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    I love lying in bed while I pee in my Goodnites and feel the warmth of my golden liquid on my body
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    The first time I ever tasted my pee

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  1. There are a lot of great TV shows but my absolute favorite is American Horror Story
  2. I have two favorite quotes 1. There is nothing more uncommon than common sense. - Frank Lloyd Wright 2. Unless. - Dr. Seuss
  3. I have loved diapers for as long as I can remember even as a kid I was always curious and fascinated by them even though I didn’t have access to them but I always knew if I did I would definitely wear them when able in my teenage years into my early 20’s I lost interest a little bit but in the last 3-4 years I tried goodnites for the first time and have loved every moment while wearing them
  4. Here is one of the most beautiful slits I have ever seen
  5. I would love to see a topic dedicated to diapers and wetting them I think its great as long as it’s just diaper wetting I’m not into the adult baby stuff but of course I’m not judging if that is your thing I would very much like to contribute to this potential topic if it becomes available and I love those diaper pics you shared at the top of this topic
  6. I have never peed in a cup before I bet it is a lot of fun and feels amazing if you are desperate to go for me personally I love to wet my Goodnite in bed if I’m feeling too lazy to go to the bathroom
  7. Hello, all I hope you are doing well. I am making my official introduction. I am very new to this whole pee thing. As for my favorite pee activities I enjoy watching girls pee on each other and in each other’s mouths. My most favorite thing about pee though is putting on a Goodnite and wetting and feeling it swell with my golden liquid and feeling the warmth of it. That’s my little intro I am looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible.

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