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    Congratulations to all those who won in any category. You are all truly deserving winners. I personally would like to thank @Admin for rescuing this site and keeping it alive. Without him I'd be posting pics on Eroprofile, stories on Literotica, but would have totally lost any sense of belonging to a community. I'd like to thank all the other mods for all that they do for this site too, in addition to contributing in their own right as members. And there are so many awesome members who contribute so much, whether it be pics, links to vids, stories, anecdotes from real life, friendly discussions, or any combination thereof, that all your names are too many to mention. Thanks to all of you for making this site what it is, an awesome pee fetish site and top dog for naughty peeing especially, and yet so much more than just that. You all help to make this the friendly and welcoming place we began as and have gotten back to being, the kind of place where we are not just furtively seeking to get off (though we sometimes do that too, lol) but somewhere where we interact with each other as friends and companions. You all help to make this that friendly place. It is the great place it is because of all you awesome guys and girls and everything you contribute A heartfelt thanks to everyone out there who contributes in any way to our little internet community..
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    Chapter 7 – The return of the Fairy Godmother and the journey Cindy was excited by the prospect of going to the ball on Saturday but was conscious of the Fairy Godmother’s strange request to find a pumpkin, 6 white mice and two frogs. She still wasn’t convinced that she hadn’t dreamed the whole thing, but she set about the task. The pumpkin was easy – they were growing in the kitchen garden, so she selected a large one and brought it into the kitchen. The frogs were a little more difficult. She managed to find frogs in the pond in the grounds, but they were slippery customers and she struggled to catch them. Eventually she managed and kept them in a small barrel in the kitchen. The only option that Cindy could think about for the white mice were those which Gertrude kept as pets in a cage in her room. On Saturday afternoon whilst Esmerelda, Gertrude and Grizella were getting ready for the ball, Cinderella offered to clean out the cage. Gertrude was dismissive as she was more interested in getting ready for the ball. So, it was easy for Cindy to take the cage away down to her kitchen. At 4pm, Cindy was in the kitchen when once again a loud “CRACK” made her jump and she turned to see the Fairy Godmother stood there sparkling in her white gown. “I have come to make your dreams come true. Do you have the items that I requested?” Cindy curtseyed slightly and showed the Fairy Godmother the requested items. “Very good, you have done well my child. Now first we have to do something about your clothes. My magic is a little unconventional in method, but very effective. Close your eyes and face away from me.” Cindy did as she was asked. Meanwhile, behind her, the Fairy Godmother lifted up her long dress and spread her labia, arching her back. She released a short burst of golden sparkling urine which sprayed in a fan pattern over the back of Cindy’s dress. She stopped as quickly as she started and allowed her dress to fall to the ground whilst saying some strange words: “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo”. Cindy’s dress grew in length and volume to form a beautiful ball gown and changed colour to a lovely deep yellow. Cindy opened her eyes and was overjoyed with her new appearance. “Oh, Thank you so much, It’s beautiful!”. “You are quite welcome, but we are not finished yet. Sit on that chair and put your feet out in front of you.” Cindy did as she was bid, legs out in front and pulled up her voluminous dress to reveal her old grey dirty sandals. The Fairy Godmother positioned herself over Cindy’s feet and hitched up her dress once again. Cindy was startled as a warm sparkling golden stream fell from between the Fairy Godmother’s legs and bathed her feet and her shoes. At first she was shocked, but then she savoured the warm caressing feeling and felt her tired feet relax and soften and her old grey sandals changed into dainty golden crystal shoes. At that point, Cindy heard a voice from upstairs “We are going now, enjoy your evening stuck in the kitchen!” followed by raucous laughter. “That’s good” commented the Fairy Godmother “We don’t want them to be around for the next bit. “Put the pumpkin, mice and frogs in a box and take them outside on the drive” Cindy at once scooped up the items, putting them in a wooden fruit box, which she carried outside. The Fairy Godmother squatted over the box and hitched up her dress. She released a torrent into the box and again said the words “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo”. Her golden rain poured over the pumpkin and down all the sides, and the mice and frogs started to drink the puddle that formed in the bottom of the box. The Fairy Godmother quickly jumped up and away from the box as the pumpkin started to grow in size and change in appearance until it was transformed into a beautiful golden carriage. The frogs stood upright and grew to form fine footmen and the mice grew into dashing white horses. Cinderella couldn’t believe the sight that she was beholding. The carriage and horses were fit for royalty. The footmen invited her to take her place, so she climbed in and found herself sat on plush velvet seats with silky golden curtains and a golden carpet on the floor. The footmen closed the door and climbed up to the drivers seat in front of the carriage. The Fairy Godmother looked into the window and handed Cinderella a golden ticket to replace the one which had been destroyed. “This ticket is for the VIP experience – it will guarantee you a dance with the prince and you will enjoy the silver service meal instead of the standard buffet. Now enjoy your evening, but I must send you with a warning. My magic does not last for ever – all these things will revert to their former selves at midnight. Be sure to leave the party in good time. The only exception is your shoes, which will remain as a souvenir for you to keep.” “Thank you ever so much, Fairy Godmother, I cannot believe what you have done for me and I will be sure to enjoy the evening and treasure the memories”. With that the carriage departed towards the palace. Cindy savoured her sumptuous surroundings and was excited by the thoughts of what lay ahead as the carriage bumped along the unmade tracks. The bumps made Cindy realise that in all the excitement, she had not made time to relieve herself before leaving home. That now gave her a quandary as she could hardly arrive at the palace and immediately request the use of the royal facilities, but nor could she easily communicate with the coachmen and ask them to stop so that she could pee in the woods before her arrival. Besides, her sparkly shoes and extravagant dress were hardly designed to go into the woods, they would surely be ruined. Cindy considered her plight further, by which time the carriage was leaving the woods and rolling through the town below the palace. The option of peeing in the woods had been taken from her and she was suddenly very worried, that was until she realised that the answer was right there with her. The coach was only a temporary existence. She could find relief inside the coach and nobody would know. She wouldn’t be spoiling the interior because as soon as the coach returned to a pumpkin, her deed would be irrelevant. Her mind made up, Cindy now decided on her options. She could squat on the carpet and spray her pee into the deep pile, but that might mean she would splash her new shoes and if anyone should happen to gaze in the window to see who was travelling in style, they would be sure to find it strange that she were squatted down on the floor. Alternatively, she could wet the seat; that would mean that she would have to get all that ball gown out of the way first, but at least anyone looking in wouldn’t see anything unusual and she was sure that the seat would adsorb all her liquid and keep it from splashing down to her beautiful shoes. Cindy was running out of time and rapidly decided that the seat would be the better option, so she briefly stood up and lifted the back of her dress up high before sitting back down on the luxurious softness of the velvet cushions. She spread her dress around her hiding the naughtiness of what she was doing from anyone who may possibly have seen into the coach. Cindy relaxed as much as she could and felt the pressure building within her. Then she allowed a short spurt of pee to escape, wetting the surface of the velvet and caressing her young womanhood. All seemed to be OK, so she peed some more, gently, slowly allowing her bladder to empty as she felt a warmth spreading under her. Growing in confidence, she fully relaxed and with an increasing hiss, her pee surged forth directly into the cushion beneath her. She continued until she was spent, whereupon, she stayed as she was to allow the last of her pee to soak into the cushion. Cindy then slid across the coach to wiping her pussy on the cushion as she moved. She stood and allowed her dress to fall back into place around her before retaking her seat on the dry side of the carriage. The side of the seat where she had previously been sitting was now displaying a much darker patch in the red fabric. A few moments later, the carriage drew into the palace grounds and Cindy looked out of the window as they pulled up at the steps of the palace. One of the footmen jumped down from the carriage and helped Cindy to dismount. A palace official took her by the hand and led her up the palace steps.
