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  1. paul66

    Where would you see me pee?

    we are out in the city shopping, you wear a knee length skirt.. we visit a book store, we are standing in a small aisle booth sides are bookshelves...we standing side by side and watching for books, you bend forward, and search in the middle heigth row for a book, without I notice, you hitch your skirt at your back, in seconds I hear a clear hissing , and pattering as you piss doggy in the bookshelve all over the books behind us, and on the carpet below.. you breathing rapidly, and i know you have cummed there and than. : -X
  2. paul66

    Where would you see me pee?

    I would it ove to be with you in a cinema theater...or Opera, you sitting beside me, with a skirt. after time watching the show, i hear a unmistakeable hissing, and nice soft pattering , I see you have hitched up your skirt, and a hot clear stream of your hot nice smelly pee hit the theater carpet ......you noticed Im watching, you lean a bit backwards spread your legs wider, and your hot peestream hit the back of the chair in front of us...
  3. paul66

    Military Ladies Peeing

    Oh, I follow rules, when they let me rule !
  4. paul66

    Pee places

    I also dont use facebook, skype or other sozial media, because I know exactly how the things are running. Lot of thanks for the nice conversation, I love girls like you !
  5. paul66

    Pee places

    äähm. I dont want to be too offend, to you, but please allow me this question : It is possible, we know us from somwhere personly ?
  6. paul66

    Pee places

    It seems we live in the same country ?! Btw . in our city library goes on the same thing, the chief staff woman( was a old one) they kick out, and a 2 some meters man in his 50is out from UK. now is the chief staff. I search about him a bit in the web, and he is a in all couleres gleaming, murky man, he got control of all the cctv stuff (harddiscs) in the library. In our city every year students from all over arrive here. Regular you can see in the nearby Park a lot of first or second semester girls in spring and summer time. Now no more... you can rake out, what happens with the nice girls, was caught masturbating/pissing in the lib. I think they are all rentet to rich people/ goverment people. Of course its easy to blackmail that poor girls, with the picant clips are taken.
  7. paul66

    Pee places

    Youre right, for such cute, sweety like you, It should not be a problem, also whn you get caught. Most of security people are guys, and Im sure most of them enjoy the sight, when you are peeing in naughty places. Whatever, in our university library, a few years ago, a lot of student girls pissing there in shelves on the books, and on the carpets, under the table and in the cubicles. From one to other day, the library got new workers, that was not so unusaly, because often students do that job. What was unusaly, now the workers was man, arabien man.... It seems nobody of the student girls notice that change, and think nothing about. I see the change from the first day. So at the end they caught in a time of 3-4 weeks, more than 50 girls, what happend to this girls was not funny.... The Ground, they put this hidden security in the lib, was , they caught a few female students, work there in the lib at evening shift (8-12 PM) They make the mistake in her horniess, to wee in th archive filing closets, yes and soak the arcjhive papers of course. Also to this time all. an I mean all books in the two bottom rows of every shelf was removed, because the books was peed on, or they put it out, to protect them of peed on.. So the things go too wild and too obviously. In the semester break, I see cars from SPIE, every where. No visible camers there, but I know, wht SPIE have installed there. So be care, some securities got no feeling for hot naughty girls.
  8. paul66

    Fetishes: can we be born with them?

    I dont know about other "fetish", but with pee like we are all born. In Germany and austria, a word for peeing is brunzen. Brunzen= Brunst=oestrus=heat, by the animals. Urine contains pheromones, humans got not a oestrus-heat time in the year. But when a heaalthy natural man a woman see and smell peeing specialy in unusaly place, he got rockhard, and I mean every healthy natural man (not shitdicks) opposite by a natural woman, got wet from that sight. Older people know that all, only the fck. religion and school education learn people, pee is bäbä (ugly) I can tell what is ugly, and that are shitdicks, and 60 some differnt genders. Peeing and the arousal about it, is NOT a fetish, almost all People got aroused about, everybody from a other kind of peeplay. That is natural, from a fetish you only can talk, when low percentage of people are aroused about. How I say, almost all(natural healthy ) people are aroused about pee, from a fetish in our days is only tlked, because most of the people do not admit... only because the education of our politics. Look what they(want) teach and PROMOTE today : Its normal shitdicks wedding in catholic church, and atopt children, for the best... boys...... its normal you are born as womn/man, and feel your other gender... so far 60 some differnt genders. Urine is dirty.... peeing out of toilet forbidden. No guys they want teach me sick things now are regular, and normal natural things are sick??? They CAN NOT TEACH ME THAT FUCKING BULLSHIT, Im healthy and natural. I dont believe that Left green Stasi motherfuckers, they only want to destroy our free western world.
  9. paul66

    Pee places

    äähmm, cmos, doesnt matter? I would be care , cmos are the most outspread type of camera chip x-:
  10. paul66

    Where would you see me pee?

    OOOOH, my fckg....no I dont believe in anything, except nice, cute, HOT Girls like you, these pics from you..STUNNING, HOT- AROUSING !!!
  11. paul66


    and now : healthy and happy new year !
  12. agood slide in the new year ! take care about your Fingers, Hands, Arms and Legs,.....dont blow them away !
  13. paul66

    Where would you see me pee?

    Elevators : Take care about mirrors in there, most off these mirrors are half permeable, and a camera is behind, same with perforated ceilings, you find often in big office, and warehouses. For libraries in my area : since a pancake faced ugly woman governed our country, and do a lot of bullshit here, all is full of security cams. In the libraries in our city, and around all the books in the two or three lower rows , are taken out from the library shelfes, because the girls pissed so often in the books, the damage was to much, also they cought plenty of girls, specialy in the university library, some of them was workers at hte library, and get cicked out from uni, with a briefing to the next uni, they like to go, that was bad, and the girls wept a lot. because that incidents, the lcity decited to install hidden ! spy cams in libraries. Now some of the new student girls, almost dont pee in the books so much, but they still peeing under the tables, or on the carpet in quit areas, (study cubicles with door) sometimes . as a girl, when you love it to piss on the carpet in a semi public place library study tables are the best, piss under it, with a skirt, or skirt with leggins, and hole in the leggins, also, a security camera dont notice that. Only make sure, do not visit the Library for a few weeks.
  14. paul66

    Where would you see me pee?

    We sitting at a place in the library where the library staff is far away, he cant hear you, you pissing full force, so your beam ray off hot piss vaporize at the front board from the table and the waiting carpet sipp up hungry your hot juices, mixed off pussy cream and hot piss, so I can smell the popcorn like musky juices from your hot wide open pussy ;-)<3 X-:
  15. paul66

    Where would you see me pee?

    I imagine, you sitting next to me... at a chair, in front of a study desk... you wear a short skirt,... your legs are under the table... you`re study in a book... you`re squirming on your chair....you spreed your legs wide, your short skirt hitch up in Process, a subtile hissing and pattering cum from under the table, the floor is carpetet, the hissing and pattering get louder, you lean back, a loud splattering cum to our ears,.. you hid with your hot nice smelly pee the wooden inner front board from the table. We are booth in a library ;-) x-: