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    Flexible guy (more Hetero-romantic, but bisexual physically) that has always loved anything pee related. My favourite is males urinating outside or in odd places, like parking garages. I am an active receiver in pee play, don't care if its guy or girl, as long as its fun! I am fascinated by uncut guys peeing, it just looks so cool and fun.

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    Watching it, seeing puddles being left around, the heat and feel.

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  1. There is actually a pretty easy way to pee with an erection. Overstimulate the Glans. Basically, if you get you palm wet, and stretch it flat, then put it flat against the urethra and glans, then move it in a circular motion. Don't close your palm, keep it flat. The stimulation to the urethra and glans will induce urination.
  2. I grew up very rural, and every bonfire I've been to the guys at least, would just leave the bonfire area and either pee in the field or on a tree. No hesitation or second thoughts.
  3. So some background... I was originally born in South Africa. Hence the old school parents. Getting cut wasn't the norm, but my dad wanted it, my mom didn't. It was the 80's in South Africa, so dad won that argument. When I was 8 I moved to Vancouver Island in British Columbia Canada. It's a weird place, very detached from the norm, even for BC. I lived in a farming community, so it was mostly kids of hippies, and farm boys. So for that particular area getting cut was unusual as well.
  4. My parents rule was if you had reasonable access to a washroom or could hold it, then peeing outside was forbidden. It was allowed if it was somewhere secluded and an emergency. Here's a tip, I didn't follow those rules when they weren't around.
  5. No. I have peed on my own car and it actually upset me quite a bit. I did it for the likes.
  6. I grew up in a fairly "hippy" rural area. almost all boys were uncircumcised. I was in the school washroom using the urinal and a boy saw. He started making fun of the fact that I didn't have the skin. Then the other boys joined in. Ever since then I've had a super shy bladder and struggled to use public washrooms. Peeing outside is actually easier for me. Also I'm super self conscious about being cut and I absolutely hate that I am. Yeah. Like he'd whip it out anywhere on the property if he had to go. If I was caught doing that I was told it was disgusting and I should have gone inside.
  7. I have in-front of my parents and sister when I was younger. Once I hit puberty I kinda wanted my privacy. When I was younger my dad used to share the toilet with me, we'd stand side by side and go together. This is also before I was made fun of at school for being circumcised. Outside however was a different issue. I obviously did a few times in emergency situations. I definitely recall a few times my dad having to pull over and I watered the cars tire lol. However just being free to go outside was frowned upon by both of my parents and I'd get in trouble. However, like everything in my life,
  8. No. I was dressed up, wearing my employee ID, with a restricted security pass and my radio and cellphone. It really isn't worth getting caught by airport security.
  9. I work at an airport and would do rounds late at night through the parkade looking for wheelchairs etc... You could find new pee spots every day. I have literally hundreds of photos of the parkade being used as a urinal by other guys.
  10. I love the idea of the guys using the backyard. I often let my friends know during bbq's that they can use the backyard if they wish, but none have taken me up on that offer. They always go inside.
  11. Your basement or a contractor working down there?
  12. There's a good chance your buddy had to go as well if you did. Probably what he was doing at the other car while you were at this one. Personally I would've told my buddy what I was doing, in hopes of double soaking the carpet.
  13. Hey there everyone! Long time lurker of the forum, finally decided to sign up. A bit about myself... Early 30's heteroflexible male. I live in Southern Alberta, and have been into pee since as long as I can remember. I especially love pee in public places. While I'm more attracted to women, I prefer guys when it comes to peeing, they're so much more open and free about it.
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