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    Warning, reading this story may seriously affect your ability to view a certain pantomime in the same way ever again. It is also a little lengthy. Chapter 1 – background Cindy Yella was the 18 year old beautiful daughter of Baron Hardup of Hardup Hall; a country estate in a beautiful wooded part of the world. Cindy’s mum had died young and the Baron had re-married to Esmeralda, who had two daughters; Gertrude (21) and Grizella (19). Esmeralda was herself beautiful and had entrapped the Baron with her good looks and charms, however, once they were married and the Baron went away on long business trips, she showed her true colours and turned against Cindy, who she thought was a threat to her own daughters. Cindy was forced to do all the work around the large house, lived in cellar where the kitchen and scullery were located and only came out to do chores for her stepmother and stepsisters. Whilst in the cellar, she found that she could keep herself to herself and nobody bothered her. She liked it that way. Chapter 2 - The lazy ladies One evening in winter, Gertrude and Grizella were relaxing in the drawing room with their mother, sitting by the fire. They had been drinking copious amounts of wine and were a little worse for wear. Esmeralda had been feeling her bladder getting fuller for sometime but was reluctant to get up and leave the fireplace to go to the cold toilet room and release the building pressure. She finally had to go and stood up to leave. She moaned to her daughters about how inconvenient it was that they had to leave the nice warm fireplace just to pee. Then she said something that surprised the girls: “Do you know, I have half a mind to pee here, but I don’t have a chamber pot.” Then after a pause, “What does it matter, that lazy Cindy can clean it up, she doesn’t do anything” Esmeralda walked over to the corner of the room to the r get of the fire and lifted her copious skirts as she squatted down. Within a couple of seconds a splashing and pattering could be heard as her overfilled bladder released its pent up contents onto the bare stone floor as the girls looked on gobsmacked. “What are you looking at?” Quizzed Esmeralda. “You have seen me pee enough times before!” “Yes, maybe in the woods or in the chamber pot, but never on the floor” exclaimed Grizella. “What’s the difference? It can be mopped up. Cindy can deal with it later” “Well, that does make sense. I was about to go and pee myself. So, ..... would it be ok to follow your lead?” “Well of course. Two puddles are not much harder to clear than one. Do carry on.” By this time, Esmeralda’ jet was dwindling and the puddle was spreading out from under her skirts. She gave a quick bounce and stood up, allowing her full skirts and petticoats to fall back into place. Any stray drips being adsorbed by the petticoats as she sat back into her comfy chair. Grizella, was getting a little excited about the prospect of making the usual ordeal of peeing so much simpler. She stood and headed to the corner to the left of the fire where she followed her mother’s example and squatted above the waiting stone floor. “Oh that’s disgusting” exclaimed Gertrude. “You can’t pee there”. “Why not? Mother just did and we have been drinking a lot, so it is not like it is going to smell much or anything”. Grizella opened her flood gates. She lifted the front of her skirt and Gertrude could see her sister’s muff spraying a fan of pee in front of her, splashing down onto the waiting stone and also splashing her legs. “There you go”, said Esmeralda. “That’s so much better isn’t it.” Grizella sighed with relief “I don’t know why we haven’t done this before!” As she finished, she stood and held her skirt up a little as she walked away from the scene of her pee before letting her skirts fall back into place. “Well I am not stooping to your level” said Gertrude. As she stood and left the room, walked down the draughty corridor and squeezed herself and voluminous dress into the small chamber room, where she fought with her dress to lift everything high enough to sit on the toilet. Well, toilet may be a grand term for the contraption. All it was really was a wooden box with a hole cut in the top. The hall had been built to incorporate the device in an overhang which was over the outside walls and bodily excretia dropped to a stream below to be swept away from the hall. The icy drafts blew up from below and caused Gertrude some discomfort as she relieved herself, her own stream falling unhindered from the toilet and blowing away in the wind. The wind was strong, so most of it ended up being blown against the outer walls of the hall and adding to the streaks already present from years of use. When she finished, she straightened herself as best as possible in the confined space and returned to the drawing room. She saw her mother and sister enjoying another glass of wine and was slightly jealous that they hadn’t had to go through her ordeal. “Be a love and ring the bell, Gerty” her mother requested. Gertrude obediently pulled the cord which rang the servants bell in the cellar. Shortly after, Cindy appeared. “Yes m’lady” “Fetch us some more wine and you may need a bucket and mop - we’ve had a little spillage” Esmeralda said as she indicated the two puddles either side of the fireplace. As the evening wore on, the sisters and their mother became more drunk. They finally decided to head for bed, but they all needed to pee again. Esmeralda had no hesitation in backing up to the fireplace, lifting her skirt and peeing from a high squat onto the fire to quench it for the night. She did a good job with a high volume pee impacting the embers and instantly creating clouds of steam. Grizella repeated her performance of earlier, but this time she squatted directly in front of the chair as she was heading to bed, so the puddle wouldn’t cause her any issues. The uneven floor caused much of her pee to run backwards under the chair, where it would no doubt dry before being cleared up. Gertrude decided that if this was now accepted, she wasn’t going to repeat the trauma of going to the freezing chamber room, so she slid forward on her chair, bunched her skirts up behind her and after a bit of