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  1. Diet soda and artificial sweetner. I know it may sound strange, but 99% of these sweetners are expelled in the urine. Drink some diet drinks, and your pee will taste sweet!
  2. Love doing this too bro. Sometimes I’ll just stand in the middle of the bathroom or locker room and piss through my seim trunks onto the floor. I actually did this in Hawaii. In the bathroom then on the concrete steps to the beach I pissed through my trunks, and sitting on the beach. Swim trunks are like a superpower bro.
  3. Alright here's the next piss from that trip. I had gotten back on the the interstate and at this point was drinking lots of tea and water anticipating having some more piss fun. I knew I needed some real facilities because I had some other business to attend to as well. I have to piss again and start looking for some places along the highway. There's a highway rest stop coming up and I decide to stop. There a few cars in the parking lot but I decide just to check it out. I go into the men's room and it's empty. It's your typical run-down rest stop, but its pretty clean and doesn't stink. I go
  4. You asserted dominance over that kid, dude! That’s what’s great about this story to me is I avoid people and try not to get caught but you put on a fuckin show. I wish I had that level in me bro. You inspire me haha. I bet he was wishing you’d start pissing again the next time you saw him
  5. I’m a grower not a shower lol. I’m 7 inches erect but probably about 3 soft. So when I’m pissing soft I’m a two finger, upside down cigarette kind of guy. I hold it between my pointer and middle finger. When I’m squeezing out the last drops I use my thumb and pointer
  6. That's not a bad idea. Down the stairs would be fun for the tidal wave lol. Bro you would have total ownership of that building then
  7. I'm able to, but I have to really strain to get a stream started. It takes quite a while. Don't strain right away because that just closes everything up. Relax and kind of open up the floodgates like you would when you are pissing without a boner, and then when you feel the stream coming, that's when you push. It may take several rounds of this to get going. Another method is rubbing the head of your dick until you "squirt." Get some lube or lotion on the tip and rub it with the palm of your hand. Keep going and eventually it will feel like you are being electrocuted lol, but shortly after tha
  8. Yeah, Mike's a keeper. I wish my complex was like that. Mine has cameras everywhere, management always snooping. They claim to check the cameras to identify anyone who doesn't pick up their dog's droppings, so I'm sure they'd do the same if they discovered a warm load of fresh man piss lol. Wish I could go over to Mike's place. Edit: How's it smelling in that building with all your hard work?
  9. My freshman year of college, I was 19 and driving back to school after being home for the holidays. It was about a 18 hour drive, and so I had to stop and take multiple pisses along the way. My first couple were plain and in the toilet at gas stations but I was quickly getting bored. I was on country backroads for a lot of the time and decided to why not whip it out and play with myself make the time pass a little quicker. So cruise control was on, dick was out, music was blasting, and there was probably only 1 or two cars that passed me for about 100 miles. I finished on my shirt, some on the
  10. Dude, that's fucked but in a hot way. I haven't personally done that besides sampling my own golden nectar in a mixed drink once or twice. I think part of what is so exciting for me about pissing is having other people know that I pissed there. If I'm doing it discreetly and they'll never know, I might as well not have done it at all. Having friends there watching you do that though is right up my alley. Your buddies and you sound like you know how to have a good time.
  11. I often wonder when looking at a handsome man going about their day if they have ever had a naughty piss. With the amount of CCTV videos of men letting loose in public, I always wonder if it is just a means for them to get relief, or if they get as much pleasure from it as those of us who have a self proclaimed fetish. Do you think there are many men who only piss in the toilet because it is what they are supposed to do and would much rather piss elsewhere? Or do you think it is truly a rare fetish that only some of us have?
  12. Your stories do inspire me. Wish I was as brave as you bro!
  13. Hey all, I'm Jon (on the internet). I've been a long time lurker but thought it was only fair I start to share some stories of my own. I'm a 20's male with a big fetish for pissing in public places, particularly men. I've loved piss ever since I discovered my sexual side, and was fascinated by it even before then. I haven't shared these stories with anyone, even my closest friends, none of whom know about my fetish, so this is quite exciting but also nerve-wracking. One of my riskiest pisses was when I was a senior in high school (I was 18). I was done with school for the day and driving
  14. Would love to hear more of your stories. Pics and vids always welcome too
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