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  1. At the apartment I used to live at, I wound sometimes go down to the basement to pee. It was full of old kitchen cabinets and paint cans from renovation project. I would hose down a junk pile, pee into a cabinet, or against the brick walls. The floor was dirt and quickly soaked up the evidence. Looking back I wish I had taken advantage of this more...
  2. Nice work! Always wanted to do this but never had the balls
  3. My dorm is a pretty old building and has laundry, a small gym, and game room in the basement, but no proper bathrooms. This closet is just around the corner on a dead end hall from the workout area. I use the facility fairly regularly either peeing of just spitting, and Ive seen other guys go down there and come back after a minute lol. It smells mainly musty but there is a stale pee smell too.
  4. For me it was around 4th grade. I was with a friend playing in a pretty empty public pool. I said I was going to get out and go to the toilet. My friend was able to convince me to just pee in the pool. It took some convincing (boy how times have changed) but I eventually let loose in my trunks. It was the most amazing feeling. Especially because the water was pretty cold. Been hooked since.
  5. I been trying to pee not in a toilet once a day, and avoiding cop outs like peeing in the shower (which I’m assuming is a given). Shouldn’t be a problem once it warms up a bit and I can get outside, running, biking, hiking, at the beach, etc, but need to get creative now. We’ll see how long it lasts...
  6. The puddles not all mine but I’m probably not the first one to pee into this pit
  7. It was too dark to get a pic but thought I’d share anyway. It’s been cold and gross here so I haven’t been able to get out running (and peeing) as much as I’d like. I was waiting for the bus. I purposely didn’t use the bathroom before because the stop is in a forgotten corner between a busy street and construction site, with some litter strewn bushes. I ducked behind the bushes. My plan was to piss against the construction fence but I found an old mattress there. I unzipped and let loose hand free, soaking the mattress.
  8. My friends old apartment had a small paved back yard and alleyway. Once everyone was sufficiently drunk, the guys would pee there, even if the actual bathroom was empty. Often we’d announce “gonna take a leak” as we headed out the back door. I’ve watered their shrubs and their neighbors fence, and if there are people on the patio, just ducked into the alley and pissed against the building or dumpster. They’ve since moved but good times.
  9. Haha we used to do something similar in high school. Guys would stand at the entrance of the stalls and pee from there. By the end of the day all the stalls would be soaked. I’m not sure what others did but I would just let loose, sometimes hand free sometimes hosing everything down. Feel bad for anyone who needed to take a dump lol
  10. Do you like to leave a puddle? Guys, do you pee against a wall and let it run down or just pee straight onto the ground? Girls, do you use a tissue? Do you drop it into the puddle or toss it to the side? I usually pee in the woods, but I do like to make a big puddle on pavement when the opportunity presents itself. I’ll pee onto a wall or trash can or something and let it run down. Looking forward to hearing what y’all like to do.
  11. Took a piss into this random hatch into the wall at my dorm bathroom. Might use this stall more often 🙂
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