nervous pause, managed to release her bladder. Her nerves an uncertainty meant that she peed slowly and a fair bit of her pee ran down her bum cheeks to the front of the chair, the onwards down the upholstered front of the chair to the floor. The other two hadn’t realised what she was doing until she relaxed a bit and her stream increased, leaving her body with a distinctive hiss. Soon she was peeing a forceful stream directly onto the floor. “There you go” commented Esmeralda, “that wasn’t so bad, was it?” Secretly, Gertrude was actually enjoying her new found freedom and felt a tingling down there which she might just have to attend to in the privacy of her bedroom. They left the mess and retired for the evening, knowing that Cindy would be up before them and would clear up before it would cause them any issue in the morning. Chapter 3 - Cindy’s revenge Over the next few weeks, Cindy kept finding puddles around the place and dutifully cleared up as was expected, but she quietly resented the additional work and wished she could have the same freedom. She knew she couldn’t pee and leave it as she would be scolded, but she found that she could exact revenge in other subtle ways. On Tuesday, it was laundry day. Cindy dutifully collected the ladies’ clothes from their bedroom and brought them to the scullery. She knew she would not be disturbed as nobody else came down there. After Cindy had washed the clothes, she laid some of the girls’ best dresses on the floor and stood over them. She lifted her ragged dress and squatted down, releasing her own washing fluid onto the dresses. She took great pleasure in moving her body around to spray as much of the dresses as possible until they were well and truly soaked. She then left them to air dry before returning them to their owners with a faint, barely detectable odour. When she next saw the girls wearing the dresses, it gave her great pleasure to know that they were wearing her pee. Cindy was also finding it to be a pain to go upstairs from the cellar kitchen to the draughty toilet for a pee, so she started taking a leaf from her stepsisters book and finding other options - but ones where she wouldn’t need to clear up. The most common one was the scullery sink. Sometimes there would be pots and pans in the sink waiting to be washed, but that didn’t worry her. She would pull up her rags, reverse up to the sink and let fly all over the pots. After all, it helped to give them a pre-soak. Over time, Cindy resented her stepsisters more and more. She had a wicked idea and decided to pee a bit in their broth. Just a little at first. They didn’t notice. So next time it was a bit more. Still they didn’t complain. She upped the anti and started regularly peeing in the water that was used to cook vegetables, add her own flavour to soups and stews and even sometimes she would take a goblet of wine for herself and top up the bottle by holding it to her muff and releasing her bladder into it. As long as she served that bottle of wine once they were already drunk, they didn’t seem to notice. Chapter 4 - A walk in the woods Cindy had to go out in the woods to collect firewood. She had been out for a couple of hours when she felt the need to relieve herself. She was no stranger to peeing outside as she often ended up staying out for hours just to avoid her annoying stepmother and stepsisters. There was rarely anyone around these parts of the woods, so she didn’t worry too much about hiding herself. She simply squatted down where she was, lifted her ragged dress, exposing her naked bottom to the elements and released her bladder onto the mossy carpet of the woodland floor. However, on this particular occasion, just as she had assumed the position it happened that Prince Charming was out riding his horse and rounded a bend in the path to be greeted by the sight of Cindy’s beautiful derrière in the distance. He was mesmerised and quietly rode a bit nearer. Cindy didn’t notice as she was facing the other way. The Prince silently enjoyed the vision unfolding before him with Cindy’s pale cheeks on show and a glistening stream falling gently and almost silently to the springy moss below her. As the Prince was captivated by the beautiful sight, his horse whinnied. Cindy was startled, jumped up and turned to see the the well dressed gentleman and was mortified that he had caught her in full flow. She curtsied an apology and fled into the thick woods. The prince called after her to stop, but she knew the woods too well and was quickly gone. Over the next few days, the Prince couldn’t get the vision out of his mind and he was determined to meet this girl again, but How could he do that. He didn’t know her name or where she lived. He rode around that area over the next few days but didn’t see her anywhere. Then he came up with the idea of throwing a ball and inviting every lady in the area. Chapter 5 - The invitations Cindy was sweeping the hallway when the great door bell rang. She went to answer it and was greeted by a well dressed man who said he was representing Prince Charming. She showed him in to the Drawing room where Grizella, Gertrude and Esmeralda were sitting having morning coffee. The Prince’s aide announced the Prince’s decree that all ladies should attend a ball that Saturday evening and provided invitations for the four of them. The girls all got very excited, including Cindy, who had never been to a ball or seen the Prince (she didn’t know who it was who had seen her in the woods). No sooner was the Prince’s Aide gone than Grizella turned on Cindy saying “Well don’t think for a minute that you are going! The Prince wouldn’t want to see a scruff like you and you don’t have a dress!” Gertrude continued “And anyway, who is going to stay and clean the house? You will have so much to do that you won’t have the time.” Esmeralda snatched the ticket from Cindy’s hands “This is what your ticket deserves” as she tore it in half and threw it on the floor, then she proceeded to squat over it and pissed a torrent right there in the middle of the room so that the ticket became a soggy mess in a growing puddle. Cindy fled from the room down to the cellar where she slumped in a corner and wept. __________ That's as far as I've got. More to follow shortly.
