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Site Error / Bug Main site chat broken at the moment?

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So I just logged onto here to ho check chat and since I usually chat either by scrolling down on the main page or opening the dedicated chat page, I did just that. But it seems like both of the options are broken currently? The main page site looks like this:


And dedicated site chat like this:


Whenever I type a message, I don't see it appear. However, if I open the chatbox thing down at the bottom and go into the main room, it is just fine (and I see the previous messages I've sent but didn't see appear). So did something go wrong with it? Or am I the only one experiencing this? Also appears to be an issue with all browsers both logged in or not.





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8 hours ago, gldenwetgoose said:

Yes - live chat and the main page live chat seem broken. 
The ‘bottom corner’ pop up is still working though. 


8 hours ago, avatar said:

Huh... well that's weird


It often seems to be that way,  and for anyone who doesn't see the 'bottom corner pop-up' - there's a particular site theme set up "Peefans Main Theme Light (Live Chat On Mobile)" which gives a chat window on the bottom right of the desktop screen or full screen on mobile devices - and it seems to work when the rest of chat is broken.







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33 minutes ago, Kupar said:

Main chat window seems down again this morning @Admin

Yep agree - I can't see it on my PC or phone.  I did wonder if someone temporarily disabled it due to all the bots posting continuously in there.


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