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Naughty peeing goals?

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13 hours ago, Horse_water said:

One of my regrets in life is not pissing in the lounge/common areas of my college more. Peeing all over public stuff is incredible and I cannot recommend it enough. If you had a bag or backpack you could squat down and pretend to rummage through it while pissing almost anywhere. I'm honestly jealous of skirts, such a practical garment.  

Seriously, because each length/style of skirt provides different ways to accommodate or hide open urination. 

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On 6/28/2023 at 8:51 PM, Kasslyn_xK said:

Asides from all the casual naughty peeing that happens, is there anything special about naughty peeing that you wanted to try?

Probably done most of everything.

However I am still open for new experiences. 

There is always something new to try/learn.

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On 7/18/2023 at 5:17 AM, Simpfan4 said:

Exhibitionism doesn't sound that weird to me. You just want to be noticed and appreciated (while peeing). I find it very easy to appreciate the sight of a man peeing. 

perfectly articulated! I'm glad to hear that!

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On 6/28/2023 at 2:49 PM, PeeOV330 said:

I've brought this up a few times recently but my biggest fantasy is pretty similar. I just want to be the toilet at a house party, loads of alcohol, I lay in a plugged bathtub and everyone, men and women, come in and slowly fill it up around me all night.

This but I'm trying to drink as much beer piss as I can too 🤤

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My general piss goals have been met a lot lately! Got pissed on in a sex club, frequently hold my partner's cock to piss, and they piss on me in the morning when i stay over before I shower. They let me hold their cock at a urinal too!

But as for naughty or public pee goals, I really want to hold someone's cock while they piss in public, drink their piss on a roadtrip, and serve as someone's personal urinal in a casual way. Plus aim someone's dick into a bottle!

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On 3/2/2024 at 7:33 PM, toseepee said:

This but I'm trying to drink as much beer piss as I can too 🤤

Beer piss is the best piss for sure. 

If I'm in the bathtub the whole party then I'd want to be drinking too though. Maybe I'd fill the toilet with ice and use it as a cooler for my drinks, to deter people from using it

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@sunny.puppy - I love your way of thinking.

There are a few threads in this Pee Talk & Questions that may help, although you may need to go back a few pages to find them.  An example here.

The obvious ones are inside a hotel room or a carpeted shop changing room.

But I appreciate you may well like something more personal to you.  I totally get what you mean about a rug or carpet, and your logic of not wanting to leave to much evidence or need for cleanup.

One thing to watch out for, apart from other people seeing you would be places which have security cameras.  So for example a lot of shops, banks etc may have a rough doormat area at the entrance but will likely have cameras on it.  But don't give up hope...

Perhaps a city library could be an option - browsing between rows of shelves in a less busy section, or maybe a bigger hotel - just walk in as though you're a resident, don't go to reception but walk straight through the lobby and up to one of the floors.  Again watch out for cameras, but you may well find a corner or stairwell that's got carpet to absorb your puddle.  Bigger clothes shops may have carpeted areas with a forest of clothing racks - so there could be areas totally shielded from view.

Another factor - depending on your clothing preferences - if you don't mind wearing a skirt you could even get away with a stealthy crouch down pretending to adjust a shoe or check something in your bag and pee totally undetected.  Underwear preferences to suit.   That could open a whole load of options where you can quickly crouch and be invisible even with other people about.  Maybe looking at something on the bottom shelf in a shop, checking in your bag for your hotel room key (even though you're not staying there)...   Anywhere in general. 

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@sunny.puppy It is not easy to find something that is indoor, absorbant, barely cleaned and not supervised.

Keep a look out for desolate buildings, maybe some still have furniture. Otherwise there might be some rooms with that old scruffy carpet flooring common in universities/puplic offices/libraries(like @gldenwetgoose mentioned) where some rooms might be pretty much unused. The absorbant part is the hardest so maybe bring an old towel/pillow etc with you to an underpass/parking garage/ basement. This would allow you to control the environment and get used to doint such pees.

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18 hours ago, gldenwetgoose said:

just walk in as though you're a resident, don't go to reception but walk straight through the lobby and up to one of the floors.  Again watch out for cameras, but you may well find a corner or stairwell that's got carpet to absorb your puddle. 

I like this idea, i think that would he doable for me! I'm not the sort of person who wears skirts so I'd have to pull my pants down to get my pussy out, but I like the idea of quickly pulling them down to just squat and go.

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Having just read your Live Action Thread @sunny.puppy - just wondering if you're thinking towards a 'solo' activity to fulfil your own desires, or whether you're looking towards an outing where your girlfriend can also enjoy watching you being deliciously naughty too.   (I can understand if your girlfriend doesn't share quite the extent of passion you do - equally it's awesome if it's a joint activity).

I only ask from the perspective that if you're making it a duo trip then perhaps that can sway things a little - staying in a hotel for the weekend is more viable for two perhaps?  Giving much more time to explore the hotel's nooks and crannies, corridors, gym as well as of course your own room.

Browsing around a big store you may feel less self conscious if there's someone chatting with you.  And how about a restaurant with booths?  Scooting to the edge of your seat to wee off the cushion onto the floor ?

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On 3/7/2024 at 2:31 AM, sunny.puppy said:

I would really like to piss somewhere indoors in public. I don't want to be seen or caught, I just want to find a corner or something and have a quick naughty piss on it, preferably on something absorbent like a rug. I really would rather not make a mess that somebody has to clean it up though, so maybe on some surface that's always dirty and basically never gets cleaned anyway, like the carpet/mat at the entrance of a store. I could really use some encouragement or suggestions!

If you go into a big store, like ikea or home depo or something like that, you might be able to find a corner of the store that’s hidden with the racks. IKEA has a lot of carpet, so you might end up going on something someone will buy 

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