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    Hey everyone, I’ve been a lurker here for a while and I think it’s time I at least try to change that a bit. I can’t promise super activity, but I want to try and be more active in a community that shares my common interests and I can be accepted. I have loved pee in some form or another for as long as I can remember, and when I realized the sexual connection it was like a lightening bolt hit me. From that day on, it’s been my main sexual thought. Obviously sexuality is very nuanced, and there are other things I like, including just plain ole vanilla sex, but pee truly turns me on. I’ve had a few relationships where my partner was cool with it, one even loved that it turned me on, but no one has ever actually shared my feelings, and I am at a point now in my life where, knowing what I know about myself and my desires, I think I need to find someone who equally shares my main kink. Maybe that’s not a lifetime relationship, but I need to have that experience, if that makes sense. Anyway, just wanted to say hello and also thank you for having a community like this. It’s always nice to be accepted somewhere and know there are others out there like you.
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    It was a warm summer day as a young lesbian couple strolled down a private beach. One of the women was named Daphne and she had firey red hair and emerald green eyes. She was wearing a black bikini, the bra of which was just barley supporting her ample bosom. Alongside her was a blond woman with saphire blue eyes. Her name was Serena and she was wearing a pink bikini. While not as endowed as her partner, her breasts were nothing to scoff at. What she lacked in chest size, she more than made up for in being curvy in all the right places. In fact the mere sight of her was known to raise the flagpoles of men. One wouldn't know by looking at them that they both had a pee fetish, although Serena was less open about it than her partner. As they walked down the beach, Daphne turned to Serena and asked, "Do you want to see something cool?" "Sure," said Serena. Daphne than proceeded to remove her bikini bottom and slung it over her shoulder. She then bent her knees forward, leaned back, and used her hand to spread her labia as much as she could. Suddenly a golden arc sprung forth from her nether regions and slammed into the sand. For the next couple of minutes she would move her hips, pinch off her stream, take steps to the right, and start all over again. By the time she was done, she had pissed both their names in the sand and incased her masterpiece in a heart also drawn from her piss. "Its beautiful," replied Serena. "I'm glad you like it. It took me four bottles of water to produce that much piss," said Daphne, quite proud of her accomplishment. Before she could put her bikini bottoms back on, Serena said to her, "You should really clean yourself off before putting your bikini bottoms back on." "It's no big deal," replied Daphne. Suddenly Serena got down on her knees, grabbed Daphne's legs and began running her tongue along the piss drops on the inside of Daphne's thighs. " Ahhhh," moaned Daphne. "If you're going to do this, don't forget to get my pussy too." Serena did as Daphne said and to Daphne it felt like heaven. After Serena was done, Daphne put her bikini bottoms back on. "Thanks for the drink," said Serena cheerfully. The two then proceeded to continue their stroll down the beach. A bit further down, Daphne tripped over a rock partially buried in the sand and face-planted in the sand. Suddenly a sharp pain shot through her abdomen causing her to roll to the side screaming in pain. To both girls' horror, Daphne had landed on a dying jellyfish that had been washed ashore during the high tide. "It hurts!" screamed Daphne. "You need to pee on me now!" Serena meerly looked at Daphne with a horrified expression. The truth was that despite having a pee fetish, she had never pissed in front of her partner due to her immense stage fright. Seeing the look of agony on her lover's face, she knew that she would have to overcome her fear. "Please stay still," said Serena as she removed her bikini bottoms and proceeded to stand over her lover. She then used her hands to spread her labia just as she had seen Daphne do. Minutes passed but nothing happened. "Can you close your eyes?" she asked. "If you keep looking at me I don't think I'll be able to pee." Daphne closed her eyes and ten seconds later a waterfall of piss came cascading down from Serena's pussy onto Daphne's wound. Serena's stream lasted about three minutes and in that time she was able to douse Daphne's abdomen with golden piss. When she was done, Daphne sat up and began to partake of the remenants of the sweet nectar that had spewed forth from her lover's pussy just seconds earlier. "Ahhhh," cried Serena. "If you keep being so rough I might cum." After the ordeal was over, Serena helped Daphne back to the beach house where she was better able to treat the sting. In the end Serena was able to overcome her stage fright and gained a fetish for giving golden showers, much to the delight of Daphne.
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    This post is about to inspire an impromptu act for myself. Thank you for sharing!
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    As long as you have no problems its all good!
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    I never really got a solid answer as to why I do pee longer, is it a bladder thing, a drinking thing or maybe a healthy thing. I don't really know and as long as it's working, great!!
