Deus Ex yet. And I can't figure out how to reduce the resolution enough to play Dark Souls online without it being jerky, so it kicks me out. There doesn't appear to be an offline option.
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    A tasty vintage.