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  1. Of course, fully deliberate....and she is really into it ! Im sure she do it when ever she got the chance, and she can find a piece of public risky carpet !
  2. " Was it really that much of a hassle to get up to go to the lavatory? " No, she was horny as hell, and Im sure she comes without, or only a bit touching herself, only because she was pissing in this situation. I love that type of girls !
  3. Im sure, you cumming than, and there ! x-:
  4. almost all girls do naughty peeing, when they got a chance to do Every piece of carpet they can pee on, and NOT clean up after..is welcome. For Islam People, just my meaning..they should stay, or go back in the countries, they come from. They are NOT People of the free western world. They do not good here.
  5. Wear a skirt, sat at working table at the library, put the elastics aside and send your hot piss to the waiting carpet !
  6. She should soak all carpets she can find !
  7. Happy new year, all the members here !
  8. paul66


    The Islam is a BIG Problem, on the whole world. Here is a clip for All people dont want to learn about this "Religion" by the hard kind : The percent number is outdated, there are much more Islamist's now in our European countries. But the clip is maden from book writen by a guy, grow up in Scharia relations... from childhood. Here I found the clip with same texting, without music, IN ENGLISH language: Whatever in the german version the pictures are NOT censored ! an example of islam: One of the terrorists filmed the beheading from one of the girls. I dont give the link for this clip, because it contains the (big) risk for traumatized, for lifetime..... but when search hard on google you will find it https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/8021866/morocco-backpacker-murder-terrorist-executions-cops-video-jihadi/
  9. Yes !!! Merry Christmas to all people the people here, in the free Western world, live our tradition- Christmas !!!
  10. I know, related to medic , is no carpet, I thought about the secretarial.
  11. " This is inhumanly hot This girl is Amazing, this really drove me crazy down there" You´re right,... this is the type of girl, piss on everything she can find to piss on, she is not permitted
  12. Oh, i think not, because a girl pee once in the office(when she is alone there , all the day).......piss the carpet, hmmm, yes.... every other day...more than once. So after two weeks, you´re forced, to rip out the carpet..either way..because the smell. So lay in in a new fresh carpet..... for maybe two weeks. so, no, no bacterias... a bit nice smell, of course.
  13. ...hmmm, I hope the office floor is carpet
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