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    Ladles and jellyspoons, boys and girls, please put your hands together for the 2017 Golden Piss Awards ceremony! All through December you have nominated and voted for the member you think is most deserving for an award in a number of categories. And what is an award without a trophy to show your beloved friends and family? That's right, every winner will walk home with a Golden Piss Awards trophy! Isn't it beautiful? I can already see a few puddles forming on the floor around you so without further delay, let's get on with the show!
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    Really good stuff @Alfresco. Looking forward to the next chapter.
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    Yet, certain rituals need dirt from cemeteries to be performed, and you must give something in return. Pee (after drinking certain brews) is a fitting offering, sometimes is the only one that really do
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    As an occult pratictioner, I fight against religions, yet I utterly respect the dead. What actually made them themselves isn't there anymore, but their corpse is still something holy. When self-declared satanists (minus "s" mandatory this time) rob cemeteries I always get mad. Real servants of the Gods (no matter how dark the God that actually patronize you could be) respect the dead, no matter what. Anyway, peeing AMONG graves is on the complete opposite, but these are deep mysteries. For a Witch, peeing among graves is not an act of disrespect, quite the opposite: it is an offering of life-energy to the dead, but that is not symbolical, I mean, not everybody could perform this simply because they read something about it on the web. You must be a trained occultist. I never did that myself anyway, because I do not visit graveyards, and they got cctvs by the way
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    I want to thank everybody. I am very competitive, but that is not the reason why I wanted to win. The true reason is that this forum is going in a very different way than Others I visited in my past life. People here are very particular. The attitude, the overall lingering, boys and girls here are cool, and I really mean it. They are polite, gentle, open, and behave like cultured folks though remaining Always very humile. It is really astonishing. If humanity should be reconstructed from nothing after a cataclysm, I would pick up YOU, because the energy you emanate, is the one of people that knows how to take life. Why I know? Because with so much people registered on this forum, it should have happened at least once that somebody brought their personal problems here. A rude answer, an envious post, anything that force the Mods to step in. Yet, it never happened. When we feel down, we come here not to expel negativities, but to be regenerated, through sexual pleasure, and friendship. You probably do not know about it, but doing that, I mean exactly that, has been a fiercely guarded secret of Witchcraft, because it is the only true answer to life's problems, the only one that doesn't possess a week spot. You do it by instinct. You do not cling to anything, you come here to enjoy and later on, you give something back. When you take your mind to the limit through certain ceremonies, you learn that (and that is the concept misunderstood in modern Buddhism, and "fictionalized" in The Matrix series film) everything is as real as a dream, or a fantasy, and that only a few things are SO real that they can give you inner strenght in awful situations. The hope that sexual arousal, and friendship, will still be there after the storm, can sound silly to those who thinks that people should put their trust in something else/Greater, but believe me, when you reach the absolute core of Enlightment, EVERYTHING dies. "Who" you meet "there", what you learn from Them, laid waste of every human construct, included faith, moral, even portions of your personal character. Only two great columns remains: What is wanted by the Anima (latin for soul) and what is wanted by the Animal. The TRUE YOU, the Spirit, need both to manifest. Now, fill the blank spaces to complete the exercise. You got two questions, Soul and Animal, and two answers, Sex and Friendship. Don't think that the real answer is that easy Yet is in around there, though remaining ever-shifting. Sex and Friendship. We don't really need anything else. Everything of value, Art, Science, Tech, power, all of it stem from these "parents" and here both can be found. A limitless thank. I'll post soon the videos I promised. Meanwhile, my thread Where would you see me pee, hold a little gift for you all
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    Just to echo Sophie's message above: congratulations to all of the above, each of you are very worthy winners. That said, everyone who was nominated definitely deserved to be recognised for their excellent contributions to the site. In fact, there are plenty of members who didn't get nominations but have been a huge asset to this community - so a very sincere thank you to everyone from me. Whilst I could be here all day thanking people (this really is sounding like an awards ceremony), I'll keep this brief by just extending an additional thanks to the moderator team - the site simply wouldn't be the same without your help. In particular, @steve25805deserves a mention for not only continuing to help the site financially, but for being here right from the beginning of PeeFans and still to this day being one of our best and most frequent contributors. And of course I'm sure you'll all join me in saying a huge thanks to @Sophiefor not only running these Christmas competitions, but for being such an incredible presence on the forum all year round! 2017 was a turbulent year for PeeFans for sure - but in a slightly selfish way I am glad, as the troubles at the beginning of the year led to me returning, and I am very happy to be back. The site is now 4 years old, but my plans for the site are bigger than ever. I don't know exactly what the new year will hold for the site - likely additional features such as an improved return of the video gallery - but the core forum community aspect will remain unchanged (except for hopefully growing as more pee fans find us). It's nice knowing there's always this group of like-minded people and that we can share our weirdness together. Bring on 2018.
