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15 minutes ago, QQQ said:

Holy shit I have to pee so bad. I’m clenching my thighs together. I’m trying to watch a movie so I’m forcing myself to hold it. 

How’s the hold going?

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I've been indulging a little today. 😄 I'm currently sat on a nicely folded towel at my PC playing a game having already peed through my tight polyester boxer briefs twice (once about an hour ago and once about 3 and a half hours ago). I dabbed them dry as much as I could to keep the wet patch to a minimum but denied my pissy cock the luxury of changing as I wanted to reglect it and make my private area a pissy little mess. I have drank loads and am filling up nicely for my 3rd wetting of the day.  😄  

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Just hurried upstairs. Pulled my trousers down, jumped into the shower and squat down before realeasing a total waterfall of lovely warm pee through my already pissy boxers. The warmth felt amazing. Once I had emptied probably 1.4l of pee I shook about a bit, hopped out the shower, dabbed them with toilet paper then pulled my trousers back up. 😄 

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Just for fun since I needed a piss anyway, I stood about two feet away from the bathroom sink and aimed my piss into it. At first my jet reached the sink easily and my aim was good and true, but towards the end the pressure from my bladder diminished and my jet of piss started arcing down nearer and nearer to me, until it wasnt reaching the sink at all. But I carried on pissing anyway, just doing it on the floor. It was easily mopped up afterwards with some dirty laundry.

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