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    and now for a few final words. First of all I want to thank each and every one of you who has contributed to the forum in some way, no matter how little or small. Whether it was a photo, a video, or even a story. It was greatly appreciated. Secondly, if you didn't win an award or even if you wasn't nominated, please don't feel sad. If I could give every member an award, I would. I hope this encourages you instead of discouraging, encourages you to post more, to share more, see how well you do in the 2018 awards. Who knows who will win? and finally, I want to say thank you to @Admin. Thank you for all the time, effort and money you have put into this site. Without you, we wouldn't be here. We wouldn't have this wonderful place to share our experiences, and discuss our favourite aspects of this varied and exciting fetish. You have created a close community and a lot of friendships, all shared with a common interest. So from all of us at Peefans, thank you. I hope everyone enjoyed 2017 on the forum, I know I did. Lets see if we can make 2018 even better!!!
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    I'd make it so that when I finally have my wife at a point she'd consider letting me, it wouldn't take me ages to actually do it.
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    Hey everyone, I found this place after doing some searching about a situation that happened to me recently. My parents got divorced and my Mom remarried... to another Mom. Which is fine, I have no problem with that. I however, ended up with a new older step-sister. Things have been a little strange between us; she seems to treat me like someone she is babysitting. I am not that much younger than her and she is in college, so you kind of see what I mean when I say odd. The thing that happened just recently though has really altered our interactions... and I can't seem to read her anymore. I guess let me explain first and then it will make more sense. Since it is winter right now and close to Christmas, it has been snowing recently. My Moms told me to go shovel the walk, I'm getting ready when she comes by and says, "Hang on squirt I'll come help too." She gets a jacket and wraps a scarf around my face and helps me with my gloves before doing the same. We head out to the garage and grab the shovels and get to work. It's fairly slow going, the snow is heavy and there is a layer of ice on the concrete so we have to scrap and chip it loose. We’d been working maybe a half-hour when she stops and turns to me, "I don't know about you, but I could use a warm drink." I replied, "Nah, I'm not cold but I really need to pee." "Well if we take a break now, well never get done." She stares at me for a few seconds, then does this fake laugh and starts to work again. Not even a minute later, still shoveling snow she says, "So are we going to do this or what?" I stop and look at her puzzled. She grabs my shovel and tosses both on the walk, grabs my arm and pulls me to the side of the house. She drops to her knees and starts to unbuckle my pants, grabs my dick and pops it out and then as she lets go of it says, " Just aim right, I don't want to get soaked that'll just make me colder... AHHHH~" and opens her mouth with her tongue out. Thank goodness I really had to go; I think the super cold actually helped. My stream shot out and splashed her, so she wrapped her mouth around the head of my dick and swallowed all of it. My whole reservoir drained, I finished with a few spurts and squeezed my dick out of habit even though she sucked the last drops out on her own. "Thanks, that has me all toasty in my core now. I guess I'll do something for you too." This of course turned out to be a BJ. It was really nice, her mouth was super warm and I came in her mouth in no time. "Wow that was a BIG HOT load too. I could feel the warmth sliding down my throat and that was almost as much as you pissed. Alright, back to work!" She bounces up and just goes right back to the walk and grabs a shovel. I get myself together and head back over and we finish with nothing else said. So, now she's been the same babysitter sort of person, but like everything she says is an innuendo now. I'm not talking subtle either... some of them are pretty obvious; quite a few about drinking me dry again. I don't know if it was a one-time thing or if I should ask or what to do. I mean she is cute in that mousey sister way, unless she's getting dressed up, then she can look stunning. I do like her boobs; they are just the right size... a little too big for her frame. Ack!! What am I saying...? I said I found this place because I was searching, I didn't know people actually drank pee. I'm not naive, just never occurred to me, but clearly she knows about it and has no problems doing it. I'm not going to ask for advice, because I don't think I'll get any here... but if somebody has some send it my way.
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    It is a very British tradition I believe. Most UK people will be very familiar with Cinderella and this is indeed based on that. Fairy godmother, magical coach and the pivotal glass slipper all to come. to whet your appetite further: Chapter 6 - Fairy Godmother While Cindy was sobbing her eyes out, there was a flash of light and almighty CRACK! A vision of beauty with long blond hair and shapely figure adorned in sparkling white short flared dress appeared before Cindy in the cellar. “on’t be afraid. I am your fairy godmother and I have seen the evil which has befallen you. I see that you are pure of heart and you shall go to the ball. First though, I need you to get me some things; A pumpkin, 6 mwhite mice and two frogs.”. Get them for me by Saturday at 4pm and I will return to make your dreams come true. Then with another flash, the fairy Godmother was gone. Cindy couldnt believe what she had heard, and thought it was a dream until she found sparkling dust on the floor where the fairy had been. Over the next week, Cindy took opportunities to get revenge on her step sisters and their mother. She went out to the kitchen garden to collect vegetables for dinner and whilst attending to the gardening Cindy squatted down and peed over the a cabbage, imagining it was her step mother’s head, before harvesting it to use to prepare the dinner. She peed in their food as she prepared it every day. She even took one of the carrots and used it to pleasure herself, thrusting it in and out of her vagina before chopping it up and adding it to a stew. When Cindy cleaned Grizellas room, she knew that Grizella would be out all day so she lifted the rug by her bed and peed, flooding the floor and savouring the sound of her pee impacting the floorboards and the warmth of the droplets which splashed up and impacted her bare feet. When she was done, she stayed in position for a moment to let the last drips fall from her before covering the evidence with the rug and leaving it to soak up her pee. She stoked up the fire to make sure the heat drie things out before Grizella returned. Meanwhile, Gertrude had been thinking about her experience of relieving herself in the drawing room. The thought of it still made her tingle down below. One night, she was laying in bed, having woken up early, needing to pee. She stuck her arm out of bed and found it was cold. She was warm and cosy. But she needed to pee.... Quite urgently. She thought about how she had felt when she peed on the front of the chair. She thought about the cold, draughty cloakroom. Could she dare? Well maybe just a little to relieve the pressure wouldnt hurt? She relaxed a little and allowed herself to feel her urine descending her urethra until a little spurt escapedbetween her legs. Oh, how warm it felt. And slippery, caressing her hot pussy. A little more, coating her inner thighs, then it ran down, creating a small damp patch on the mattress. She let a bit more go. It felt warm, but ever so naughty, yet ever so jice at the same time. Gertrude was confused. But the mattress was already damp. A little more would be OK, wouldnt it? She relaxed again and this time there was no stopping. The pressure built and her bladder poured forth its contents with a subtle hiss emanating from within the bed. Gertrude thrust her hand between her legs to stem the flow, but only felt more turned on as the warm liquid caressed her hand and her hand caressed her pussy. Soon Gertrude finished her pee and quickly brought herself to orgasm, one of the best she had experienced in a long while. She fell asleep in her warm puddle as it sank into her matress. Next morning, Cindy was cleaning the bedroom and turned back the sheets. As she leaned across the bed, she put her hand in the centre of the mattress for support. She was acutely aware tha5 her hand felt damp. “What the........ ?” she thought to herself. “Why, the dirty bitch has pissed her bed! Well if she thinks I am changing it, she can think again!”. Cindy had other ideas. She climbed onto the bed and planted one foot either side of the wet patch, adopting a high squat, she hitched her ragged dress out of the way and pissed a torrent onto the bed. She moved her hips a little, spreading her golden rain around the already wet area. “Well, for that, Gerty can sleep in both our pee!” she thought as she took great pleasure in soiling the mattress further. That night when Gertrude retired to bed, she found that her mattress was still wet. She was sure it shouldn’t have been that wet, but there was nothing she could do about it. Or maybe there was? She relaxed again and felt that familiar warmth as she rewarmed the bed . A warm puddle was much nicer than a cold damp patch after all!
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    It was right before i went to bed last night. our bed has a perfect line of sight to the toilet. Wife sat down to pee nothing out of the ordinary for her. But me its always nice. I could hear her trickle hit thr water. It wasnt a heavy stream like normal. Then i watched her grab the toilet paper and wipe herself dry. She pulled up her panties and a pair of my sweatpants and came to bed. I dont think she knew i was watching. It was a good way to go to sleep lol
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    i was doing laundry, and felt incredibly sexy wearing a wrap and thigh highs. anyways. while loading the wash i rubbed against the side of the machine and for some reason it gave me a tingle. i was horny and when i started it, i lifted one leg onto the drier so i could lean against the washer and press my muffin onto the corner. i ended up sitting on it and fingered myself til i came.
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    Is it wrong that I sometimes exploit this with my husband? Fondling him as he's trying to pee.